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I realize that you latched on to the information given yesterday [pgs. 55-57] about your origins like a Sparrow on a June Bug but we are not ready to write that whole story either.  I wanted to lay the foundation for you to begin to think most deeply about HOW THINGS ARE CHANGED IN ALMOST EVERY INSTANCE TO NOT QUITE EVER BE TRUTH.  The biggest problems will, of necessity, be the changes to your Biblical facts vs. presentations.

The information researched up through the ages are some excellent resources as to your own ancestry, even my ancestry and how things REALLY came into being.  I can’t even begin to name the sources but one excellent book is by L.A. Waddell and is a reference book in itself regarding the Aryans-Sumarians, C. Leonard Woolley on the Sumarians and, I am told, any and all of the Zecharia Sitchin writings but I have no particular reference as to which deals with what subject.  I can promise you, however, that they WILL deal with the origins, cosmic connections and the Sumarian TEXTS.  This won’t be the history of all Earth humans but it will certainly clarify a lot of misperceptions and begin to sort the Christed beings from the Adversarial (to God) beings.  In every race, creed and civilization–THERE WILL BE BOTH!  You have to have both in the human early dimensional expressions so that CHOICES have meaning.


Since this has already been offered but denied by MOST, “I” shall present these writings and my scribe will have far less pain and misery from the “bashers”.

My FIRST suggestion, however, is that you get a copy of AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL (JMMANUEL), I AM SANANDA, A Phoenix Journal, now going into its fourth printing.  So, why do I bother to make Dharma rewrite bits and pieces?  Because “I” wish to comment along the way and SHE needs the instructions as well since she has been accused of being insane, a plagiarist, an idiot, a heretic, liar, cheat and any other good insult you can conjure.

To give you enough background, fairly new to new readers, “Sananda” is simply an early Egyptian term for “One WITH God”.

“Immanuel” is simply the NAME given to that one, at birth, that you called Christed and now is referred to erroneously, but identifiably, as “Jesus”.  The actual spelling will often be Emmanuel but is correctly spelled as Jmmanuel.  The pronunciation is a soft Spanish (as in Juan) sound of a “silent” “J” or “Humnnnn” as Hummannuel or Yammanuel.

I have to give you this background because, as you move into the Christmas celebrations, the mind turns OFF and the confusion turns ON.  Jmmanuel is simply HIS name from his ORIGINAL HOME PRIOR TO EARTH PRESENTATION.  HIS name was never “Jesus” although if the INTENT is the Godly intent, it makes no matter.  If being used as a salvation EXCUSE for lack of responsibility or misinformation–it means a GREAT DEAL–to your ultimate destination.

It was KNOWN by ones who decided to call Jmmanuel by the label “Jesus” that when Jmmanuel would return he would have moved beyond the “Christed” state of perfection and WITHIN the “God” head wherein his Earth reference would be SANANDA.  It simply helps to have an idea of WHOM you await.

You SHOULD know by now, if you are a Christian who pays attention to HOW the Bible was assembled, that it was some 300 YEARS AFTER the passage of Jmmanuel (Jesus) that ANY NEW TESTAMENT was assembled.  GERMAN scholars selected Gospels from the some 22 gospels known and available–of the Christ.  The four selected were the most alike but bore the most errors in presentation.  There was a most important reason for this reworking and rewriting of HISTORY.  There HAD to be evidence which could be changed to fit the needs of the day in point in the writing of the Bibles.  In the instance of the OLD TESTAMENT, this gave ample opportunity to retranslate, adjust and thus and so.  Then, as King James had it REDONE to suit his own needs, it got even more corrupted and distorted–through intentional changes AND by simple error.

What IS IMPORTANT is that there WERE and ARE errors as relate to the Master Teacher who was also called “Esu”, pronounced greatly like “Jesus” (Isus), (Ysus), etc.

More important than anything else in point is the absolute and intentional misinformation presented by the Pharisees of the day as the “things” were taking place in Jerusalem.

The FIRST THING YOU MUST GET STRAIGHT is that you are talking about people HERE that in the Bible are misidentified.  JUDAS Iscarioth IS NOT WHO BETRAYED ESU JMMANUEL (Jesus, if you prefer, by any name).  TO MEET THE NEED OF THIS DAY THIS ENTITY CALLS HIMSELF ESU JMMANUEL “JESUS” SANANDA.  This BEING gave the word unto this scribe in August, 1989.  It had, however, already been given in part to ones in Switzerland from ancient scrolls recovered from a tomb.  I personally have no need nor intent to be more specific as you can obtain the earlier works.

The actual betrayal of the one you call Jesus was perpetrated by a male from the house of IHARIOTH whose given name was JUDA.

The name of the Gospel writer in point IS JUDAS ISCARIOTH.

Can you remember the names of every politician who got elected yesterday?  How about proper spelling–especially IF someone wishes to deceive you?  Ah, and after some millennia pass–is it unlikely that perhaps a bit of an error could possibly be made in spelling or identification?  Judas Iscarioth was the closest and most beloved friend of the Teacher, Jesus, Emmanuel, (Esu Jmmanuel).  Is this REALLY so unacceptable?  How many times has YOUR name been misspelled or you misidentified?  How about by the Associated Press?

OK, now, we are going to set records to STRAIGHT and it is not going to sit well with you who will not have open minds enough to see and hear.  However, is your life and destiny not important enough to get a bit of insight as to possibilities?  I am not here to “sell” you anything, “force” anything, or nag, pick or push and shove.  My task is to simply offer TRUTH and you do with it that which you will.  It will, however, behoove you to consider and research these offerings ALONG WITH THE OTHER HISTORICAL DOCUMENTATION BEING OFFERED–FOR YOU ARE A LONG, LONG WAY, AT PRESENT, FROM TRUTH AND PASSAGE.  If you call peas “beans” long enough and often enough–you will never recognize “peas” if you see them.

I am not going through all the Begats and Begots.  You have so misplaced the true participants that it will mean nothing in the first place and you can get that from the original writings in the above-named journal.

How is it that “I” or my compatriots have information enough to offer this?  Because WE HAVE THE SCROLLS!  The originals reside in Pleiades where they were taken for safe storage.  Men were killed and much pain brought to ones who brought forth the scrolls and tried to share.  Just as with the Dead Sea Scrolls which, by the way, are NOT worthy of much–already having been tampered and “adjusted” to meet the needs of the Zionists of today.  The true history will bring down the imposters so truth is kept hidden from you–in every instance possible.

The next question becomes the safety of my secretary!  Well, she has already gone through the gauntlet, the gunshots, the microdot pulses and the microchip swords.  The information is already OUT THERE if you but get it and now at least two other PUBLISHERS and writers have brought forth the SAME GOSPEL from the original scrolls–without ANY connection whatsoever among the writers.  One such volume is called THE TALMUD OF JMMANUEL.  (Talmud means ‘Holy Book’) This is an Aramaic-to-German translation edition, by Isa Rashid and encoded by Eduard A. Meier.  English translators are J. HY. Ziegler and B. L. Greene.  Their edition was put to press in 1992 FROM DIFFERENT RESOURCES (this is important).  The volume can be obtained from Wild Flower Press.  Inquiries should be directed to Wild Flower Press, P.O. Box 230893, Tigard, Oregon, U.S.A. 97224.  Our volume is NOT copyrighted so you may utilize it in any way you wish.  It was published in the autumn of 1989.


Since I plan to dispense with the Begets and Begots, I want to move right on to the point of Mary’s pregnancy.  I want to do this so that you have better information before the celebration of Christmas.  I do not wish to spoil in any way the SACRED (Holy) celebration–for you MUST, even if it be an erroneous “date”, offer memorial to special events that they may live.  I just think it important to stop the foolish and “incredible” stories which make the event appear stupid and, at the least, foolish.

I will simply quote from “The Pregnancy of Mary”, page 13 of the 3rd printing of AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL.



Joseph became the spouse of Mary, the mother of Jmmanuel, who became pregnant by one who was a distant descendant of the Son of Heaven, Rasial, who was the guardian angel of the secret.  [H: Please realize this is being dictated from the scrolls so if language seems archaic and lacking in good grammar, realize these texts were from Aramaic script and translation is as good as can be scribed two millennia after the fact.]

When Joseph was in betrothal to Mary to be publicly married, he was informed of the secret insemination of Mary through a descendant of the Sons of Heaven, from the lineage of Rasiel, and he was filled with wrath.  He denied her and yet, having been close unto her, and most respectful of her purity from matings, was given to confusion and bewilderment.  He made arrangements to take leave of her and denounced any responsibility unto her and, further, refused to marry her in public before the peoples of the community–which was the way marriage was ordained and sanctioned in those days.  [H: Now, readers, I would say that would be pretty typical of human nature today as well as 2000 years ago–much less prior to a “sex revolution”.]

While Joseph was thus thinking in this manner, behold, a guardian angel of the Sons of Heaven, GABRIEL, who had brought the seed unto Mary, appeared before him and said, “Joseph, Mary is betrothed to you and you are her spouse, do not leave of her, for the fruit of her womb is chosen for a great and wondrous PURPOSE.  Marry her before the people, so that you may be man and wife before the people.  If ye choose to renounce her and deny thy responsibility, thy name shall be stricken from the Book of Life and you shall be as never having been.”

The impregnation of Mary occurred some eleven thousand Earth years after the creation of Adam through the Son of Heaven, Semjasa, to fulfill the word of God, the ruler of those who traveled from afar, had said through the prophet Jesaja who spoke as follows:

“Behold, an innocent child will be impregnated by a Son of Heaven before she is married to a man before the people.”


“They shall name the fruit of her womb, Jmmanuel (Jmmanuel / Immanuel / Emmanuel), which interpreted means: “THE GOD WITH US” as a symbol and to give honor unto God through whose strength and providential care the Earth was made to bear intelligent human life, through the women of the Earth pairing with the Sons of Heaven, those who traveled from afar and bearing great wisdom and perfection from the universe.  [H: No, the “pairing” is NOT the same as human intercourse.  Neither is it as the depiction of the Science Fiction UFO abductions indicate!]

“Behold, God and His followers from afar came from the depth of the universe saving themselves from a strong bondage, creating a new race and home with the early women of this Earth for they were in form much like the beauteous creation of Earth and transported great truth and knowledge bonded with unsurpassed wisdom.  However, upon birthing into the density of the Earth plane, the shroud of forgetfulness would be destined to fall upon the human form.”


“Honor, by the man of Earth, is due unto God, for behold, He is the true originator of the lighted generations of people on Earth and to Him honor should be given.  [H: In the original translations there is used the descriptive word “white” instead of “light”.  This is an unfortunate error for GOD RECOGNIZED NOT “COLOR”–HOWEVER, THERE IS NO OTHER “DESCRIPTION” FOR “LIGHT” THAN “WHITE” MEANING WITHOUT COLOR.  This error tends to be a primary factor in turning people OFF for it would, by using the term “white”, indicate a color preference.  It is a fact that these particular persons in focus happened to be without “color” as racially described.  It is wrong in that it tends to lump the Aryan people (white by lack of color) into a category which was NOT ever intended in the first cause.  There are many facts which need be defined and described as to “races” but this first misinterpretation is the worst for causing trouble and bigotry.]

“There is nothing in equal form besides Him, for this human race created by Him, therefore, man shall have no other Gods besides HIM who created other human races in other parts of Earth.

“Besides God, there is nothing in equal form worthy of adoration  [H: Note the absence of the word WORSHIP.]  Only the omnipotence of Creation reigns over Him and His celestial sons” The Creation itself which is to be adored.

“Behold thus:  God reigns over the Earth, the Lord of the Celestial Sons and men of this LIGHTED race.  This particular grouping would be pale of countenance, bearing the predominant characteristics of the universal beings who came unto these particular peoples.  [H: The people of some places in the Pleiades, for instance, are very, very pale of complexion.  For better example of flexibility, the NATIVE PEOPLE you call erroneously “Indians”, for instance, ALSO CAME FROM PLEIADES.  It is simply that if you consider differences between possible races, say, of Venus and Mars–they would probably vary greatly from you of Earth in skin tone, features, etc.  Don’t go making a big deal of it.  The HUMAN form is pretty much the same everywhere you find typical HU-Man beings  (HIGHER UNIVERSAL MAN).]

“God is the giver of the law of this human race and, therefore, His wishes shall be obeyed by all men and women.  God the Lord is generous in His love, but also, terrible in His anger when His laws are disobeyed.  [H: Note that this is similar in the lessons given by others.  God is unconditional and universal LOVE but He metes out discipline and yes, indeed, He DOES occasionally become quite irritated with deliberate violation of KNOWN laws in action.]

“Thus, Mary’s pregnancy is the law of God, so you, Joseph, are to be her spouse in matrimony for it is so ordained.”  And thus did the Angel Gabriel speak unto Joseph.  [H: You have to REMEMBER, the text and the laws had not been changed and Joseph KNEW exactly what was being said to him and by whom!]


Joseph was very God-fearing (respecting), so that when he heard this presented to him from the “brilliance” of the angel Gabriel, he remembered the laws of God.  He brought Mary unto him and married her before the people in the acceptable manner of marriage.

It came to be at that time, Emperor Augustus decreed that a census should be taken of all the world.  This was the first census of this kind and occurred at the time that Cyrineus was Governor of Syria.  It was decreed that each and everyone would go to his particular town in order to be counted.

Joseph was of Galilee of the city of Nazareth, therefore, he went together with his wife, Mary, into the “Jewish”  [H: This is a “translation” into a recognized term–“Jew” and “Jewish” were not used nor created until your approximate 18th century A.D.  We will, however, utilize the term “Jew” because of the translation already done.]  land, to the city of David, which is called Bethlehem, because he was of the house and lineage of David, in order to be counted with his wife Mary, who was pregnant and very near her time of delivery.  [H: He was, after birth, also considered to be, for identification, of the “house of Joseph”.  This will not be hard to recognize in identification any more than considering how the oriental people identify by name.  Remember, please, that we must write for all of you, not just the individuals who pretend to ey more special than another.]  The journey was most difficult, for Mary was in her late days of pregnancy and the riding on the beast of burden was most painful and tiring.  Therefore, most of the journey was afoot on the dusty, footworn pathway.  Mary had begun her birthing contractions by the time they reached the village.

There was little time to seek shelter and efforts at finding quarters were fruitless.  They were finally granted permission to rest in a stable where the silage and straw was stored and the animals tended, for Mary could go no farther.  Therefore, Mary bore her first wondrous babe on a mat of straw, wrapped him in a receiving cloth she had brought forth before their return journey, and put him into the cradle of a manger near the cattle, that he could be warmed by their bodies while she could rest and recover strength.  For she was most weary and the babe would need be suckled and nurtured with no place for preparation nor cleansing.  Joseph continued to seek housing within the places of travelers but all the inns were filled.

Ones of the mothers of the village brought care and nourishment unto the new mother and showed her how to tend the infant for Mary was young and had no knowledge.  The kind people brought what they could for comfort unto the parents and child and took them into their hearts and gave what they had of meager rations in sharing unto the gentle family.

[H:  I should insert here that you have to understand that the writer of this Gospel, lscarioth, is TELLING THE STORY he was told of these events as they were retold, as you would hear any story AFTER the fact.  So, readers, don’t go crazy in contradiction–this was what he was told of the events and it is relatively accurate–at least enough as to be worthy of the telling.]


[It was told] that as Jmmanuel was born in the stable at Bethlehem, in the land of the Jews, at the time of Herodes Antipas Tetrarch of Galilee and Perca, and while Mary lay in recovery from the birthing in the days that followed, behold, there came wise men from the Orient to Jerusalem and spoke:

“Where is the newborn king of wisdom, of the Jews?  We have seen in the heavens a strong light, and from the light there was a voice which called unto us–each in our separate place, saying:

“Follow the trail of the light, for the king of wisdom, of the Jews is born and will bring great wisdom unto you.’

[H:  Do you see how difficult it is to be ACCURATE?  THE TERM “JEW” IS SO INACCURATE AS TO MAKE THE ENTIRE SCENARIO INCORRECT.  AT BEST THE TERM SHOULD BE “JUDEAN” INDICATING “PEOPLE OF THAT AREA”–NOT “JEW”.  Oh well, this is how it gets started and becomes so twisted that there is no way to sort it–especially after 2000 years!; one misspoken word or mis-interpretation (mistranslation) changes EVERYTHING.  The “JEWS” simply “were not” at that time.  Jews became recognized when the KHAZARIANS (who were in no wise Judeans) took the title when they took the RELIGION of TALMUDIC origin which was written by MEN called the Elders of Zion, later calling themselves Jews.  Authors, in making distinction, will refer usually to these people as “so-called” and / or “self-styled” “Jews”.  I don’t have anything in YOUR languages to make such distinction as that which represented the truth of it HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM YOUR BOOKS, MOST ESPECIALLY YOUR HOLY (WHICH ARE NOT) BIBLES.  Your worse plight as “followers” is that the authorities of the churches (religions) FORBID you to KNOW anything about the truth of it.  You are told to believe upon every word AS WRITTEN.  How can you even begin to do THAT?  THERE ARE SO MANY VERSIONS OF YOUR ACCEPTED BIBLICAL CONTENT AS TO UTTERLY PREVENT SUCH TRUTH. YOU ARE DELIBERATELY KEPT IN IGNORANCE AND FORBIDDEN TO READ THAT WHICH IS “DIFFERENT” FROM THE ORTHODOX GUIDELINES.  PONDER IT, PLEASE.

“Therefore, we have come a great distance, traveling day and night, that we might adore this new child of wisdom which comes as a promise of hope unto us.  For we have come as we were instructed from the Heavens and God provided us with a great orb of light with a great tail of light that came upon the Earth in front of our path that we could find our way.  Therefore, we know this is the child who has been promised unto us for the Celestial Sons of Heaven have told us thus.  This is surely a Son of the Celestial Sons of God for none other could it be.

“He shall have the wisdom of God and shall be a Son of the Celestial Son, Gabriel.  His wisdom shall be boundless and his power will rule the SPIRIT of men so that they may learn AND serve THE CREATION.”

When Herod Antipas heard this, he was frightened, and with him all of Jerusalem, for they were afraid the newborn child might hold and then exercise cruel power.  Therefore, Herod Antipas called together all the high priests and scribes among the people and demanded to know of them where this Jmmanuel was to be born.

They responded to him, saying: “In Bethlehem, in the Jewish land; for thus it is written by the prophet Micah, ‘And you in the Jewish land, Bethlehem, are by no means the least amongst the towns in Judea, for out of you shall come the King of Wisdom who shall bring great knowledge to the people of Israel, so that they may learn about and serve The Creation.”

Thereupon, Herod Antipas called the wise men secretly, and diligently inquired of them, when the strong light with the long tail had appeared in the sky.  Then he sent them out to Bethlehem saying, “Go and search diligently for the young child, and when you find him, let me be informed that I can come and also revere him.”

When they had heard Herod Antipas, they set out.  And behold, the light with the tail of light, which they had also seen in the Orient, went ahead of them, and there was singing until the light came and stood directly above the stable in which the young child was birthed in Bethlehem.  And when they saw this they were extremely filled with joy.

They went into the stable and found the child with his mother, Mary, and Joseph the father.  They fell down and worshipped him and also delivered treasures which they had brought with them, of incense, myrrh, and gold.

At this time there again sounded the voice from the light above saying that they should not return to Herod Antipas because he planned evil for the child.  So they returned to their country by another route.


When the wise men had departed, behold the Celestial Son, Gabriel, appeared to Joseph, saying: “Rise and take the young child and his mother, Mary, with you and flee to Egypt, and stay there until I shall tell you, for Herod Antipas is planning to seek out the young child to kill him.  He fears that the young child might wield terrible power and sorcery.  While you are in Egypt, I will send my messenger to Herod Antipas to inform him of the truth.”

Joseph rose and took the young child and his mother, at night, and they escaped under the guidance of the Celestial Son, Gabriel, towards the descending light which fled along with them into Egypt.

They found safety and shelter and remained there until Herod Antipas had been given information which changed his heart and his fear was abated.  As it came to pass Herod Antipas saw that he had nothing to fear from the young boy, and that he was only “said” to be endowed with great wisdom and knowledge.  He ceased to feel threatened in his realm, and he said to the messenger of the Celestial Son, Gabriel, that Mary, Joseph and Jmmanuel would no longer be pursued nor would they be in further danger.

At this change of events, Gabriel came again to Joseph, saying, “Arise and take the young child and his mother, Mary, and move to the land of Israel; all those who wanted to harm the child will now leave the babe unharmed.”

Joseph rose and took the child and his wife, Mary, and returned to the light that had again appeared and which then led them into Israel.  [H: This, again, is a mistranslation but will have to stand for now so that YOU know the general AREA under discussion.  If you obtain and read the journals as presented, all of this will be fully explained as refers to Khazarians, territories, Jews, Goyim (Gentiles), etc.]  The Celestial Son, Gabriel, brought them back into Galilee, where they lived in the city named Nazareth, so that what had been said by the prophet would be fulfilled, “THE NAZARENE SHALL BE CALLED JMMANUEL (EMMANUEL)”.


It is imperative to know what these writings are which were given as DICTATION to this scribe.  It is difficult to match directly the translations of other transcribers or translators for they were working from “copy” of which Dharma had none from which to draw research, study or input.  The “authors” were the energies themselves who were directly involved.  I do not intend to further define the meanings of my words for you need to have the documents in point to understand fully.

I want to put some quarrels to peace, however, as ones will come forth and say, “His birthday could not be thus and so!”  Ones will say he was born in mid-winter as celebrated; others will say it “had to be in the Spring”.  No, it was in the time you now refer to as August (late Summer) between the planting and the harvest.  This was to make the census feasible, for the people predominately were farmers, herders and orchard growers.  Two THOUSAND years is a long time to recall EXACTLY the tales (myths) so remember, readers, THE DETAILS ARE NOT WHAT ARE IMPORTANT–IT IS THE CONCEPT AND THE TRUTH AND, UNTIL YOU CAN KNOW THE DIFFERENCE, YOU SHALL BE DESTINED TO REMAIN PEOPLE OF THE LIE.

We shall work our way through this ongoing story, please, so that we can later take the details and better understand the REASONABLE FACTS.

Thank you, I bid you good evening.

Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, November 15, 1994, Volume 7, Number 3, Pages 58-60.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.



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  1. Gospel. The Go(d) Spel(l). Gods no more. There is only one God, the Creator of All, a God of Love. KRST is something very different. Ka – Immortal Eternal Soul, Ra – Sun Creation, Enlightenment, Sa – Protector, Ta – Land, Kingdom. Our lost knowledge saved for us by our family in Africa. The KRST that was here first and shall return
    Brothers and Sisters all. We stand as one. We have been here before. Reaching for enlightenment. Before the anti-KRST, the Anunnaki who hated man. Who destroyed the Divine Feminine and knowledge of her from our African family. The anti-KRST who corrupted all of sense of balance in this world. Our original sacred trinity of the man, woman and child. “Teach a man you teach an individual, teach a woman you teach a nation – African proverb ” The anti-KRST destroyed the feminine in an attempt to destroy the masculine. We will remember thanks to the knowledge keeper of Africa. Our Brothers. Our Sisters. We are one.

  2. My cynicism just exploded. Why are humans so gullible? For this reason we have been enslaved by the controlling elite. We are sovereign beings, but we refuse that status. We always need something mysterious to worship or be afraid of. Wake up, Goyims!

  3. from my understanding: the term ( Celestial sons) means Extraterrestrials ??? ET’s ????
    When I was a student in Catholic High school: the religious nun who taught us religion told all of us in the classroom that: the baby Jesus was not born the regular human way like all of us but the Christ baby disappeared from inside the womb & appeared outside of Mary’s body.

  4. So Joseph was basically ordered by the angel to marry Mary or his name would not appear in the Book of Life.and his existence stricken.
    No evidence of “free will” there…

  5. Some of this could be useful if not for the misleading Aryan/White information.
    The word Aryan has NEVER had any meaning related to color.
    The Swastika has NEVER had any meaning related to color. It is a sign that welcomes ET on temples ALL ACROSS INDIA.

    Once those who have considered themselves Aryan due to skin color, accept this reality it will become easier for them to see themselves as part of one human race.

    S1: “Aryans vs. Dravidians” is a Myth | Dr. Subramanian Swamy with Abhaey Singh

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