In these uncertain times knowledge is power. Information is vital to understanding. Becoming conscious requires asking questions.

In this discussion with some of the alternative media’s highest regarded investigators and seekers Dr. Michael Salla, John DeSouza, Laura Eisenhower and Mike Bara they go around the world with insight from intelligence sources and uncover items miles away from the mainstream media’s portrayal of the current coronavirus event.

The team discusses the trending emptiness of hospitals, the 3,000 troops that were dispatched to NYC, drone swarms, the MILCOM or Military Communications that went into effect with a 72-hour window, as well as Trump’s public statement that forces in Latin America will be dealing with human trafficking of women and children. There’s also discussion of the war to eliminate the cabal and rescue children from underground facilities in LA, New York and elsewhere.

The team also gives their take on 5G and the possibility that the described 10 Days of Darkness could be related to the underground operations currently taking place – which happens to align with the Prepare for Change info from Cobra regarding the numbers of Alliance and Resistance forces that are occupied underground.

While not intended as the absolute definition of what’s going on with the current events, this discussion is an eye-opener and adds plenty of verifiable information to the discussion. As part of his final comments, Mike Bara says, “If this isn’t the storm, there’s not going to be a storm.”

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Disclaimer: We at Prepare for Change (PFC) bring you information that is not offered by the mainstream news, and therefore may seem controversial. The opinions, views, statements, and/or information we present are not necessarily promoted, endorsed, espoused, or agreed to by Prepare for Change, its leadership Council, members, those who work with PFC, or those who read its content. However, they are hopefully provocative. Please use discernment! Use logical thinking, your own intuition and your own connection with Source, Spirit and Natural Laws to help you determine what is true and what is not. By sharing information and seeding dialogue, it is our goal to raise consciousness and awareness of higher truths to free us from enslavement of the matrix in this material realm.


  1. I am so gonna enjoy the Project Bluebeam and Fake Jesus Coming. Wow. Talk about bring your popcorn. Just pull up the lawn chairs and aim them backward so you can see well. Oh, boy, oh boy, oh boy!!!!

  2. And can you please comment about that “baby Q” thing, sounds like barbeque, but anyways, is it a way to disrupt the credibility of Q?. I’m sure it is but i’m quite interested about it also but it’s a small thing , a diversion a think of the big thing that is going on and going to happen.

    • “Q” lost it’s credibility with it’s recent post #3951 “Out of The Shadows” video. I always knew it was going to go back to blaming those big bad Nazi’s. This nonsense of “Operation Paperclip” has no credibility coming from the Same Government offices that forever get us into these conflicts. & also were suppose to believe some stunt man for Hollywood that claims “oh, I never saw anything, but now that I’ve been hurt & out of work, the more I have time to think” Really?? & Then their CIA Kevin Shipp, Once CIA, Always CIA, as they say.

  3. I saw that video also in Facebook that one that you try them to look at “somebody jump in the top of building committing suicide” and I read comments that it happens a long time ago, I don’t know if it’s true or not. Can you pls check again and research about that video for clarification.. thanks and thanks guys for “warning” I think that you have been discussing, it worth the watch.

  4. There are so many theories & angles about the agenda behind CV, that it has taken away from much of anything directed at the governments and banksters.

    There’s 5G, forced vaccine agenda, mass arrests, blaming China, blaming political parties, the release of the children kept in captivity by pedos, to the Great Awakening, etc.

    This hasn’t been about a virus – other than to test whether or not people would be obedient conformists. Always follow the $ – this is about a worldwide economic reset because of massive defaults. Brilliant banksters!

  5. Could it be…..that this illness is Gold…Corna means Glow of the Sun…Could it be the same old False Flag event that we have seen so many times…there is GREAT GOOD occurring…The Earth is healing…People are dealing with themselves ….We can overcome anything…We have REAL POWER….The Planet is basically Peaceful Right NOW….We decide what we are here to experience…I DO NOT CONSENT to my Free WILL being infringed upon…I AM the POWER of LOVE as I Live Life Claimant…Wishing PEACE to the Planet…I trust how I feel…

  6. Time for America to be sacrificed for the crimes of our selected leaders. We should have stormed Washington after JKF MLK RFK and the towers that were dropped in place. A flying beer car filled with diesel fuel can never destroy concrete and structural steel. We should have stormed after Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma, and Vegas. There are too many to count and yet the truth is literally in our faces every day. Time to pay for our negligence. This is only the opening act and a news flash for the sheep hypnotized by the Q psyop No one and I mean no one is here to save you. Our future is in our own hands and it is time to act before the trucks stop rolling and we are too weak to put up any resistance . You will know it is over when UN troops are invited in to HELP you. Your food water and ammo will only take you so far seriously your pretend box store pretend assault rifle is like a pea shooter again armor of any type and I mean any mean nothing to a modern well equipped Army. Not trying to be an instigator but seriously how much more proof do you need to act as one. America has been conditioned to be greedy, lazy, sexually deviate, and worst of all submissive. Hopefully I am wrong. I really wish I was. The End Is Nigh!

  7. we had 1 Billion join the world medication 4/4 and it was a Great success, the world has jumped into the 5 dimension, the Light has won…

    we gonna have a grand party next week…
    Rev/Bishop Jerry don MARTIN C.D.S.
    April 15 wil be 35 years recovered at age 67

  8. Urgent Intel : April 9, 2020

    Calls for Jarad Kushner to be arrested Immediately For Coronavirus Treason

    please share far and wide

    • `Hello, Vas, could you inform us of the part in that video where that arrest is discussed, please? I’ve difficulty understanding the man’s accent and it’s helpful to not have to delve for that info by going through the entire presentation. Much of what this man comments upon or reports, is digested food for thought, to me. Thank you

  9. 48 minuets in Micheal makes reference to the forth Reich. So after WW2 The United States confiscates technology from Germany, makes deals with scientist & now we have to pretend that there is this fourth Reich hiding out in the military industrial complex. It’s time United States & Britain takes responsibility for the destruction of Germany & every Nation after.

    • I would disagree with there not being a 4th reich in the US. The only thing defeated in WW2 was the German Army. The US had dossiers on ove 30,000 nazis and only 150 face criminal charges at the Nuremberg trials. The rest went to points west (US, South America) and points east to Russia and eastern Europe. In the US the nazis continued their awful experiments in underground bases like Montauk where Josef Mengele worked under the alias of Green or Greenbaum. Flouridated water in the US was first used on Jews in the concentration camps. Mass vaccinations, expert level news propaganda, religion, for profit medicine, never ending wars, financial skull duggery and advanced technology were all nazi concieved and made a huge negative impact on our country. Naziism is still alive and well in the US. Alway wondered what all the dead soldiers who suffered to fight naziism would think if they could see the sorry state of affairs in this country.

      • I see you have been reading a lot of the same propaganda published by the same demons Hitler & The Third Reich were fighting. These crimes you speak of belong to the very same sodomite clowns & prostitution rings Hitler threw out in Berlin. That is one huge reason why the people loved him so. Nuremberg trails were nothing more then a show case. Vaccinations to this day is something the German people are against. These awful experiments do not belong to The Third Reich. There is a PFC reader that left a comment behind on an article that is the path for you, “The term Nazi was a variant nickname for members of the Social Democratic Party, also known as Zuzi or zuzialiste” (Carolyn Yeager also speaks of this on her radio show, you can search any of her shows on her website). This choice of puns is why Adolf chose to run for office under “National Socialist.” Sorry but it’s time to stop this nonsense of blaming Hitler’s Germany for everything wrong in the world today. He was one man who truly fought these (banking) criminals. I would recommend “A History of Central Banking & The Enslavement of Mankind” by Stephen Mitford Goodson, (new edition only) but Black house publishing recently pulled 25 important pages because censoring. (Britain’s new laws)

    • Are you used to walk with the 7 miles boots of that clever cat in the fairy tale, Victoria?
      The way you present your thoughts in this comment leaves many holes due to statements made without having looked into the details much. The story is long and winding.

      As far as I’ve understood that story, the 4th Reich had connections with an ET race, and without knowing what was first, the chicken or the egg, the resonance between the Nazi party and that ET race was clear.

      That moment of joining of forces has had a huge impact on our world history and development of warfare and technology, since 1900 or so. Who’s in powert? that’s key.

      By using a metaphor, which I use often, to me, the world is like a large ballroom with many who dance the tango and as you know, for that it takes two. If President Trump or President Putin is the conductor of the orchestra, I’m not sure, neither am I of the tune.

      Some dancers step on each other’s toes, some quickly change partner and some sneak out through the garden doors and dance on the lawn in the sunlight. There are single wallflowers watching the scene, the composers are standing next to them against the wall.

      • No See More, but your fantasy I might ask you. The way I presented my thought is based on being tired of U.S. conveniently using this 4th Reich crap to cover up their own war crimes against the German citizens. Your 3rd paragraph has many holes with no evidence. It’s best to look at the falling empire of Britain in it’s day to then understand who was pulling the strings.


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