Often times, the truth is hidden in plain site. The way that media works is a bit like magic. In fact, Hollywood calls what they produce, “Movie Magic.”

Few know that very special wands of yore are crafted from a particular choice wood. That wood, comes from the Holly Tree which produces Hollywood. It’s a knotty, twisted wood that often bears prickly thorns. Sounds perfect huh? If you’re into that kind of thing, yes.

Of many ways that magic works is to distract you. What’s going on right now in the mainstream media is part of that massive distraction that’s designed to put the masses in a state of fear. When in fear, one is more easily controlled. But this method of control isn’t new. Nor is the Cabal’s desire to gin up fear. Nor is using viral infection new as the following images attest to.

“In a totalitarian state, it doesn’t matter what people think, since the government can control people by force using a bludgeon. But when you can’t control people by force, you have to control what people think, and the standard way to do this is via propaganda.”
-Noam Chomsky-

Considering the lyrics of the Bob Marley song Buffalo Soldier, “If you know your history, then you will know where you’re coming from” one could also know, where we’re heading to, as history surely repeats itself.

Travel down memory lane to recall how the election of 2016 used asymmetrical warfare and the media as it’s main weapon. What we should’ve learned was how it was used then to drive confusion both by Donald Trump to create confusion in his enemies and by the mainstream media and DNC to create confusion in the electoral primaries. These same old tactics have come back to visit us in the current coronavirus scare and democratic campaign confusion. Hint: their tactics are related.

Remember how civil, the 2016 election was? Of course not, because the whole thing was mental psychosis! Not even disguised as issues, rather, fear and a platform of, “I’m better than the other person” took center stage. Here’s a quick list of topics that made daily news for months: Mexican-bashing, Muslim-bashing, misuse of Clinton’s email server, Clinton Foundation Conflicts, Trump’s Businesses, Vote-Rigging, Russia-blaming, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz resignation, angry protests, family members not off-limits to Twitter attacks, sexual assault allegations, affair allegations, build-up in Syria, and more. And those were just the ones the public saw. Are you feeling a little traumatized? You should be – that’s the purpose!

Now, think back only a few months ago as the Democratic campaign began running into problems with Hunter Biden ties to Burisma, Joe Biden ties to Ukraine and China, election campaign tampering, the MSM narrative to elevate Biden, Tara Reade sexual assault allegation against Biden, and an assortment of other fundamental breakdowns in the party and their candidates.

Doesn’t this sound a bit familiar? We deserve so much better! Is this our birthright, to be born into a world of fear?

In 2016 America was not too happy with their choices as both party presidential candidates popularity were fairly low. The public disliked both choices but the media had their Cabal marching orders and kept up the story of Clinton as the overwhelming frontrunner while playing the Pied Piper strategy of elevating Trump in the Republican primaries because democratic pollsters saw him as a flawed and easily beatable candidate.

Some polls put Clinton at 80% odds to win the election at this time. The day of the election, Huffington Post reported her as the probable victor with 99% chance of winning according to their polls. What is that saying about being conned, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me?”

What the media didn’t report were the real numbers that had her in the dumps as surfaced in a leaked document from her campaign strategist the Benenson Strategy Group, citing Clinton’s popularity at fatal lows. Her health was in question as the media reported on her undeniably bad fall at the 9/11 ceremonies in New York City that amplified her questionable health – one credible New York news broadcast even reported her death! What certainly was dwindling was her crowd enthusiasm. Events began to be staged, busing in audiences, blue screening in crowds, keeping media away from the candidate in public, and the full-court offensive was on.

There were plenty of other things considered and presented in the “Salvage Report” that people weren’t so aware of and are vitally important to note, like the crazy alien invasion threat in part using Project Blue Beam – a realistic holographic technology – and chemtrails that left electromagnetic nanites in the atmosphere that would conduct particles to receive the holograph. The document is here for your review.

Also in the document was the mention of a Zika virus outbreak. How coincidental! We know there are no coincidences. At the time, the DNC and strategists shied away from the virus as they thought that it would keep women away from the polls as it was getting late in the game already and assumedly, the cycle of a pandemic virus would’ve gone into the Novemember window. Well, this time around, it looks as though the virus card was considered well in advance. The downside: deaths.

Unfortunately, one of the first rules of the Cabal is that the ends justify the means. So with their backs up against FISA declassification, threat of pending arrests, a wall that shutters out illegals from voting, poor performing candidates, and up against a sitting president with high numbers for the economy and high levels of excitement among voters, it seems that the powers-that-were deemed the reward was worth the risk this time.

With so much at stake, the casual observer should rightfully question how this could all be? The sickened public knows that they aren’t getting the straight story from the mainstream media and has turned to other sources in droves.

Controlling the narrative is one of the key ways that the elite Cabal who direct the media use their assets. Called the Mockingbird media with operatives planted deeply within, here’s the rulebook that the Cabal-ran media play by:

  1. Lying by omission – What isn’t being shown on nightly news is generally more important that what is.
  2. Controlling the debate – Who is arguing and for what cause? Most commentators are vetted with accepted points of view.
  3. Newscasters groomed to play the game – Getting a network anchor spot isn’t by merit alone, but by which narrative you will support. There’re only 6 corporations that own all media outlets – they protect themselves.
  4. Scripting and Synchronizing the News – Anchors often read the “news” verbatim from city-to-city, station-to-station. What? They don’t have reporters anymore? Not so much. Just people who read the news that look good on TV.
  5. Politicizing Everything – Everything is made to take sides. Conservative vs. Liberal. Democrat vs. Republican. Right-winger vs. Left-winger. Good vs. Bad. Left vs. Right. Right vs. Wrong. White vs. Black.
  6. Label Everyone – There aren’t just people out there, rather, everyone has a label. You are a ‘conspiracy theorist’ if you ask questions. Remember Bernie the Socialist, Trump the Reality Show Actor, Clinton the First Woman Presidential Candidate of a Major Party?
  7. Ask the Wrong Questions – Have an interview on ‘news’ but ask irrelevant questions and get into an argument while avoiding any real issues.
  8. Closing the Book Too Soon – The jury may still be out on an issue, but the media makes up its mind as soon as they can fit their narrative.
  9. Triviality and Distraction – a.k.a. Fear Porn. How many times is something escalated to catastrophic levels. If it bleeds, it leads. But does that really affect your life? Not so much directly, but indirectly, you will worry. During George W. Bush’s Presidency there was a banner on TV everyday called the “Terror Alert Level” programming people to live in fear for the day – at a pre-described level.
  10. Outright Lying – When all else fails, just make it up. There will be another network anchor to back you up.
  11. Attack, Attack, Attack – Your point of view isn’t so good? Accuse your opponent of what you would do. These lines of attack show just how the attacker might think.
  12. Wear ‘Em Out – Outlast your opponent.

The mainstream media is focused on first deciding which issues are to be discussed in the public forum, then by using a bagful of tricks to shape people’s perceptions of an issue, the media divides us and pits us against each other while manufacturing consent for their true underlying agenda. Refer to this article and you’ll become an astute media observer.

The first rule as a conscious media observer: the mainstream media are not your friends.

Stay well and truth shall set you free.


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  1. Great bumper sticker Victoria.

    If individuals understood that it is the dark forces who fear Humanity’s powers, they would not live in fear. But today THE WALKING-MASKS live in fear of the dying and powerless energy-leaching dark forces that live by the absolute control of others – the greatest sin (empty, void) of all.

    • Funny, but True. I know people who have young children who never washed their hands when they came home from school or stores. They always had some kind of sniffles in their house. Now all of a sudden they comply to quarantine measures?? I feel safer at the stores because these clowns are either wearing gloves or finally washing their hands, ha ha.

  2. I designed this really cool bumper sticker: Fake History Month 12 Months a Year, Brought To You By Media Propaganda. (has in the middle a yellow snake)


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