Guest Article from Starlight432:

The reason Evil exists is because creation somehow became disconnected from God. The question then arises: Why would God make a creation where the creation can be disconnected from God?

To explain this, the conclusion is that God is not all knowing and not all powerful and not all present. God is therefore also not infinite. Yet, these are the aspects that make God into God. Therefore, God cannot exist. Yet, God exists. Therefore, God is Evil. Yet, God is not Evil. God is only Good. The typical belief in God doesn’t work!

De-personification of God greatly helps. Creation then becomes a process instead of a divine plan. When creation is a process, there can be errors. The divine plan can still exist though if people still prefer to think this way, but the divine plan is modified into this:

Abuse has no place within creation; therefore, it is the divine plan to remove the mistake of having abuse exist within creation.

It cannot be a divine plan for abuse to exist. Stating that abuse is part of a divine plan means that abuse itself is divine. Stating that abuse is part of a divine plan also means that evolution through abuse is necessary, which is not true.

Creation can be looked at as a computer program. Computer programs have errors that need to be debugged before completion. The debugging is as follows:

– In all locations, remove abuse that is currently taking place.

– Heal all shadows that exist from previous abuse.

– Modify creation to never allow abuse to happen again in the future.

Strangely enough, ice cream can be used as an analogy for creation. There are many different kinds of ice cream, all of which have unique flavors which are enjoyable to greater and lesser degrees depending on preference. There could even potentially be an infinite number of different enjoyable flavors of ice cream. However, what if someone were to put feces in ice cream? The error within creation is analogous to having ice cream containing feces.

A debugged existence is an existence with an infinite number of enjoyable and interesting kinds of ice creams, minus the feces. As another example, there is no ice cream with radioactive waste. Choice still exists, but the choice for evil is no longer present because evil is rendered impossible. Basically, existence is no longer able to be ‘messed up.’

The original reason for existence being able to be messed up was to heal and come back after being messed up in order to grow faster and stronger. In a reasonable manner, this is acceptable. For example, weight lifting is uncomfortable but causes the muscles to become stronger. Weight lifting is within acceptable bounds, just as it is within acceptable bounds to have a flavor of ice cream that is less preferred. However, this less preferred flavor of ice cream doesn’t contain feces and radioactive waste and so forth, just as weight lifting doesn’t contain rape, pedophilia, diabolical slavery, and gruesome torture.

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  1. Echo's of disproven Dawinism, with very weak arguments.
    God/Prime Creator/Source created a Free Will universe.
    Man/Women were created in God's image.
    Human's are creators, and in both honest error, and self serving pursuits, humans and "others" have created the abuse etc on Earth today.
    Happily there is good evidence that we are cleaning up our act and the planet today.

  2. The level of necessary Gymnastics to gaslight humans "to keep faith in the plan" and remain in the bondage. The so called light workers (I call you archons) having to reassure (lie), improve (intervene-fix), the great Dragon… there is no reason for anybody to go through evolution knowing it is the only reason why you are here. You are being used to animate this horror Matrix filled with problems, false light (White), and continiously broken.
    Exit the Matrix, detach yourself from Creation and go beyond.

  3. Read the book called 'Anurag Sagar' of Kabir to understand the real story of creation. All other stories are of lower realms.


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