Releasing Dis-Ease ‘Blockages’ To Your Healthiest YOU

CRNA Jo Ann was showing me how to set up for a case at the VA when I was first starting out as a resident in Anesthesia. Friendly and vivacious, we would go over the essentials fast and as we worked we would talk.

I am a deep talker.

I am not content with small talk.

I want to know MORE.

One day Jo Ann surprised me when she said she was going to die of cancer very young, and she would never make it to sixty.

I chastised her for saying such awful things!

But she shared how both her father and mother and uncle died young, and it was the ‘family curse’. That is why she worked so hard to enjoy life NOW. As a matter of fact, she was getting married, and had booked a life insurance appointment to get ready for her future with her groom.


The insurance company wouldn’t cover her.

There was an abnormality on the labs they drew.

She had cancer. It was on her kidney. They took it out. But there were bony mets. She was not cured.

It took about five years for her to pass. At first she started showing up to work, and enjoying it because it was ‘normal’ and being a cancer patient for her was not.

But then, they found more mets. And soon cancer was ‘normal’. She had brain mets removed.

I wanted to visit her in the hospital to give my love and support near the end. But she felt she was not looking pretty, and shunned all visitors away.

Then she died.

I wanted to go to the funeral but I was on call. And no, Jo Ann never visited me from The Other Side. At least, not that I can recall–I might have written it down. Much time has passed.

If you have cancer, it’s not your fault.

Even if you smoked three packs a day of unfiltered cigarettes.

Move on.

It doesn’t matter what has caused your illness.

Blaming yourself takes away the energy for which to heal.

In Reiki, permission is important. The person seeking the energy healing has to want it. Often times, but not in all cases, there is an energy exchange (payment) between the client and the healer to represent how much commitment is on both parts for the healing to take place.

The best technology, the most advanced healing on or off the planet, will not work if it does not ‘get in’. The patient must allow it. The work of Bernie Siegel is very important to document how different patients under these circumstances react, and who does well with treatment.

If you ‘just want to take a pill’ and have someone do the healing for you, chances are, you are not going to get better.

If you ‘just want to check out’ then chances are good you are going to do just that.

If you ‘want to do everything in your power to unlock all healing that is possible’ chances are you are going to do well (provided this is not your exit point in your Life Script and Health is your Life Lesson–which is OKAY too. You signed up for it!)

Let go of blame and make things ‘right’, energetically.

Let go of thoughts and activities that do not support the desired health you seek–stop smoking if you know it is bad for you. Exercise. Lose weight. Ask the Angels and Guides to assist you in your efforts.

Go WITHIN. Your body is telling you a ‘message’ when you are not well. YOUR BODY IS YOUR LOVING TEACHER AND FRIEND. Illness is a ‘how is that working for you?’ kind of message from your body about your energy states.

  • A healthy aura is protective and wards against infection and disease. Keep your Vibration UP–STRONG–and filled with LIGHT!
  • Auras change with our emotions and situations. When your aura is weakened–take steps to stabilize it and fortify it.
  • Long-standing imbalances create Dis-Ease, or underlying potential for Disease in the Physical Plane. Think of it as Light Body Disease, if you will.
  • Energy healing is Quantum in nature, and works best when directed at early stages of disease before it gets into the physical plane. Dis-Ease responds best to energy healing, although physical responds to it too. 
  • Physical Disease is a ‘message’ that the body is shouting at you. In quiet time alone, ponder this ‘lesson’. Many times once the lesson is understood, healing can take place.
  • Not all healing is Physical. Sometimes the body must pass in order for the Soul to heal on a deeper level. Only you will understand what is ‘right’ for you. Even when faced with Hospice, there is always Hope for a healing that will last beyond the present incarnation.
  • Healing can take place in many levels–physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
In your heart, ponder these ideas.
No matter how much you spend on an advanced healing technology or treatment, the ‘foot work’ needs to be done that only you can do.
Welcome it! Welcome Health! It is your divine Birth Right! Just say ‘phooey!’ to the history of your ‘family curse’–be smart about it, and ‘have it checked’ but know you have EVERY RIGHT to live a long, healthy, happy and fulfilling life.
You are loved so much by God, and by the Goddess. Suffering is an option. It is not a badge of honor.
Be Free to live the life you’ve always imagined.

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