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  1. I had a wonderful experience a couple days ago. Something inside told me to look up in the sky. I saw the sun, and then saw a cloud quite away from the Sun that seemed to have it’s own illumination. So I brought my friend out and we both watched as a gigantic blue sphere phased into sight, then it phased out, and back in again. We both knew exactly what we had just seen. I want to meet these ascended beings so badly. I am just thankful they are here.

  2. Thank you, Danell, although I’d rather leave it to others to find truth in it, or resonate with it,
    I perceive this work as a clear and thorough explanation of the dimensional levels and the frequencies of consciousness. It’s in sync with numerous esoteric sources about initiation and in mystery schools I’ve studied in my lif. Or rather…. lives… I should say, ha ha.

    The path of the woman who offered her mediumship, Carla Rueckert, proved to be a challenging one and a huge learning curve in balancing service to self and service to others. Here’s Carla with her story of how it all began and unfolded:


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