Lose your temper on the road? Frustrated with colleagues at work?

You may be cutting your life short, warns molecular biologist Elizabeth Blackburn — who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2009 — and health psychologist Elissa Epel, who studies stress and aging.

The authors claim in their new book, The Telomere Effect, that negative thoughts harm your health at the DNA level.

Research has shown that a person’s “social relationships, environments and lifestyles” affect their genes.

“Even though you are born with a particular set of genes, the way you live can influence how they express themselves.”

Blackburn and Epel say components of DNA called telomeres determine how fast your cells age. Short telomeres are one of the major reasons human cells grow old, but lab tests have shown that they can also grow longer.

In other words, aging “could possibly be accelerated or slowed -and, in some aspects, even reversed.”

Research Proves That DNA Is Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies

The aging and lifespan of normal, healthy cells are linked to the so-called telomerase shortening mechanism, which limits cells to a fixed number of divisions.

During cell replication, the telomeres function by ensuring the cell’s chromosomes do not fuse with each other or rearrange, which can lead to cancer. Blackburn likened telomeres to the ends of shoelaces, without which the lace would unravel.

In one study, telomere length, an emerging biomarker for cellular and general bodily aging, was assessed in association with the tendency to be present in the moment versus the tendency to mind wander, in research on 239 healthy, midlife women ranging in age from 50 to 65 years.

“People who score high on measures of cynical hostility tend to get more cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease and often die at younger ages. They also have shorter telomeres.”

Pessimism shortens telomeres too.

“When pessimists develop an aging-related illness, like cancer or heart disease, the illness tends to progress faster… They tend to die earlier,” warn the authors.

Ruminating over a bad situation is also destructive.

“Rumination never leads to a solution, only to more ruminating… When you ruminate, stress sticks around in the body long after the reason for the stress is over.” The resulting depression and anxiety only make your telomeres shorter.

Trying to suppress thoughts and feelings makes matters worse.

“The more forcefully you push your thoughts away, the louder they call out for your attention… In a small study, greater avoidance of negative feelings and thoughts was associated with shorter telomeres.”

Even lack of focus is bad for telomeres because “when people are not thinking about what they’re doing, they’re not as happy as when they’re engaged.”

To reverse the harm to telomeres, try meditation and long-distance running.

By April McCarthy


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  1. The habit of recognizing a negative thought, yours or someone else’s, and using an imaginary eraser works, but the habit is not created over night unless the clarity and intention are strong and the desire to be free of negative thoughts is present. It is our choice. Be affected by negative thoughts and pay the price of erase them and not let them back into your mind. It requires discipline and awareness of ourselves and the influences around us, including the dark forces efforts to exploit and manipulate. Guilt, fear and anger are their tools. Don’t forget to use Ho’oponopol (sorry, its difficult to spell).

  2. A lot of the Negative thoughts are not your own…..take your Spiritual self power back by letting “Them” Know that these negative thoughts are not your thoughts and demand that they LEAVE and Don’t come back!

  3. yeah sure, now we know why bullying and harrassment for a long time to targeted individuals was invented, this research outcome was the motive to start a heavy duty gangstalkingcampaign since 2012. It’s a very 3d onesided point of view of any reality. One who is positive on the inside and haunted and stalked and any positive act has been strategically reversed, that makes one very angry or defensice and cynical on the outside only, but if you let those humans 3 days alone and they are 100% positive again. This is the true lightpower and cannot be denied or like in this story be judged by lack of consciousness and what is really going on in this 3d matrix world. all this is about to collapse anyway, and we shall see who is and can stay positive if they have been bidding on the old caballic ways and play happyhappy and act positive, but have pushed away any anger, fear, challenge of even self-assigned mission, which never came through because of following the hippie-happy-positive programming. DNA is only a small part, the lower and now obsolete parts (since 2004) of our controlsystem, which ican only run in the lower densities, and we are becoming very soon humans of the 5th dimension, all other lower dimension will be melted instandly into one, into the heart. and will not be a chakra anymore but a ball of etheric light which is the new commandingcentre or higher will of human kind. Let’s see who will live to embrace these changes then and who will be the happy humans on Earth then. All that have denied the seemingly chaotic being within, the feminine part. Those who only used their masculine will and thinking and doing will maybe not make it through this transistional event which is about to reach critical masse on Earth right now. It surprises that i find it in this site, where also is explained that the event will wipe all that is not of love, but relieve those very enlightened and brave starseeds/humans who have been battered into being a negative pole, so receiving al the debris of the positive side of the polarisation, and have become very ill in the past few years by attacks of their so called own kind. Being positive and judge and treat people secretly very badly and have a daily smile to others is not the real way into ascension. There are very great rewarding dispensations who have held and since 2004 helped dissolve the very dense energies and intruderraces out of this plane of exsistence, and this can only be done, If one stand, as a human, between and amongst those who are the darkest, the worst, the most negative beings with a nice positive suit on or just their face, but also the most hurt and sick people on earth here and as an empath and using etheric healing-spaces for those to change, then it is of no wonder that one has to become just as dense as the darkest human there is on Earth. But if doesn’t mean that person, who holds space and light for others, who is used as trash and a dustbin of the black goo of those seemingly positive but very aware of what they have been doing to others with that smile, so also the called spiritual tribes and good families and so called positive humanity, these will be very shocked by their own choices and behaviours they have performed and why some of the humans, who have been carrying positive space for them, became angry and depressed and also aged, looked fatter than others, are single, childless, and lost some dna on the way. Someone who is really good and positive can show symptoms of anger and loss of dna, but can also rejuvenate and repair their dna very fast too. If those who have been in denial and very cosy abundance while others fall apart in this world, and just having a good time and do no service work for real and still put their ego’s in their work, they will find themselves very lost when this new wave comes over the land, the event, and they will have to realize their own truths were all fake and they were the negatives, and many silent ascendant living humans held unconditionally the positie space for them so they could be and see their own acts and dark aspects in action.
    There are a lot of people who do their true ligthwork fro free and in the silence and they had to dive into the deepest lies of humanity and get angry and frustated on the way, all to clean this up for humanity.
    And this critical mass is nearly reaching its point and it is not by playing the abundance people or thrive well in any other way. Things and money and so called abundance and being positive is part of the old ego-system and has been so distorted and not of a true kind anymore for thousands of years, it is all mindshatter and selfrigeousness. These people that have been feeding this system ever since. There is no earthly joy or bliss in the 3d or 4d unless one is part of the fake positives. it was suposed to be, yes, but since we are the slaves and lure into this happy if you comply and angry and sick or dead if you do not comply and want you own special way…and this is what we will have to face and let go of..
    our stuff and means, houses, nice healingtrips.. Because what if one can regenerate their own dna and never get sick again and only leaves this planet wehen chosen but will not die anymore.?!! That was the true purpose, and this can only be done, by being that of the new would..inner positive will change into a outer positive too after the event. But inner denied anger or fear and negative chaos on the inside and surpressed will easily burn up from the inside and will have to face the consequences of that denial and according behaviour. Well english is not my first language, but i hope i got the message through..thank you

  4. It seems that when are in duality, thus creates a spiral down since this world perpetuates separation, where as in TRIALITY, there is room for RECONCILIATION to a higher self and for transformation to occur.
    Mike Assum mike @ beingbecoming.com


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