By Ishtar Antares,

It will begin suddenly, without warning. Many scandals that will disclose true background about how the System works will shake human masses. Disclosures about how international energetic megacompanies earn billions selling oil, preventing at the same time inventions of free energy to come to public. Disclosures about pharmaceutical trusts that earn money with »healing« diseases that are spread with viruses created in hidden laboratories. Disclosures about efficient cures for AIDS, cancer and other diseases that are known for quite some time, unknown to human masses. And about world media and censorship there, which is a logical consequence of a fact that few individuals own most worldly known newspaper, media and telecommunication companies. And finally disclosures about a secret world government that has most prominent politicians as its puppets and which creates profit out of wars and human suffering for millennia, a small group of beings that you work for in your jobs and voluntarily give them a significant amount of your monthly salary.

When lists with names, supported with facts will be known, human masses will arise. When facts will be known about what is happening in the stock market and where the money really goes, this will create a world stock market crash and fall of the current monetary system. Riots will begin as a consequence of released emotional energy which was suppressed for so long. In the chaos of those days members of the Resistance movement will reveal themselves to humanity and give guidance and support. They will penetrate to the surface from their underground realms and bring along technology that will help humanity to get over those critical moments. They will cure most of currently known diseases with their medicaments. With their free energy sources they will end world energy crisis and stop environmental pollution. They will bring information that will open the eyes of people. Finally people will realize that they have lived in quarantine for millennia. Money will disappear and will be replaced with exchange of goods based upon vibrational economy. The Resistance movement will assist in establishing new world government which will be chosen by humanity with its free will and that will lead humanity based on the principles of the Galactic codex. At that point the energy field of the planet will be cleared significantly.

Memories of Atlantis will be returning to people and they will begin to create a New Atlantis, a new civilization of light. Buildings will be constructed in a combination of Atlantean and modern architecture which will be in harmony with nature. Many will be in a pyramidal or half spherical shape. Spiritually developed individuals will begin to gather in New age communities, so called islands of light. Everybody there will follow his vision aligned with the divine plan in deep connection with the universe. When people will release the past, everybody will experience clarity of mind, emotional aliveness and physical health. The basic cell of society in islands of light will not be a family of personalities (father, mother and children) but a family of souls (twin souls, soul mates and other members of a soul family). People will connect there energetically and telepathically with angels, guides and extraterrestrials. Through islands of light a physical connection between the surface of the planet and extraterrestrial civilizations will be established. There will be teleportation chambers in islands of light through which it will be possible to travel into the Resistance movement, for some people into the Atlantean network and also towards the Pleiadian mother ships. When the network of light will be strong and stable enough this will enable mass landings of Pleiadian starships. The Pleiadians will assist humanity during its transition towards the New age and with the process of acceptance of this planet into the Galactic confederation. They will anchor energy columns that will guide planet Earth through its transformation during its entry into the inner section of the tachyon belt.

When the critical mass of consciousness will be achieved the first wave of Ascension will occur. Mother ships of the Galactic confederation will hover as brilliant white clouds above the islands of light, where teleportation beams will descend and lift the volunteers into the mother ships. Those volunteers will reappear on Earth shortly in Ascended state in their rainbow bodies of light. Soon afterwards another critical mass will be achieved and the second wave of Ascension will happen. Masses of Ascended masters that will return to Earth will prepare humanity for the third wave of Ascension and for the Evacuation. Great planetary cataclysms will begin then as a cleansing of the physical matter of the planet. At the moment of most intensive cataclysms a polar shift will happen and that will trigger the third wave of Ascension with final Evacuation. Linear time as we know it will end and Earth will enter a new, higher dimension…    



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  1. I only found this article today and this article blew my mind at how similar it is to a dream I had on 1st march 2018! In the dream, I was in a plane that was about to crash (i was travelling in another country at that time) and it was terrifying. Right before impact, i heard my higher self tell me “this is the moment, this is the change”, and we crashed. The impact was so real! And i felt myself being sucked out of my body and sped across the darkness.

    In a bright white flash, I’m back…with a body (no idea how i looked like though). Everything looks the same but different. The sky was beautiful with thick white clouds and many rainbow colored columns that stretches from the earth into the sky. There were normal looking buildings and also a mix of strange shaped looking buildings and they were shining/glowing. Animals and birds roam free and friendly. People look so much happier and carefree! There were cars but they seem lighter and can take off into the air. As I was observing my surroundings, i felt this overwhelming sense of joy and freedom that it moved me to tears. And then I woke up…it was bittersweet because I don’t want to leave that place but happy that I get to experience it first hand!

    Now that I’ve got a glimpse of the Change, i felt like i’ve expanded more and can feel the longing for it as if I have waited for this forever. I’m pretty sure a lot of you feel that way too, through your own experiences.

    So, see you all soon and stay joyful and light!

  2. Why evacuate? We will have fully realized we are the love, and responsible creators of paradise on the Mother of Origin, Earth. It will be a trinity of creatorship, Father, Mother, human Child. We will welcome into the Seventh World our Arcturian, Pleiades, so many…, all ancestors from the 4th and 5th worlds, also from Earth originally, though now in advanced dimensions. A great family reunion of all time loops…


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