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  1. In 1980 [ April 20th to be precise] at around 3 pm while gardening on my property in Humevale 3757 Australia, I found myself in conversation with unseen ‘Beings’ which I thought at the time were angels as they told me of their work. They said they did not have wings and I felt their smile. It was a warm and loving conversation but their ‘work’ troubled me… and I sent my heartfelt thoughts to Those on High as I wanted to know if their here was OK. I was immediately surrounded by a warmth that penetrated me to my core and suddenly my awareness was elsewhere…and the garden forgotten. What followed is too long to type in here… but I was witness to the solar flash and for years afterward I wrote and wrote and wrote of the history of planet earth as combined with the activities of other worlds out there. I learned of the difference between the term reincarnation and that of ascension. If anyone wants more my email is [email protected]

  2. I can’t believe the most important incredible and most holy event is about to take place ever in Mother Earth’s history, and critiqs are dissecting it with arrogent oversight. This wave of cosmic particles is the Divine breath of God greater than the breath He breathed into Adam and Eve. This will be something that will alter the very depth of your being pulvalting us into a dimension of pure love that will enfold us all. A state all of us will truly remember as “coming home”. I have known of this for 25 years, and have been awaiting it with excited anticipation. A true miracle is on our doorstep. Be positive and stay in gratitude. It will truly save Gaia and all her children.

  3. I would like someone to explain to me what 432 HZ has to do with anything? It’s far above any frequency that the human nervous system can directly convey; it’s not a harmonic of any frequency related to any neural sensory center; it represents neither a binaural nor isochronic entrainment beat. So…(?)

    This, then is combined with a meme that the galactic core is synchronized with ~26,000 years, when in reality, this is simply the period of our solar system’s oscillation (commonly misinterpreted as an inexplicable “wobble” in the Earth’s rotational axis) because it’s in a binary dance with Sirius –all of which has nothing whatsoever to do with the center of the galaxy, and certainly not the intense gamma ray bombardment we can expect from a distant, though vast explosion.

    A wave of love? Are you freaking kidding me? Hasn’t anyone who generates videos like these ever read Paul Laviolette’s work? Apparently not. Worse, it’s an idea that’s being combined with the effects of the superheated hydrogen/helium cloud of “local fluff” that the solar system is currently moving into: that’s why ALL the planets are experiencing ‘climate change’ and exhibiting increased radiance all across the spectrum and, at some point, is indeed likely to cause a solar “flash” for the same reason that an electrically overloaded capacitor will explode.

    None of this has anything at all to do with any alleged, galactic “wave of love,” which, to even be sensed as “love,” would necessarily have to exhibit and maintain the same neurological frequency as the corresponding human emotion; otherwise, –and please think about this– just what are we talking about here?

    In brief, I find this whole video represents little more than the product of a feel-good Internet religion based on a mish-mash of loose associations and poorly digested ideas. Yes, we all sense an atmosphere of profound change is afoot, but understanding the nature of that has nothing at all to do with this video meme.

  4. The solar Flash was way too long. You could have just presented the text and left out the overdone music Graphics Etc. I follow this sort of thing and even I thought it was really over done. So maybe next time you’ll present things in a more concise manner? Okay? Thanks!!

    • Ben Grego shadow is it?
      Listen to you piece of shit? I want you to get lost right now and off this sacred page before the consequences of your reality will mirror back your nasty behaviour back at you.
      This is not a place for someone like you.
      Unmanifest the Self you old world ego.
      By the power of God off you go and never to return. This is no longer a place for you.


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