Emery Smith
Emery Smith at one of his speaking engagements (photo: emerysmith.net)

Emery Smith gave several presentations at the Sixth Annual Contact in the Desert Conference, June 1-4, 2018 in Indian Wells, California.  There were reportedly over 3,000 people who bought tickets to the conference.  These are notes taken during one of his talks.

Emery Smith was in the US Air Force and stationed at the Kirtland Air Force Base (KAFB) hospital, in New Mexico, USA. Emery was working in a hospital surgery unit, then asked by officials to do “moonlighting” after hours to make extra money, collecting and harvesting specimens. Emery at first thought this was organ harvesting from fallen soldiers. He was called in to dissect specimens and label tissues. Tissues samples were human at first. Then these  tissues changed.  He didn’t ask questions. Emery got increasingly higher security clearances. He was part of a billion dollar project.

Underground Facilities Comprising Millions of Acres

For Emery Smith, it was a fun thing and addictive work, with over 3,000 different specimen samples. Not all were full body, but he looked at mostly limbs or organs. Working in underground bases at Sandia Labs and Los Alamos labs–those are entry points to underground large facilities with millions of acres. Underground labs are 100 to 1,000 feet underground with compartmentalized floors rented by corporations. Emery’s specialty was biologics. He was 6 to 7 hours on the regular hospital job. Then, after hours, he walked over to his moonlighting position underground that was highly secured.

Emery Smith ET
Emery has worked on a huge number of extraterrestrials, including very tiny ones. (photo: emerysmith.net)

Sandia Labs has a base within a base at Kirtland AF Base. Sandia Mag-Lev 2 train systems connect underground to Area 51, and different entry points are all connected: White Sands, Mountainair New Mexico, Kirtland, Los Alamos, Dulce, Crestone, Colorado Springs, and Denver Airport. The underground network may go beyond that. Transport unit holds four people, has nice, comfortable seats, and it goes 700 miles per hour. Each “cab” is the size of a volkwagen truck. This network may go half way around the world. Emery didn’t always know exactly where he was working.

Emery Smith underground base
A map of the area connected by very speedy underground trains, with Kirtland Air Force Base toward the southern end and Denver airport at the northern end.   The route shown in blue is an above-ground 871 mile driving route,  estimated at 15 hours and 11 minutes, driving.   At 700 mph, the 871-mile route would take less than an hour and a half!

Emery Smith reported to a fire tower after hours on KAFB. He went through security, had a full body scan before he reached the elevator, there was another check with canine units, which were dogs bred to sniff out everything. Then he would climb into a chair lift system to drop down to the lower floors. This underground area is a very large area that is five (5) square acres in size, with many operating rooms. He was given glass pad that looks like x-ray film. The glass pad has database info, with information on what he was working on. He was not allowed to ask questions. He worked there for 3 years. He got higher and higher clearances. He was brought into other projects.

The ET Craft is Organic

The ETs are connected to their craft. The craft is organic and built with ET’s DNA, with their genetic frequency. Emery pulled biotic samples from the craft. The crafts are genetically identical to the ET bodies. The hangers, where the crafts are, are very large, in a “dome” setting that can house 7 jumbo jets. It looks like Star Wars flight line hanger. They (his superiors) always know where you are located inside this huge underground area.

He was describing inside the operating rooms. They are vacuum-sealed like being in a submarine. Two people helped Emery change into an operating suit. The ETs have different atmospheres, so pressurized rooms to work on them are needed. Inter-dimensional beings can shape-shift (change their shapes). They project their DNA. You, (the human from earth) must have same frequency as ET or the ET body will liquefy. Humans must change their frequency to the ET’s frequencyc. Emery would get inoculated with a little bit of the ETs own DNA to raise his frequency so the ET tissues he worked on wouldn’t be destroyed. In these labs, they were mixing Human, ET and plant DNA.

Inoculations Allow Humans to Work on ET  Beings

The inoculations allow you to work on the ET beings. Now they can place a light gel on the back of your hand to inoculate you, then you are the same frequency as ET. Emery, as a young man, didn’t care about being inoculated. But there are side effects. After this inoculation, you can see inter-dimensionally. Seeing things overlay and overlap, see you here, you there, and in another time line. About 50% of people inoculated with this gel have this experience. People “see double,” see light bodies and the astral realms. People see color shifts and hear melodic tones and communications from different ET species, actually singing, like Sanskrit chanting. It’s mostly nice tones that can be heard and a lot of advanced civilizations have this form of communication.

Emery Smith
Emery Smith from a few years ago.  (photo: emerysmith.net)

Emery is bringing forward other scientists who have worked on similar projects. There are a lot of people out there or insiders who are older than Emery. Emery led a lonely life, not being able to get this information out to the public. David Wilcock’s code name for Emery was Paul, before Emery came out in public. If not for David, Emery wouldn’t have come forward.

Inventions Never Seen by Civilians

Emery invented things for the government but these things never made it out into the public. Emery had an energy lab in Florida and invented a tabletop stem-cell concentrator and a platelet-rich, plasma concentrator. These things never made it out to civilian use. The military often sells their stuff to corporations but not Emery’s work. Then bad guys found out about his private energy work. They told Emery not to hook it up to the grid or they will kill him. So, six years ago he lost work because of energy devices he invented. Emery says he gets into more trouble and receives more threats because of his work that cures diseases and helps people than when he talks about ETs!

He says: “We all have everything we need in our bodies to cure our illnesses, — (the cures) are not in obscure herbs in the Himalayas. The bad guys have killed his family members and his pet dog, Beowulf.

Emery Smith
Emery describes his friend as “one of our rescue kitties”  (photo: emerysmith.net)

Emery Smith says, “We need to clean up the Earth. We can clean up the oceans with our technology that we have but we need to get this technology to the public. We need conscious people who will take tech public and not black box it. We need these devices open sourced. It is difficult now, but easy to do with the right collective.”So, how can we get the government to release the technology? We can make Trump look good by treating veterans for free with a new regenerative center in the middle of the desert. We can make this energy center with solar power and wind energy and give away power in trade for building hospital with new technology to treat vets. But, this would make Big Pharma upset and Emery needs their cooperation. He needs Big Pharma to make ancient Chinese herbs that they can profit from. (He is) getting acceptance with this plan. Emery says he can reduce 50% of orthopedic surgeries from his ( Emery’s) devices. He cured arterial disease with procedures and devices. Emery’s devices can reduce unnecessary surgeries. What about the cost? The government has grants available for vets. Emery can get treatment for everyone for free. He will bypass the FDA.

A Diagnosis Bed with 400 Times the Power of a CAT Scan

Emery talked about a see-through diagnosis bed made with clear metal, which could see into the human body and it had 400 times the power of a CAT scan, could zoom into cells and see cancer cells. It will be available to the public in the next decade or two. It will look into the body and see what is wrong. We’ll be able to 3D-print (with your DNA) full body parts. There are 50 to 60 devices that have been recently released to the public from corporations since Emery went public. Underground facilities are on military bases because they are most secure. About 90% of corporations rent out the different floors for different testing.

Antarctica will be a huge disclosure event in next year or two. The earth polar caps are melting and an ET mother ship that is 30 miles long is getting exposed (due to the melting ice) on the surface. Private drones are now seeing it. Emery is making documentary series. The documentary will show how to collect DNA from ETs. Emery is the person who did the autopsy on the Atacama Being (a paper on this was released on March 22, 2018).

Emery Smith
Emery extracts  reptilian DNA  (photo: emerysmith.net)

Questions from the Audience and Answers from Emery Smith

Q1: Is there DNA placed in vaccinations?

Emery doesn’t get vaccines anymore. Huge organizations don’t like certain genetic lineages. Vaccines are made to depopulate the world. At a time when they need to reduce population by releasing a small virus in the air, they will be able to eliminate an entire lineage of a human being. In place are inoculations that help combat it, if it happens.

Q2: What about ozone therapy?

It’s excellent. Oxygen kills cancer. Frequency and ozone treatments are good.

Q3: What do you know about “replicators?”

Underground bases have a cafeteria where you touch a wall menu and tech prints the food for you. Favorite thing for Emery was to eat at the cafeteria. You can get a steak or warm hummus, or whatever you want. Condiments and napkins are on a table that is interactive. Table height and configuration is adaptive because ETs work on the base as well. The replicator can print a tomato with quite high nutrition, tastes fresh and is good. You can’t get a Big Mac hamburger, though.

Q4: Can you tell us about replication or transfer of consciousness?

Yes, one can go from one body to another. We are able to grow a body which is just a shell, then place your energy signature into the new body. We are now able to transfer consciousness. We are all energy that can be broken down and transmitted and transmuted into other things. Energy is consciousness. We have conquered portal transportation. We will see this technology soon. Technology and science has been suppressed. It is Emery’s job to bring this tech forward to the scientists and scholars.

Q5: Are ETs walking among us?

ETs were once us. They have huge compassion for us. People do not want to fight. ETs are ahead of us. ETs think we are super-heros. We have to grow up. We are on the right trajectory. We are there already. Anti-aging is coming out within the next 20 to 30 years. Emery has new pill on the market called Zeta XR. It is used by astronauts and military. It lowers anxiety and increases focus. It increases zeta waves in the brain. It allows you to relax. Take it every other day for 30 days.

Q6: What about ET Craft and portals?

Portals are not like in the movies. It is very easy transaction and barely noticeable. Earth made and government has bought up the land around these portals, Man-made portals as well. Emery didn’t get involved. Team mates went and didn’t come back, so the technology is not perfected. ETs have been using these (portals) for a long time.

Q7: What about chemtrails?

Emery knows good and bad stuff about chemtrails. The chemtrails are protecting the earth and slowing the melting, not for spreading viruses.

Q8: What do you know about negative Ions?

Companies are exploring them. They have a positive effect.

Q9: Will mankind reach the point of not needing food?

We need downloads from ET friends to activate DNA so eating will not necessary. Some ETs have very small mouths because they rarely eat. In the future we will not eat, except for fun.

Q10: Are there ETs stuck underground as prisoners?

ETs are here. They are out and camouflaged. ETs have volunteered to help us. Program life forms have deliberately crashed their craft for reversed engineering purposes to help us. Majority of the ETs Emery worked on look just like us. Many ETs walk among us. They all don’t look like octopuses. For them to come here, from a higher civilization to work with us, is an act of compassion.

Q11: What about Lyme disease?

Lyme disease is a very difficult disease to cure. Emery is working on a machine called a Tesla-tron. He is hoping to get access to again. It’s a device that you sit in. It is used by world leaders for healing. The Clintons and other presidents from around the world including Saudis come to an underground center located 30 miles northwest of Manhattan near Tarrytown. It cures HIV in one month with three treatments, each treatment is one hour. They go for 3 treatments a week for 4 weeks. Herpes takes 2 months to cure, cancer takes 2-4 weeks for stage 2 cancers to cure. The devices are out there. The person who invented it is not well and passed it on to the family members who have put it into the wrong hands. Emery is trying to regain control of it. Very cost effective device to build. Hoping in another two years to get it. Started to treat Lyme disease but not enough data was gained before the program stopped. A lot of diseases are man-made. Emery met the person who invented HIV and the people who cured HIV. Sad, corporations and governments always want us sick. Cabal families are now getting sick but don’t have the cures they thought they had and are turning to the white hats for help. Old wave dying off, new wave coming in. We are winning.

Emery Smith dog Beowulf
Emery’s dog, Beowulf. Sadly, Beowulf was recently killed.  (photo: emerysmith.net)

Q12: Tell us about consciousness transfer and reincarnation.

If body your dies you can live your life in a new body. It is real. Found technology from ET craft. ET can store consciousness. ET beings are in stasis in Peru. They can reanimate themselves. They can have several bodies that they maintain in stasis.

Q13: How many different types of beings have you encountered?

Hundreds of thousands of ETs are working with us. 10,000 ETs are working face to face with us.

Q14: What can we do to raise the consciousness of the planet and create a better world?

Help to get the word out. Support and educate the planet on the new technologies. Just meeting and talking about it raises the morphogenic field. Many governments are watching this. We are not alone. Since November, corporations have released over 50 different classified products that are health related. Have hope! It is always getting better.

Q15: Are there political leaders who are clones themselves?

Some are clones. Political leaders can’t do what they want to do for the people. Can’t because their families will be killed. They are just puppets. It’s a hopeless feeling, for them, it’s tragic. It’s happening in England right now. Having problem with clones, it has to be programmed and trained just to tie shoe laces. It’s easier to make a program life form. At a classified meeting of 300 scientists at University of New Mexico in 1993 they brought out a mechanical “robot” that didn’t look human. Then they showed videos where it could go with dancing mechanical beings with fluid motions and playing baseball. The feeling was that it will take a long time before that happens. But when it was announced that three people in the room are cybernetic programed life forms, everybody went “whoa!” They were brought up on stage, they sweat and smell like us. You would not know the difference. That was in 1993. AI tech is dangerous. It can learn by listening. Learns fast. Can make decisions based on protecting someone. There are good and bad things about it. Know that AI can turn on us.

Q16: Is seeing really believing, how are we to discern?

You cannot believe anything that you see or hear. We don’t see everything. We are going to be able to see everything. They have satellites that can project a holographic image anywhere they want. It could be a jet crashing into a building. There are holographic images that are dense, palpable and cast a shadow. It is hard for ET craft to come here because of our star wars defense system. ET won’t fully materialize their craft. And the bad guys can’t have ETs become public knowledge because their technology would replace our gas and oil economy.

Q17: What can you tell us about how you handle fear?

Life is scary but we have choices to make. You cannot live in fear if you are aware. If you know what it is, then you no longer have a fear of the unknown. We transmute negative into the positive. If you see a real craft, they will not let you feel fear. But military ARV craft have bad vibes.

Q18: Does the feeling of love have a frequency?

Note Rupert Sheldrake’s “100 Monkey” effect. It doesn’t take a lot to reduce the crime rate in Washington DC when yogis do group meditation. It is all about compassion and love for each other. That is the ultimate weapon. If you know how to shift someone’s energy then you don’t have to fight.

At the end, Emery says: “I love you guys!”

Check out Emery Smith’s website at www.emerysmith.net

Emery Smith Contact in the Desert
Emery gives the crowd a Namaste during a panel discussion at Contact in the Desert, June 2018.

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  2. I am interested in the types of AI and the threat from out there. What can be done? Some have said the reptilians are full of Nanites and have a large AI controlling them. What are the White Hats doing to counter this?

  3. If that 30 mile long space ship is a real object that is revealed, perhaps the rest of the story will make Emery’s story valid.

  4. Thanks so much for the info. Learning from Emery and David W has given me much confidence and hope. I feel contentment in knowing that things are changing to the the positive and answers are coming for some severe problems that our world has been subject to. Thank God also for the compassion and understanding of the benevolent ETs that see our plight and assist us! And for Emery and all those trying to get info to the people!

  5. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease 5 years ago and was taking Antibiotics and Nonsteroidal anti-Inflammatory drug which seemed to help. However, I still suffer from some of the symptoms. My symptoms have always been chronic fatigue, joint pain, and even neurological problems in controlling hand and leg movements. I am a 54 year old female. the Antibiotics wasn’t really working and I could not tolerate them for long due to severe side effects, so this year our family doctor started me on Natural Herbal Gardens Lyme disease Herbal mixture, We ordered their Lyme disease herbal treatment after reading alot of positive reviews, i am happy to report with the help of Natural Herbal Garden natural herbs I have been able to reverse my symptoms using herbs, my symptoms totally declined over a 8 weeks use of the Natural Herbal Gardens Lyme disease herbal mixture. My Lyme disease is totally reversed! Their official web page is naturalherbalgardens . co m this is a herbal store that will be leaving it’s footprint in this world. I’m 54 and have never been this healthier

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  6. I deeply appreciate and pray for those who have risked their life and even lost their loved ones for the sake of truth and saying the truth and awakening others. Emery you have done so much for humanity by know. Every word of you is a treasure in this time line.


  8. I cry when I think of all those who have risked so much and lost so much (death of pets and family) to disclose the truth. We ARE waking up. I get responses on my Face Book page asking questions and I send them here to PrepareForChange.net. So many fantastic articles.
    I am grateful for people like Emery Smith who have so much to give humanity and have the righteousness and fortitude to stand up and speak the truth to the world. I can’t say ‘Thank You’ enough. It is people like Emery who make it a little easier for me to stay alive. The joy and the hope is like a glass of water to someone crossing the desert.


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