• The Facts:The concept of ‘work’ essentially does not exist in advanced ET civilizations, as their societies are organized in a way that each individual does the ‘work’ of their choosing, which leads to the greatest self-fulfillment.
  • Reflect On:How can a society organize itself in a way that everyone is doing what inspires them and yet all the necessary work gets done? This is possible, so long as we believe it is and chooses to make it happen.

(note: Because there was some confusion for some readers of the last article as to the source of information about advanced ET civilizations, I will state here that the information comes from the internationally bestselling ‘Conversations With God’ trilogy, with the quotes here and in the previous article coming from Book 3. I personally feel that this trilogy contains some of the clearest and most profound elaborations of spiritual truth I have ever read over the past 35 years. The books are written by Neale Donald Walsch, but the ‘authority’ known in the books as ‘God’ represents a ‘voiceless voice’ that comes into Walsch’s mind in answer to questions he writes down on a pad of paper. Regardless of where one believes this voice comes from, the material can and should be judged on its own merits.) 

As we discussed in Part 1, the fundamental thing that distinguishes us as human beings at our current evolutionary stage from most of the more advanced ET civilizations is that they know that they are all one, whereas our population is widely variant in our embodied awareness of this. Further, most of those who are currently in positions of power on our planet are among the most disconnected and alienated from humanity as a collective.


As a consequence, it is no wonder that ‘work’ is often equated with ‘slavery,’ as we live in a system in which we have to ‘earn a living,’ meaning we are forced to work just to survive, in most cases enriching the ruling class in one way or another by doing so. The capacity to ‘follow your bliss,’ as Joseph Campbell famously would say, in pursuing a vocation or career, would seem like the stuff of fairy tales for most people on the planet. However, for highly evolved beings (HEBs), giving each person in their society the opportunity to follow their bliss is self-evident:

God: As for what you call, in your society, “work”—such a concept does not exist in most HEB cultures. Tasks are performed, and activities are undertaken, based purely on what a being loves to do, and sees as the highest expression of Self.

The fact that HEB cultures support each individual doing what they love to do, what they see as the highest expression of self, also means each being does what they are most suited to do. There is no conflict between what an individual is good at and what they want to do, because the desire of the individual is identical to what is of value to the whole. Therefore, the leaders of the society, the elders who gently guide people whenever there is confusion or conflict, are de facto the best people for the job, likely being the most highly evolved and most loving. With their knowledge, they help the rest of the society to ascertain what they want to be doing, starting from youth.

Menial Labor

Neale’s next question is probably on the minds of many readers, with regards to people doing what they want:Neale: That’s super if one can do it, but how does the menial labor get done?

God: The concept of “menial labor” does not exist. What you would label as “menial” in your society is often the most highly honored in the world of highly evolved beings. HEBs who do the daily tasks that “must” be done for a society to exist and to function are the most highly rewarded, highly decorated “workers” in the service of All. I put the word “workers” in quotes here because to a HEB this is not considered “work” at all, but the highest form of self-fulfillment. The ideas and experiences that humans have created around self-expression— which you’ve called work—are simply not part of the HEB culture. “Drudgery,” “overtime,” “pressure,” and similar self-created experiences are not chosen by highly evolved beings, who, among other things, are not attempting to “get ahead,” “rise to the top,” or “be successful.” The very concept of “success” as you have defined it is foreign to a HEB, precisely because its opposite—failure—does not exist.

Neale: Then how do HEBs ever have an experience of accomplishment or achievement?

God: Not through the construction of an elaborate value system surrounding “competition,” “winning,” and “losing,” as is done in most human societies and activities—even (and especially) in your schools—but rather, through a deep understanding of what real value is in a society, and a true appreciation for it. Achieving is defined as “doing what brings value,” not “doing what brings ‘fame’ and ‘fortune,’ whether it is of value or not.”

Clues From Our Own Ancient Civilizations

The closest experience I’ve had of this was my time in a yoga ashram in India. I was doing a teacher’s training course and part of our training involved the practice of ‘Karma Yoga,’ which entails being of service to others without being attached to the fruits of our actions (i.e. doing ‘work’ without getting anything in return). In our course, that meant every day we would either have to serve lunch, do some work on the grounds, or clean the toilets. Some people found it a burden at first, but soon something clicked in.

When I saw someone serving food with a kind and pleasant attitude, I wanted to do the same thing when it became my turn to do it a few days later. Eventually, we could really feel like we were serving ‘ourselves,’ because we really saw ourselves as part of a whole. We could really feel it. And it motivated many of us to perform our karma yoga with the greatest equanimity and kindness we could muster. Now imagine if we were brought up in a society that was teaching this from the beginning–we can understand how people in highly evolved cultures experience ‘the highest form of self-fulfillment’ in performing their chosen ‘work’.

The structure of some of our own ancient civilizations, which understood the importance of coming together in smaller tribes, clans, and communities where people more naturally felt part of a whole, has been all but lost in our modern Western cities. Were these ancient civilizations actually brought here to Earth by advanced extraterrestrial groups? That is a question for another time.


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  1. Interesting sincronicity….maybe…..I just posted recently a post on facebook on this theme…Our entire economic structure is pure slavery.I agree with the system described and I always thought it had to be applied here ,too.For many years I had to listen to the magical word to destroy my point of view,utopia.Now people is thinking about possible different ways It is nice but we have to create a bridging way,,,,.In my opinion everybody on the planet should have a basic income and basic needs given for granted and studies should be payed.Then all kinds of work should be payed the same .Part time jobs could be better so everybody can work.If they want to have extras.A piece of land or an home to live in and to care..Activity is natural and, as so many volunteers know useful activities keep your soul in the i am sure that this system will produce huge quantity of productions,art handcraft and so on and beauty and wellness at the same time as people would have the time to create and do what they feel…Then after some years we could overcome money system..nobody would miss it.Just we need to overcome blind ego.I questioned many people what do you prefer to be the richest in a society of poors or live in a society where all are rich enough to feel good.?Wise soul choose the second ,young one still the first.The important thing is to put wise souls in decisional places so that the transition can happen-Young ones will learn once they see the difference,the real difference between struggle for survival and peace.Peace is not boring as they say….it is the basis for self expression, deeper love. relaxing relations and deep happiness.We cannot have peace in a competitional system and we cannot have peace if there are extreme differences of richness not choosen freely by the people involved.Some people are not yet able to understand this as they are used to competitive slavery system.I think they could manage anyway to live in a different situation once they experiment the positive aspects of it. I would answer Jimmy with a sentence I saw many years ago written on a poster from a female collectivist anarchist group in Spain.It was written “Who has not the will to dream has not the strenght to fight.”Fight for utopy to manifest.No bombs required apart bombs of love and swords of truth.

  2. Yes, Neale wonderful asset; used in live near him in Ashland OR! And The Venus Project, Jacque Fresco, Engineer & Designer Wizard of just such a futurist community, is in FLA. Unfortunately Jacque just passed however they are starting the central building now. Fascinating & coming to life now in our time. It is resource based, technology based, & beyond money! The best money can’t buy!

  3. Hi, dear Ones! I’m new to this group and I just want to share with you my personal opinion of the whole Ascension process. I believe it’s happening…but it’s from the individual side to the collective. If I still get hung up with the media propaganda of bad news, get depressed with the darkness I perceive, etc. it means experiencing love and acceptance for what IS and a connection with my Higher Self is due. Where I have my thoughts and intentions my energy flows. I’m dedicating more time to meditate, grounding myself to mother Earth, avoiding media…all I can do to stay center. Thank you, Edward Morgan, for your words of encouragement. I completely agree with you. Namaste

  4. “And here we are many years later still waiting for something verifiable, other than the obvious “bad news” (we now get everyday) while everything continues going to hell in a hand-basket. You know,…”
    It took over 5000 years or more to get ourselves into this state of affairs, so it’s going to take some big doing to undo the damage. What seems like many years is a scant few, in comparison – especially for our Pleiadian neighbors, who some say have a lifespan of over 400 years. What we focus on creates our reality. I choose to believe everything is improving at a fantastic pace, as we are now able to learn more and more. While the mainstream media insists on gloom and doom – I simply do not believe them.

    This article is really great because it points out that work can be the fun in one’s life. I took a couple of years off from work, a while back, and I found I really missed going to work every day. When I returned, even though the job was very difficult and didn’t pay well, I was glad to be back. I cook and create food for others. I changed employers and now have a job I love (on most days). Focus on what you like, and the rest just falls into place. The world won’t change over night, but you can change the place you inhabit daily with a little love and understanding that the future is better than ever – with or without off-world intervention. We don’t need to be rescued. We are sovereign humans with the ability to create the reality we desire. When we do that, the Galactic Community will happily welcome us.

    • Ditto Classica, I think, feel and do the same — so keep up the good flow. The Foundation is finally changing. Find Self or Soul, then apply Self and Be Joy!

  5. I’ve been following this stuff for a few years now, including Drake, Cobra, & even Kent Dunn (Drake’s new buddy) & it’s just getting old – very old. We keep hearing stuff about ETs & galactics that cannot be confirmed by any straight means other than “witness testimony”. The predictions never, ever come to fruition. All of the “bad actors” are still walking around like nothing. They said the galactics were going to help w/ their technology (i.e., by moving people around on their spaceships, smart-dust, etc.) & all of that went away (because there was nothing w/ which to back it up). And here we are many years later still waiting for something verifiable, other than the obvious “bad news” (we now get everyday) while everything continues going to hell in a hand-basket. You know,… I think it would be wise to concentrate on news we can verify. I am getting sick of hearing all of this ET stuff that only exists in some imaginary world that doesn’t exist “here”, as far as we are concerned. This entire thing is just becoming a “cult” or “religion” where only “faith” will get you to believe any of it is true.


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