Around the world, overbearing governments are removing basic citizen rights in lieu of “third reich” tactics to control citizens. The police state tactics have appeared due to the fear and chaos created by the Coronavirus plandemic. If left unchallenged, it is assumed that compliance is consent. This is a slippery slope for humanity and human rights.

Today humanity is faced with the single greatest threat to their lives and liberties: not a flu virus, but a domestic police state. Under the guise of an exaggerated health emergency, an illegal regime of Rule by Decree has replaced the Rule of Law and democracy. In the US, the Constitution is being replaced by decree.

In response to seeing absurd governmental decrees from around the world working in tandem with a highly questionable, hypocritical, medically biased, and an all-too-compliant mass media narrative, this article presents some insight into the side “effects” of the viral pandemic.

Not taking into account the veracity of claims regarding the virus or non-virus, or weaponized virus, or quarantines, or virility, or vaccinations – all of which are voluminous topics on their own – the focus here is on the effect of non-legal decrees that have long been planned to move the “useless eaters” into a police state. Therein lies the rub: who benefits from this “order out of chaos” and why? Let’s start with the objective: the New World Order.

The NWO Long Game

“Never let a good crisis go to waste,” is what Rahm Emmanuel once famously said as President Obama’s Chief of Staff. At the outset of this Coronavirus pandemic, he reprised that statement, and essentially double-downed.

Though Emmanuel would try to cover his comments, suggesting that he’s thinking about our future, the signaling is clear: roll out plan A, B, C, or D. What those plans are exactly, is subject to scrutiny, but the general plan is expressed, being executed, and has been in the works for years.

Seemingly, many New World Order goals are playing out right now, at the same time, in real-time. These goals – which have been covered many times here at Prepare for Change – include many tactics that force control:

“Wait, wait,” you’re saying, “this sounds too conspiratorial!” Well, sadly, this is all written out in several plans, from UN Agenda 21, UN Agenda 2030, Georgia Guidestones, Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the UN Sustainable Goals, and the expressed goals of the Gates sponsored Event 201, among others. The truth is always in plain sight. On the whole, these agendas are a dizzying display of evil-doers attempting to free themselves from the trap in which they are currently caught. “An animal is most dangerous when it is cornered.”

If the evil-doers of the world want to reduce numbers or do any of the things aforementioned, however, they need to abide by Universal Law and get consent since we as humans are governed by Free Will. Thus, each of us plays a role in how this plays out. To a degree, Galactics won’t intervene if the collective conscious chooses path A or path B. We’re on our own in this.

Eugenics: Another Word for Racism

So how did they get this started? Let’s begin with one example: British Imperial racist master organizer and nation plunderer/murderer, Cecil Rhodes.

One needs to understand a fundamental goal of Rhodes, one of the prime originators of this scheme and how their elitist philosophy is engrained into those who are lined up to “just follow orders.” The expressed desire from key New World Order architect Rhodes, who set up the British Round Table and contingencies for the future Council on Foreign Relations and the RIIA (Royal Institute on International Affairs), was, “Why should we not form a secret society with but one object: the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole uncivilized world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States, and for the making of the Anglo-Saxon race but one Empire?”

The extension of Rhodes’ British superiority-complex teaches followers that if the Constitution doesn’t work for you, rewrite it. This is easy to understand given his vision of returning the Crown to its former glory that he was instrumental in when he lead brutal land grabs into Africa. This philosophy is trained to Oxford’s highest scholars who are invited to learn the Rhodes credo through the scholarship that bears his name at Oxford. The tradeoff is that one returns to their locality to infiltrate policy there. Noteworthy recipients of this “prestigious” scholarship include Bill Clinton, Pete Buttigieg, Rachel Maddow, Cory Booker, Susan Rice, George Stephanopoulos.

If the long game is to subjugate humanity and create eugenics population reduction with the added bonus of an asset grab for the wealthy and dire consequences to the masses, then “so be it” to these Satanists. The ends justify the means. Therefore, the police-state is only one weapon, in succession of the virus itself. Here’s some of the police-state tactics we’re seeing around the world.



In Germany, this began when on April 12 (Easter Sunday) German Lawyer Beate Bahner was arrested by the police for publicly expressing her viewpoint regarding the Corona Virus restrictions in Germany while referring to the Basic Law of Germany. Bahner was put into a psychiatric hospital.

Bahner is fighting for the preservation of the constitutional state, the preservation of basic human rights, and the preservation of the liveral-democratic order of the “federal Republic of Germany.” From her statement on April 3:

Dear fellow citizens,

In my press release of 3 April 2020, I announced that the shutdown would be legally reviewed. With this legal statement I want to explain to you why the Corona Ordinances of all 16 federal states are blatantly unconstitutional. The following justification will comprehensively confirm your feeling – after your consternation and paralysis of shock – that something very fundamental is no longer right here in our country and that something very bad has been happening for two weeks. Please read the following pages, but this will cost you a little while. However, given the two-week compulsory break, most of you may have time for this today. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have e-mailed me in the last few days for their relief, their hope, their confidence and above all their support for my project! Their letters are very good for me and they confirm my decision. Please forgive me if I may not get the chance to answer the thousands of mails. Nevertheless, I am deeply touched by your great desire for freedom, democracy and the rule of law! We share the same values! And we all do not want a police state, we want our country back!

 With warmest regards from Heidelberg,

Your Beate Bahner

Bahner sees a violation of the following basic rights by the Corona regulation of the state government of Baden-Würtemberg, Germany:

  • The dignity of humans from art.1 paragraph 1 GG (GG = German Basic Law)
  • The right to freedom of action and movement and the right to free development of the personality from article 2 paragraph 1 GG
  • The inviolable freedom of the person from article 2 paragraph 2 sentence 2 GG
  • The right to life and physical integrity under Article 2.2 sentence 1 of the Basic Law
  • The right to undisturbed practice of religion from Article 4.2 of the Basic Law
  • The freedom of assembly as a right of the Germans to assemble peacefully without registration or permission from Article 8 (1) of the Basic Law
  • The freedom of association as a right to exercise activities within an association or a society from article 9 GG
  • The freedom to choose an occupation in the form of the free exercise of an occupation under Article 12.1 of the Basic Law
  • The guarantee of property from article 14 GG

On April 8, 2020, Beate Bahner had a visit from the police with a search warrant from the state prosecution. Because In her essay under point 7: Nationwide demonstration on Easter Saturday at 15 o’clock, it says

“Dear fellow citizens,

I hereby invite you all 83 million fellow citizens to join on Easter Saturday at 15 o’clock nationwide peacefully to a demonstration to …gather together.”

The reason, that she was arrested according to police, was not the “constitutional complaints”, but because she was “acting confused” and “worried citizens” called the police on her. However, in her own audio statement, she asked the police for help, because she felt unsafe. Therefore, the police press statement shows another “tactic” by the government to supress and defame the people.

Lawyer Beate Bahner filed a motion against the violations of basic law in Germany. The initial statement was on April 3, 2020:

The more detailed statement/ essay from April 7, 2020:

At press time, another article came through regarding forced vaccinations which is being pushed by a new vaxx-decree which will effectively make anyone an “outlaw” who is not vaccinated. There is a petition Europe-wide that can be signed to oppose this draconian tactic. Find that petition here.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has outlawed free speech, assembly, comment and dissent across Canada by issuing unlawful decrees not authorized by Parliament or by a court of law. Canada, like many other local governments worldwide, is now operating under a state of indefinite martial law where people can be summarily arrested and imprisoned without due process. On May 1, Trudeau banned the sale of assault weapons which mirrors the same ban imposed by New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern on January 19 of this year, both done by decree in response to mass shootings.

Trudeau’s arbitrary actions and the police state they are creating are part of a proven global corporate agenda to impose mandatory vaccination and biometric microchipping on a controlled and enslaved word population. We must all say no to this monstrous, genocidal plan.

For more information about what to do in Canada for residents, see the Public Communique issued by the Provisional Council of the Republic of Kanta here: United Resistance


In Wettingen, the Aargau police arrested  58-year-old doctor Thomas Binder with a large contingent, including SWAT with machine guns and road and train station barriers.

The accusation: He is said to have uttered “threats against the authorities” via Twitter.

The doctor who had been denouncing claims has been put in a psychiatric ward.

United States

Around the US, there are some draconian restrictions and a public overwhelmingly adherent and vehement about the scientific and media-reported claims that exclude many alternative voices from dissenting doctors, virologists and scientists who’ve been published on our website. It is clear that all stops have been brought to play in this battlefield.

Doctor’s content on the matter is being censored, removed, and doctors are getting fired over their comments. We have presented many videos that are banned elsewhere because of mentioning alternative treatments and/or 5G. A worthwhile watch is this Plandemic documentary teaser featuring former AIDS researcher, virologist, scientist and former Dr. Fauci associate, Judy Mikovits, PhD. See our homepage for plenty of other content in this matter.

Gestapo tactics apply to this report from Ventura County in California, where it was reported that county officials have devised a plan that would separate families and remove children from a home, if a home of three or four were to have one member contract coronavirus. Here is a Fox new follow-up to the story, an article “Ventura County clarifies claims it would force people from homes into isolated coronavirus centers.” One can only imagine what trauma, stress, and potential consequences would come from this measure. In response to his statement, Dr. Robert Levin, director of Ventura County Public Health had to walk back his statement and offered this clarification WHILE STILL saying that separation is an option:

“I either misspoke or it was misinterpreted – I’ll take the blame of having misspoke,” Levin said. “Yesterday, at this conference, at the Board of Supervisors, I gave people the impression that if you were isolated, you would be taken out of your home and put into a hotel room or a motel room or sequestered in some other way.”

“If I did do that, I am very sorry,” he said. “That is an option. That is possible.”

There’s a theme of trial and error that emerges here for those who pay attention to these control measures: try it and see how people react. If there’s acceptance, then the ends justify the means. If there’s push-back, then the Cabal switches tactics.

Aside from the doctors and media who are being subjected to censorship and scorn, there’s an aggressive war that’s been mounted over the past few weeks at subjugating the public across the country as poignantly presented in this post by Patrick McShay credited here in the blog, OperationDisclosure

Readers, please feel free to sight references in the comments or add your own.

You Might Live in a Police State if…

By Patrick McShay

• You might live in a police state if you’re a 6-time Super Bowl winner in a park near your house when a nosy cop tells you to go home or face arrest.

• You might live in a police state if they start letting felons out of prison and start arresting law-abiding tax-paying citizens for not properly social distancing.

• You might live in a police state If a crazy billionaire sinks billions of dollars into the murky, corrupt pharmaceutical business and plots to implant a “Mark of the Beast”-like microchip into everyone on the planet to track and enslave them and everyone seems ok with it.

• You might live in a police state if the same creepy billionaire goes from creating back doors for computer viruses to engineering back doors for Coronaviruses.

• You might live in a police state if the Governor issues an order that forbids you to cut your grass.

• You might live in a police state if your Governor ok’s the use of Kayaks and Canoes but forbids the use of ski boats and jet skis.

• You might live in a police state if you find out the pandemic that ruined your life was planned by billionaire Bill Gates because he was bored and needed something to do after he left Microsoft… (and he really does hate useless eaters).

• You might live in a police state if the Government moves ahead to approve 5G, a bio-weapon, despite the objections of doctors, scientists and other professionals horrified and vehement objections!

• You might live in a police state if a dozen cops wrestle and drag a man out of a city bus, throw him to the ground and handcuff him for not wearing a face mask.

• You might live in a police state if the billionaire that bribed politicians and health officials to mandate vaccines for you and your kids, refuses to vaccinate his own kids.

• You might be living in a police state if your Department of Agriculture lets millions of pounds of food rot while demand at food banks soars and people are going hungry.

• You might be living in a police state if your military is deployed to your nations food banks to ensure stability during a contrived crisis.

• You might be living in a police state if the illegal aliens that just got here are getting more government assistance than your monthly Social Security check after working for 40 years.

• You might be living in a police state if during a contrived pandemic, corporations start running creepy dystopian and sappy commercials warning you to stay inside, wash your hands, be safe and again don’t forget to wash your hands!

• You might be living in a police state if they pretend to be a model of democracy to the rest of the world while illegally spying on their citizens, politicians, and judges.

• You might be living in a police state if corporate fat cats write your laws and control your politicians through lobbying and excessive contributions.

• You might live in a police state if there has been a 4000% increase in “No Knock” military armed SWAT Team raids in the last 30 years.

• You might be living in a police state if your police departments are using military tactics and weapons against your citizens.

• You might live in a police state if your National Security Agency gathers nearly 5 billion records every day tracking smartphone locations of its citizens.

• You might live in a police state if your National Security Agency intercepts computer shipments to plant spyware on new systems.

• You might live in a police state if persistent public apathy allows corrupt unelected officials and corrupt politicians to throw the country into lockdown and enact police-state measures based on lies!

• You might live in a police state if politically correct fascism has trumped your right to free speech and expression.

• You might live in a police state if children as young as 6 are arrested at school for throwing tantrums and other minor offenses.

• You might be living in a police state if your police department isn’t as interested in protecting and serving as they are in beating tasing and arresting your citizens.

• You might live in a police state if the police steal more cash and personal property from its citizens through asset forfeiture in a year than they lose to burglars.

• You might live in a police state if your police department spies on law-abiding citizens using aerial surveillance and facial recognition software.

  • • You might live in a police state if 17,000 police departments are using military issue equipment.

    • You might live in a police state if your government allows the collection of trillions of your citizen’s phone calls, e-mails, videos, and social media posts, and the Supreme Court ok’s the government’s collection of your DNA for future “Minority Report” type experiments to further invade your privacy.

And a few of our own:

More from McShay: Coronavirus: From Pandemic To Police State

Apply Critical Thinking

Any critical observer can see – and our reporting has well established the aforementioned and cited scenarios. And one need only make the connections to see how the game is being played and who the usual suspects are. As the US economy was going to bring down the global economy, this black swan event had to happen.

With the cabal, the ends always justify the means. If people die – which the numbers are showing that the death numbers are going to be about the range or fewer than the seasonal flu (all reporting being accounted for properly) – that panic is justified in the eyes of this evil cabal because they are self-appointed rulers and consider themselves your keeper.

And they know this. Consider these scene from the Paris Yellow Vest protests a year ago:

And compared to what Paris looks like today:

We know that the Cabal and their minions lit this fire and tried to slink away to their underground shelters, headed off to New Zealand and Cheyenne Mountain complex.

But, we are smarter than this. Our audience has been prepared for this. Enter the Gestapo. In New York City, neighbors were being asked to call the police on violators of the stay at home orders or not wearing masks. Really? This is tinged with the fascism of the worst historical degrees. And yet, some consider it.

President Trump defunds the WHO and celebrities at the prodding of the corrupt head of the WHO, put on a NWO cheerleading concert to raise money for the fraudulent organization. You will know them by their deeds.

For a while, Google was allowing search results and these things should be brought to the attention of the sheeple among us. Yet, this goes up and down like the stock market recently and it is still the incumbent duty of those who are awakened to keep pushing the conversation. Keep pushing the narrative.

How Do We Red Pill Others?

We’ve provided a long list and rationale on how this is going down as well as the documents where some of the plans originate along with info on the major players. Keep researching the topics, contribute to the conversation below and find some topics to approach your friends and family with. Also, use the documentaries: the Fall of the Cabal , the Plan to Save the World, or Out of Shadows to red pill people.

Above all, realize that we are in a war for ourselves and our children’s future. This is a critical time to take control of that future.


We have to understand that this is a global virus with mutant strains and cells at work in all countries – we’re talking about the New World Order virus. But like the coronavirus, the majority of good cells of people are much greater, brighter, and resilient to any infection – if only they will rise up and claim their rights and state their intentions.

If left unchecked, the powers-that-were will drive many into the divide and take out as many liberties, freedoms, and sanity along the way as they can. This is their real desire and the only reality that they know. Sadly. One can’t reason with crazy though. But the masses can reason with the masses.

Collectively, we have to band together and shine a light on this subject. There have been many brave soldiers in this fight, however, this fight is largely online due to the police-state tactic of outlawing demonstrations. Soon the social media platforms will be completely controlling the narrative. The time to answer back is now. Do what you can to publish a steady stream of counter-arguments to the mainstream narrative. If only to get others considering the available health alternatives, every effort to seed information is like an assault of a battle in the war for our future.

There is no waiting for “the Plan” to materialize. YOU ARE THE PLAN. The plan is only as good as those who are executing it and right now is the moment to turn the tide by force – the force of information.

Because if we’re not fighting for every one of us, we are not fighting for each other. The President has taken slings every day for the past three years. Those in this digital army need to take a few for the rest of humanity.

God bless and God speed.

Parting Shot

Note to the doers and those of you who are just following orders. Remember that justice is coming and that at the Nuremberg trials of Nazi offenders, they were given swift justice. There is no excuse for compliance in the police state, media, or medical fields. Wrong is wrong no matter if “everybody” is doing it. Right is right no matter if you’re the only one doing it. This all has a digital “paper” trail and you will not escape justice.

Those of you who thought to run into Cheyenne Mountain or escape to New Zealand strongholds, or go to your underground bunkers need only see how that’s worked out.


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  1. What happen to Love and Light peace JOY! PRAYERS MEDAITION,GLOBALPRAYERS,BROTHERHOOD THE 5TH DIMENTION, ARCTURAINS 9TH D Asentionof Mother earth!!!!! HE will give shelter and food to all. With prayer!!!

  2. I do appreciate the enormous amount of information and knowledge, plus factual evidence, shared in PFC’s pages. We can use it as a library and study room both. At this moment, personally, I don’t pay much attention to the plans and designs of strategies, explained in this article. For some reason, is it my gut feeling? I don’t see that these will come to pass. in full display. Of course, attempts are made, I’m not a fool.

    There’s a time in all the endless times of scheming and manoeuvers in royal courts and presidential chambers when something else steps in and all the masters’ voices are gagged, silenced. No more, you hear? NO MORE!! When we all make that statement from the inside of our core and mean it, with a burning flame as blue as true, we’ll leave this paradigm of power games.

    What that force, greater than human force, is, it has no name, but it’s powerful beyond words. It’s a force that’s possibly what Margaret is referring to “Is there no further truth beyond all this?” although I’m not into God in the same way she seems to be. I believe in a further truth beyond all this, for sure.

    I’m now more focussed on what the cause is behind the present pandemic. This may not be the accurate page to share this comment, but alas… to each his/her own, isn’t it?
    Maybe this should be a “guest writing” with a page of its own?

    Today I received a newsletter from Arthur Firstenberg. He’s investigating the impact of 5G and EMF in general, plus the similarity between symptoms of 5G radiation and COVID-19.
    Very diligently. The following is a part of that newsletter. The link to the entire newsletter, with very interesting facts, to connect some dots, is at the end.

    “THE DIAMOND PRINCESSOn February 3, 2020, the Diamond Princess cruise ship was quarantined in Yokohama, Japan after a passenger had tested positive for COVID-19. Ultimately, 2381 passengers and crew members became sick, and 14 died. It later emerged that COVID-19 had probably spread throughout the ship before the quarantine began. The quarantine –on the ship as in the rest of society –was a futile attempt to control the uncontrollable, like plugging up a hole in a dam, or a thousand or a million holes, while most of the water is actually washing over the dam and flooding on top of us.

    On February 3, 2020, the same day the Diamond Princess was quarantined, the satellite company SES put out a press release advertising “the best WiFi at sea” and announcing that Princess Cruises would be using a “hybrid medium earth orbit (MEO) and geostationary (GEO) network” to become “the first cruise ships to access SES’s ground-breaking O3b mPOWER satellite-based communications system.

    ”mPOWER uses beam-forming technology and frequencies from 17 to 30 GHz and SES boasts that its satellite system is part of the global 5G network. “We offer the fastest wifi on the high seas making it easier for you to stream movies, stay connected on social media and even text with friends and family on board with you!” advertises Princess Cruises. Each Princess ship has7,000 sensors, 650 wall-mounted touchscreen devices, 1,780 WiFi access points, 4,030 digital displays in private rooms, and 75 miles of cable.

    The antennas on the ships that communicate with the satellites are huge globes that look like this: mPower was operating on the Diamond Princess at the time of the coronavirus outbreak. A photograph of the Diamond Princess on February 5, 2020while it was quarantined in Yokohama shows the five antenna globes that it had on board”.

    The pictures joining this report about the Diamond Princess, are in the link below. I’m not sure if the link to the newsletter will show up as pdf:

    This is Arthur Firstenberg’s 5G appeal with a petition to sign:

    • -Agreed my gut feeling as well, it’s not working as they hope. I don’t see their worst plans being fulfilled, not without mass uprisings of the people, everywhere, in the world, lockdowns or not, too many are awakening now. We will see, change, slowly, or maybe suddenly,, if enough people, awaken. I guess the one good thing about all this, plenty of earthlings are at present, at home, bored, looking at their computers, reading online, watching utube a lot, I believe it will, awaken many, and this can only help our shift onto a positive, maybe indeed, optimal,, timeline.
      -A Guest articles page…lol, love that idea, hope PFC Staff agree, I’d post, there.
      -Great “article” (comment) Devon, very ‘enlightening’,, thanks, the Diamond Princess was an anomalous incident that did not ‘click’ for me with MSM reports (I could not understand, why not, ALL,, cruise ships, having such issues, especially by March, dozens, should’ve had, similar issues but, only a few were in the news, the Diamond Princess being the most prominent), thus now,, it makes perfect sense. I think David Icke may have touched on this before being banned on utube (ETC.) but, he presented volumes of other info too so, it did not click, in my brain, with your comment, it did…
      Sometimes we only grasp what one person says, though others say the same slightly differently, that’s why Prepare for Change is so great, if you don’t “get it”, keep reading, another author or commenter, might. We are all in this together, helping each other…
      Thank You

  3. All true. But isn’t there a further truth that is beyond all this? Do you want something different?? Then, put your attention on joining with God. There is much that tells you that’s not possible….you know better, right????

    • Hello Ron Marr, I suggest you make sure that you know that you’re doing enough, okay? Don’t start at the wrong end of the task, please. Just mind your own business and do what your hands find doing, toward reaching the destination of your choice.

      To keep that in focus, in your mind and heart is the only practical thing possible now. We need to be practical, to be the change we want to see around us. That’s what others around us may notice and feel inspired by. The little things count. Focus breeds practice.

      For example, this morning, in the supermarket, an old lady moved about with her trolley showing anxiety and fear. I made sure she kept her 1,5-meter space and at some point, we met again and I smiled at her. Her whole face changed. Little things, see?

      It’s a whole new dance we’re doing with that social distancing, and everybody is aware now, joining the dance (there are a few exceptions at times) This is changing the whole atmosphere in how we relate to each other, in the streets and shops.

      Holland isn’t in full quarantine so that we can be outdoors. Some people are rigid with fear and anxiety as if crossing the 1,5 meter means falling down and die. Other people use common sense and show good-naturedness, sort of building a bridge over the 1,5-meter distance. At least the indifference is over, automatic pilot behavior is gone. Great!

      I think sharing information is a practical thing to do and helping others to understand. As someone who is a bit of a philosopher, with Greek roots, I feel that philosophies shouldn’t take the best part of us. It’s not a bad thing, but to me, it doesn’t seem appropriate in the present living conditions. Are we close to a tipping point?

  4. I was a Cop between 1983 and 1993. As it tuns out I must have been a bad ass during the Crack cocaine and AIDs years. I did not need body armor or helmets or machine guns to do my job. I had a 38 revolver with 18 rounds on my belt and a shotgun in the rack of my police car. In those years during the “Indianapolis program” in which no body had a partner in the car so every cop drove a car to cover up the shortage of man power, I often had no back up at all. Now I understand that the Indianapolis program was more about traumatizing officers through isolation from ONE another so they felt they had no ONE to turn to seeing every ONE as their enemy. This is a part of the brain washing. It is crazy for a group of men to go into the same situations I used to go into with powerful military automatic weapons. These weapons round travel for blocks and go through walls. Every ONE in the neighborhood surrounding it now at risk. Trust me, you can do the job without all that. If you need all that and are too scared of the citizens you serve… QUIT! The other big big problem is that soldiers are often coming home and replacing police officers. There is a big difference in soldiering and policing or enforcing laws. Soldiers learn to be proficient at never questioning orders and killing. That is not a cops job at all. It is time Police officers remember their oath, to defend the constitution form enemies foreign and domestic. Police work for the people. If they continue to work against the people/constitution. You are now a criminal. And will be held accountable.

    • Greg: Thanks for the heads-up. Its important to know what we are dealing with so we can act with empowerment, not fear. Your experience and sharing is vital to that end.


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