Was man given Free Will when he took his place on the surface of our home planet Earth? Teachings and educational accounts say “Yes” and this Prime Directive comes into play everyday in the decisions of our Society’s Co-Creative Consciousness. However, many questions arise as to the veracity of this claim. For example: Does our Earth surface Humanity allow unfettered good to happen to its inhabitants naturally? Or are our lives controlled and subjugated by fear? Do we manifest our Creator’s intended spirituality and evolution? Or, are our Birth Rights under heavy attack in attempts to control us by Dark Forces? Does all of Humanity approve of the wars we’re involved in? Or do Humanity’s wars benefit the few self-appointed “elites?” Are our elections run freely and do the masses votes count? Or, are we under the illusion of Democracy where voting is second to actual vote counting. Who then, do our politicians and government serve if not the people?

We offer up to Humanity, the Earth Alliance, the Angels, the Guardians, the Non-Terrestrial overseeing bodies, the Ascended Masters, the Galactic Federation, the Galactic Confederation, and all other participating Galactics and concerned parties that Humanity’s Free Will and Birth Rights have been severely violated in our human history and are under intolerable attack right now. We ask that the global elite power control be ended and that Humanity be given and restored, the true Birth Right of our Creator’s intended inheritance.

Through the course of human events, it once again becomes necessary for people to dissolve the illegitimate controlling bands of power which have connected them with other persons and beings and to assume among the powers of the Earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of the Universe and the Prime Directive of the One Infinite Creator entitle them, a profound respect to the Forces of the Universe requires that they should declare the causes which compel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be clarion among the Universe, that all Men are created to their Highest Potential, that Mankind was given certain Universal and Human Birth Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness among the Earth and in its rightful place among the Universe. That to secure these rights, PUBLIC GOVERNMENTS were to be instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the open and honest consent of the governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Birth Right of the Humanity and it’s People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Indeed, Governments should not be changed for light and transient causes; but when a long train of abuses and usurpations of Humanity reduces said Humanity to mental, emotional, physical, financial and spiritual enslavement under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. — Such has been the patient sufferance of the Global Nations under control of the Secret Government Global Cabal. The history of the Global Elite is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over the world identified as the New World Order.

To prove this, let facts be submitted to a dutiful and honorable Universe:

Humanity’s Free Will and Birth Right has been violated when:

A global financial system is allowed to enslave people through fear and the creation of “Babylonian Money Magic Slave System”

Election fraud is perpetrated on the voting masses through systematic voter purging, vote flipping, voter disenfranchisement, disallowance of whole and rightful voting tallies

Mass media portends election tampering when in collusion with party officials to support certain candidates while dissuading others or falsely announcing outcomes prior to final poll results and/or announce fabricated poll standings

The system of government is bypassed with unconstitutional Executive Orders usurping the power conferred in the Congress and right of representational rule is often abridged in exchange for money

Aggressor nations and allies like the US and NATO carry out Illegal Wars without consent of the US Congress, without Declaration of War, without authority from the UN, and without approval from the victim nation

During the ongoing “War on Terror” public discourse is bypassed, muzzled and quelled by force and perpetrated as a threat to the welfare of a free and open society through social engineered and orchestrated descent or abject opposition to peace creating a divide and rush to judgment with often biased collusion and controlled narrative through broadcast television intended to instill more fear into the masses

Crimes against nature, the environment, Gaia, food crops, our skies and oceans are committed against peaceful protest with illegitimate police forces and misinformed accomplices working against the common good and, rather, for the protection of corporate interests and greed and hidden agendas of the elite

The very existence of Humanity is threatened by further war and aggressions in the pursuit of resources, money and pursuit of material over spiritual betterment

Healthcare is not freely provided to those in need but made a profit motive and an entire pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is propagated on profits over patients managing people to stay sick or clinically diseased and vaccinated often harboring the very disease they are in public trust to prevent. Healing technologies are developed, paid for through taxation yet inaccessible to the masses

Free energy technology is proven and available but undisclosed under the guise of “National Security” and status quo

Electromagnetic Fields are used as weaponry over Humanity causing depression, lethargy, lack of will and vitality

Surveillance technology creates a totalitarian state of repressive, obtrusive, over-reaching intrusion into daily life of free persons

The truth of our human origins are kept hidden from Humanity thus denying us our Birth Right to knowledge and evolution

Humanity has endured these oppressions for far too long and at great cost to Human Life, sense of Safety and Security, and Prosperity. Humanity has been protesting these violations and voting for change, change that gets usurped by the global elite and not administered in earnest to the service-of-others. We have appealed to our courts and magnanimity for years to no avail. In the current times, we must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, to denounce our bonds of dissolution and demand that the truth be disclosed, and hold the Global Elite Cabal as conscious and guilty violators, murderers, and instigators of Crimes against Humanity, in Peace – as Co-inhabitants of our wondrous, rich, just and bountiful planet Earth.

We, therefore, a small band of Awakened Humans of Planet Earth on behalf of all Humanity, appealing to the Supreme Judge and Non-Terrestrial Supreme Federation currently in our Sol System via the Guardians, Resistance Movement, Galactic Federation, Ascended Masters and others in awareness, solemnly publish and declare, in the Name, and by the Authority of the Prime Directive on behalf of the good people of the Earth, that by Birth Right, WE ought to be Free and Held Harmless, that Humanity is Absolved from the Enslavement of the Global Elite Cabal and the extending and harming powers extended from therein. That we have by Right the ability to Ascend to Humanity’s inevitable potential along with the Earth – Gaia, with help and assistance of Higher Evolved Beings and those former oppressors who undergo supervised and qualified, celestial and Non-Terrestrial healing, and are just, righteous and solemnly repentant.

We are thankful that the planet should be going through its rightful ascension right now, but not happy that the true benefits to Humanity are being unfairly withheld from the overwhelming majority of us. Please heed the cries of the Earth’s Beings, be they Microbial Life, Mineral Life, Plant Life, Sea Life, Animal Life, Mammalian Life, Avian Life, Human Life, Extra-Terrestrial Life, Extra-Dimensional Life, Inner-Earth Life. The Universe surely hears the cries of the trees, the sickness of the ocean, the coughing of the skies, the dying of the fertility of the earth’s once bountiful food harvest, and the sorrow of our Brothers and Sisters as unified voices that need to be heard and responded to in this greatest hour of need.

We therefore submit Our plea, in the Love and Light of the One Infinite Creator, one day hoping to join You and the Universe as a Free and Ascended Humanity, glorifying in the Power and Peace of the One Infinite Creator.

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  1. More than a year later and these words still resonate with the current plight of humanity, as far as I can see. There has been no doubt alot going on behind the scenes, out of public view. We are grateful for all efforts and progress made to date, but like has been said, we have a ways to go before we can stop and celebrate. We are willing to share in the work and in fighting the battles that need to be won. We cannot do it alone. We are simply not strong enough at this time.

    We do hereby, willfully and consciously, request the immediate direct assistance and DIVINE INTERVENTION of PRIME CREATOR and associated Light Forces in the salvation, healing and liberation of our species, eradication of evil, and in the re-establishment of our birthrights as provided by Universal Law. We accept all assistance in gratitude that will serve the greatest good of our highest selves and the Will of PRIME CREATOR.


  2. To anyone who visits this site regularly, and to any moderator who could approve/deny this message being posted; this is important: We are not in the ‘real world’. That is why atrocities and conspiracies appear to be happening. Everything is orchestrated much more than most believe; the masses have been misled soooo much, that the vast majority of people who visit this site frequently and think they are in the know, are really not in the know, and purposely so..
    Essentially what is happening is that the negative state is taking over this planet. This is not the original planet Earth, but planet Zero. Zero, meaning the point at which the negative state can touch the positive state. Planet +1 would have no evil. And planet -1 would have no good. The original and only eternal state of existence is the positive state. Creation was ‘made’ (It always was/is) to be free, to share, to experience joy, delight, etc. The negative state was activated by ‘asking the question’, “What would life be like without God?” Since the sentient mind(s) asked that question, it become a “thing in motion”.
    And here we are. The negative state became a ‘thing’. A concrete reality. We rely on our externals(physical), more than our internals(mind and spirit)…This entire world is upside down. Purposefully so. This world is a living experiment, in which certain factions within this world want total control. Many have forgotten it’s an experiment. The Most High, whom is the Absolute (source of all energies and consciousness) has no negativity within Him/Her. The Most High could not and would not create a world in which there is the negative state (evil). The eternal sentient souls who are created by The Most High however have that option, because we are relative to the Absolute. And that’s what happened, and is happening. …”Gradual, accelerated, sudden.” This is the closest approximation I can think of , to what the Mayans referred to as transitioning into the next world. “The transformation of matter”. We are transforming right now as we think. Think positive. This experience that I am calling an experiment (because it is) will pass.

    • Thank you Father/Mother for all your Love and for helping us to become “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE”
      The smily faces are are great idea! (comment below)
      Perhaps we could also give help to others in need. Be physical, emotional, economic support, etc. does not need to be big but sincere! Remember the movie “PASS IT ON?” This was a school project were the student did an act of kindness to a stranger and asked the stranger to pass on the thanks of receiving the kindness as another act of kindness to somebody else. Therefore creating an infinity chine of kindness!
      We all could be AUTHORS of “Smily Kindness!” and start our own chain!
      Post it everywhere! and follow how far it goes!
      Love you all!

  3. I actually read all that
    . . .all good

    It is by no coincidence that I have come across your awesome letter.

    Therefore . . .

    My time has come :

    The world is ready

    I will soon release a plan , a cause

    This is the first time in history it is spoken of publically

    The date will be 20.10.2020

    The name:


    Pronounced :


    Stands for :

    Smiley & Happy Face Day International

    The aim :


    A day of SAHFDI ?(safety) with Smiles & Happyness ?

    For people to send Smiley and Happy Faces to each other and to my Social Networks.

    People can simply send a Happy Smiley Face on it’s own, or say why they are feeling Happy & Smiley

    I have Social Media Setup

    I have an emoji

    On 20.10.2020

    The intention is to have 1+ Billion people send 1+ billion Happy & Smiley faces across the world, on 20.10.2020 ?

    Change the vibration of the World, shift the World into a higher state ?

    I have about 150 memes that I have written over the past 9 months

    In the lead up to 20.10.2020

    I will be broadcasting my meme on Social Media.

    During the lead up to 20.10.2020, people can post and send Smiley & Happy faces in replies to my Memes. ?

    One of my Memes:

    Unfortunately, we can kick scream and protest, it gains attention and positive reaction, though equally gains resistance due to the deep underlying issues and the confrontational method used, . . . . A Smiley & Happy face and comment has no enemies . . . SAHFDI 20.10.2020 ?

  4. For once, I have nothing more to add. I’ve said much the same types of things throughout this website’s article comments, for a long, long time… Thus,
    Well Put Edward, and Agreed.

  5. “When we go one, we go all” is a text printed on t-shirts nowadays, a slogan used by Q-anon and messengers plus followers. To all the many questions in this post, on this page, one could ask one more question: “Who’s asking?” Aren’t we, human beings, programmed by duality thinking, dividing everything in good or bad, right or wrong? It’s the condition we’re all sharing, in 3D on planet Earth. We’re beginning to observe it from the outside in.

    Am I, the one who’s asking, also the oppressor of a population, in a former lifetime, for example, during the Dutch Golden Age, the 17th Century, or during the Colonial Years with wealthy Dutch families ruling Indonesia, buying or owning black slaves in the home and on the fields? Not that long ago? Indonesia is given back to itself in the last century.

    Or, am I the orphaned girl, during WW1, living in the streets of a city, meeting a handler and expecting a roof over my head and safety with comfort in tow? Ending up in co-dependency, losing any sense of responsibility, realizing this at the end of my life, walking to the river in deep shame?

    Do you see what I’m trying to say? I’m using one of my favourite slogans, knit by myself “I’m the changer and the changed” in the context of this grand expedition through planet Earth’s evolution, surrounded by the Galaxy with life teeming in a similar evolution, with our presence in it in all sorts of roles and physical forms, at least male, or female, as far as that CAN be known, remembered by some of us who know we’re in an eternal life-cycle.

    When “we go one”, as in believing that we’ve been all present in what shaped our past, our present and our future, “we go all” as well. From our human point of view, from within our 5 senses: ear, eye, smell, taste and touch, we’re vastly limited in finding causes and effects, motives and soul-contracts, when it’s about the larger picture, isn’t it?

    When we’re interdimensional beings, you and me, with a history of lifetimes, existences in a variety of physical – and non-physical form, can there be an authentic question, with a chance to find answers, as in “Are we oppressed by an external force or are we choosing our fate and destiny in freedom of expression?” What if it’s both? Isn’t it true, that expression “When it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger”? We’re all rubbing shoulders.

    Aren’t we woven into the tapestry with the words “What goes around comes around”? with our actions, our expressions of feelings, needs, desires, and compassion? In other words, the karmic-wheel turning, where we’re constantly given a choice: to enter the light or enter the dark? Followed by a new choice? Or a half-hearted choice, in want of what we don’t want?

    Isn’t that all part of our travelling Circus with the dancing ponies and porcelain figurines?
    The clowns are laughing and crying at the same time, at least, they try to create that illusion. It’s by the benefit of both expressions, that the laugh of the audience is loud, and the applause combined with cheering. Don’t we want that mirror of human nature, with failures and missteps, shown by our clowns and stand-up comedians? In the theatre?

    In each of us, there’s a level of learning by experience, an eagerness to see how it works out, followed by a new and different choice, or by a repetition of a blow on the nose. “A donkey, in general, doesn’t hit the same stone twice” is what we say in The Netherlands. How do we learn about creativity, what creation is about? And evolution? Consciousness? Not in the span of many lifetimes, but in our present life? Our present moment?

    In our daily lives, we make individual choices, when it’s in the practical realm. The outcome is a result either for the individual involved or for a larger group of people, all depending on our attitude, living in solitude or in a group. And, of course, depending on our perceptiveness and thinking things through, pondering and wondering.

    Those choices combined, of those living with us and around is, shape the collective consciousness and level of well-being, and it’s only a small number of people in that group who observes that dynamic process. That small number of people are capable of making a comment on it, more or less objective. They’re called historians.

    And only some of them are brave enough to include themselves in the timelines discussed. As a subject, and activist, honest in stating the facts on both sides: the winners and the losers. In The Netherlands, we’ve got an historian/writer Geert Mak. A minister’s oldest son, of Frisian blood. Same as me, in many aspects of background, and in the way he looks at developments, changes, trials and efforts, in our country of birth and within the European Union, including the players Russia, US, United Kingdom and China in it.

    His books are well written, sold in large numbers, and his observations are mixed with mild and very sharp humour. I’m waiting for the translation in English, German or Spanish. His latest book’s title is “Hoge verwachtingen” in English: “Great expectations” and it’s about his comments and observations of the EU, based on his experiences while travelling through Europe’s countries, belonging to the EU.

    I believe, and I’m in the second half of my century-lasting life (I hope) that asking ourselves how life’s design and – purpose has come into existence and all those large existential questions, that it’s valuable to focus on the practicality of daily life. “Don’t worry about tomorrow, each day knows its own Razz-me-Tazz” my mother used to say.

    Not that ignoring our influence, our potential and our individual autonomy is my advice, there’s a need for knowing oneself, and a need for boundaries that serve our freedom of expression, our power of manifestation. I’m familiar with pondering the larger picture and the existential questions: What, why, where, when and who? Nowadays, I ask myself “Who’s asking?” finding the root of my questions. Overwhelm is birthed from too much expansion and an overdose of impressions, I believe. I’ve found myself going there.

    Is where I am where I want to be, and am I true to myself, joyful with myself and others, doing the work my hands find doing? Do I live with a sense of belonging? Is there a balance in taking and giving? And in that questioning, when there’s the realization that each of us, you and me, millions of others as well, are asking these same questions, or begin waking up, ready to ask these questions, the slogan on that t-shirt “When we go one, we go all” sounds like a powerful statement.

    Q-anon, there’s only a voice, heard in videos that are now banned by YouTube. These are the guys, I believe, who resemble the members of Sinn Fein (“Ourselves alone” in Irish) the organization founded in 1905, winning a surprisingly high number of votes in Ireland last year, who knows life in the streets, in the hearts of people living on the streets of cities. Who knows the underdog, and of battle and the sound of sabres rattling.

    It’s interesting to compare this post with the one published yesterday:
    Arcturian Directive 401 20.06.20
    July 3, 2020, by Derek Knauss

    “The Gaia plane expands beyond the confines of the fourth realm, her translucent energies shimmer in the haze of fifth dimension frequencies. Gaia has risen. The people are rising, their fate lies in the hands of their choices. Lightworkers, healers, shaman, travellers, warriors and angels walking the Gaia plane we are here to commend each of you for the work done to position the collective for 2020. The Dragons are here. The Gamechangers are here. Missionaries of Light fight all of the darkness with the assertion, it is already done. All have been written in the stars, predicted for aeons across time and space, clues covered, always hidden in plain sight. The map of Gaia’s ascension permeates all dimensions, her goddess rage has birthed the New Earth. She has risen beyond her oppressor. The Anunaki writhe in dark cities, deep underground, their clock is ticking, their time is up. The Rainbow Children are with you, their light transcends all darkness. Indigos are changing the world by their very breath.”

  6. Well written. I agree whole heartedly. I do not consent to the crimes against this beautiful planet and her inhabitants. Now is the time to reclaim our soveigntry. I am filled with gratitude to all those beings who held space for those that could not see the light through the darkness.

  7. Yes, Galactic Federation is either incompetent, inferior, or in league with the Draco Scum Reptiles, Insane Annunaki, Rebel Andromedians…..humans have had Stockholm syndrome for thousands of years…only some people who are awake like those that comment here realize we are being completely enslaved….right down to our thoughts….What kind of creator being could look at or feel such madness and not say WTF…? Well that’s the bottom line, you either try to fix this insane asylum or you let it destroy itself….but god forbid the scum who own this world infect any other planets….don’t let them leave…..treat them like the rabid animals they are….this place is beyond stupid…..

    • Hello jose. Whooa, this place is beyond stupid……? And what about you? Your comment sounds like you’ve got nothing to do with it, and no say in it either. That’s how you allow the “rabid animals” to infect your world and thoughts, see? It’s possible that you’re very young, to end my last thought on it.

      • Well, I guess you MUST accept this premise first Jose: “Was man given Free Will when he took his place on the surface of our home planet Earth? Teachings and educational accounts say “Yes” and this Prime Directive comes into play everyday in the decisions of our Society’s Co-Creative Consciousness.”
        Translated: Yes, he was. And because of that, you must conform to the “Prime Directive”. Whatever that is. They pull it off the shelf when they want to steer you. Is this similar to the 10 commandments :). No, I am not evil or the opposition, so stop it! I am a deep thinker and Jose is looking at the 3rd layer of the onion. I have also said in the past, it is foolish to give trust to “Earth Alliance, the Angels, the Guardians, the Non-Terrestrial overseeing bodies, the Ascended Masters, the Galactic Federation, the Galactic Confederation, and all other participating Galactics and concerned parties:” assuming they are pure light. They are mixed factions, with hidden agendas. Be careful they don’t have you sucking a golf ball through a garden hose waiting till the end.
        Often you find trap statements in the opening topic sentence (maybe partial truth) to set you up to accept this “responsibility” they say you have. I’ll stick up for you Jose. I understand your frustration. You feel you don’t want to be part of this “soft Condemnation crap” they throw at you, and sneakily try to set your premise. That’s all. And by the way, any open minded person should check the higher forces for incompetence ( inability to do something successfully; ineptitude). THEY ARE NOT GOD! They must provide a burden of proof to humanity, not the other way around. If you are in control and all powerful, how is it you can sit back and watch and report on the atrocities day after day and do what, nothing? … while you preach to the sheep. Or if you are not all powerful and compromised in some way, then maybe our presumptions were correct about you. Why is it that it is agreed that humanity is beyond the suffering point, but also has much “water to carry” to prove its worthiness of ascension. Just being here breathing is worthy. Jose, being young aint no sin. I guess if you’re a deep thinker and ask tough questions you are “infected”. Look past this shit. Bottom line is, there are a few of us that question the “Prime Directive”,”Prime Creators”, “Universal Laws” talk that is conveniently pulled up and used as a tool for steering you in a direction. There are some teaching that show we started as sheep slaves right off the bat, and the “Apple” story told us that a Dark faction told us that, and ever since we were aware of our separation from Source. If the Creator created you with 2 strand DNA on-purpose out of your possible 12, how foolish are you to call IT good or divine or the “One Infinite Creator”. This is a great example of that type of “sensationalism”. As for the rest of the patriotic article, I totally agree and am aligned with. Peace out.

  8. We, the Consciousness of One of Humanity, declare, demand and command that the dark forces both on Planet Earth/Shan and throughout the 4th, 5th and Plasma Plane be removed from interfering with Humanity’s Global Governing System. We, are also requesting for AA Michael and the Alcyone High Council to look into the matter with the ‘non emotional and logic minded minor faction of the Galactic Federation’, to stop manipulating and interfering with Humanity’s Global governmental system.

    We ask for the these ‘non emotional and logic minded minor faction of the Galactic Federation’ – to be removed and that justice be met/upheld for all the abuse (physical, mental, spiritual and emotional abuse), economy and family chaos, emotional distress, stunt & loss of organic spiritual soul evolution (thus causing imbalance within our sovereign Being), forced inflicted pain on vaccinations etc, forced segregations through the virus lockdown and total displacements of families, homes & businesses that led to the disruption of Humanity’s organic, spiritual distress and causing our organic sacred heart souls to be imbalanced.

    We, HUmanity as One – ask for a big request to appoint new factions (within the Galactic Federation) to be mixed with ‘well balanced emotional races’ to help guide Humanity towards higher spiritual consciousness using our sacred heart space. Without our emotions, our soul evolution won’t be possible. These ‘non emotional and logic minded minor faction of the Galactic Federation’ have to rights, to abuse our divine sovereign free will as granted by our Father Mother God/Creator/Prime Directive.

    We, HUmanity as One, therefore – command and demand that our Divine Sovereign Rights be reinstalled, rejuvenated, compensated and made good by the Alcyone High Council (and ‘non emotional and logic minded minor faction of the Galactic Federation’).

    With deep gratitude to AA Michael and the Alcyone High Council for your benevolent intervention/s and to redirect HUmanity’s Divine Organic Soul Evolution back to its/our natural Divine Natural State of Being. Thank you All Benefactors. And so it is.

  9. I agree. Too many people remain mesmerized and indifferent because of mainstream media mind control and barely scraping by financially. I would appreciate the help and although I can’t speak for Mother Earth, I bet she would, too. Thank you!

  10. I DO NOT NOR HAVE I EVER CONSENTED to the dark that has usurped OUR Planet Earth and all sentient beings who live on Gaia’s earth surface, within, above, below and demands an immediate banishment of all dark forces to be placed in the whelm of Source to be dealt with.

    I, Yvonne Scarlett, Declare a complete Return to our original place, Gaia, as Free, Loving, and Creative existence of our true nature and all that surrounds Us. May We flourish as intended by our Creator. Oh, what WE can and will accomplish for the Supreme Good of All. As Above, So Below. And So~It~Is. (Heart)

  11. YES!
    Declaration in action:
    YES! I am a Beacon I will my Light shall shine!
    To touch the heart of everyone
    Bring joy to every mind
    YES you are a Beacon come join your Light with mine
    YES! We are a Beacon We will
    Our Light shall shine.
    Declare it, feel it and please share

  12. I want to translate this article into Chinese and put it in the Chinese media to let more people to see it. Hope this can be permitted:)

  13. Of course, there’s right action! Thank you, brother Edward, time is come for the blissful Thrut! I’m in, always was!

  14. A petition written in this format would be ideal for all of humanity to sign.
    Very well written and explained, thanks….. should go viral and sent to all government institutions and organisations.

  15. I agree!
    Its time to be free and evolve!

    In this body my name is Jorge and im not a slave!
    Greetings from Portugal

  16. Enought is enought. Their time is off. They missmanaged, misstreated and harmed for millenia Gaia and her creatures. Every second of their presence in this planet is an act of war toward the Source. May the Source interfere now.

  17. I am proud to sign my name to the above list. I offer my full support to everything it represents. Alexander Hamilton once said: “There is a certain enthusiasm in liberty, that makes human nature rise above itself in acts of bravery and heroism.”

  18. SPOT ONNNNN !!
    Please make it viral in every possible way !
    If I could I would write this article with huge letters on the sky to stay there day and night!
    Please make a petition towards UNO ! Then put it online so all humans could sign it !
    99,99 % of us do NOT want any war, famine, disease, misery anywhere in this Universe ! We carry within the divine light of our Creators and we mean no harm to anyone, we want to spread love and good deeds. Let the Universe know that we are deceived, lied, manipulated, stolen and killed by incredible evil dark forces! They control those few ones who ” rule ” over us, those are just their soulless puppets ! Those brainwashed puppets DO NOT represent the Human Race !
    Beloved Mother Gaia, beloved Holy Creators, beloved light and benevolent Beings in this Universe and other Universes, PLEASE PLEASE HELP US !! Deliver us from the evil that is destroying us from many thousands of years ! By my own God given freedom and free will, I REJECT all their dark actions on humanity and this beautiful planet ! I STRONGLY REJECT AND REFUSE their evil dominance, lies, deceit, manipulation, enslavement of any kind !!
    We humans are light and love !!

  19. Has anyone ever considered sharing the following article, so Open DNS censorship could be bypassed?


  20. This is our time to stand up, a 2nd Revolution where we once again secure our freedom but not with arms, with our voices. This time, as equals to those who have been supressing our God given, universal rights and privileges. Please share Declaration far and wide.


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