When Truth came calling, what did you do…?

By Anonymous Guest Author (Light Player),


Welcome Dear Friends of the Light Tribes,

In agreement with Cobra, (which adds to my own guidance for Divine Timing in relation to the first time I should post something publicly) I Am offering a fresh new perspective on this latest division of the Light Tribes. There have been unknown Hidden Starseeds in the Divine Plan  for some years now, (myself 5yrs).I Am the first of them to come forward at this Linear Time to support Cobra and the R.M.I Am neither of the frequency of Being of a Light Warrior nor a Worker , Divine Inner Self told me I Am a Light Player, (and there has been Un-Light too, as well as new De-Light.) Another title is Guardian Companion for Beloved Mother Gaia. And as such, you will find that I deliver my wisdom-sharings  ‘A little differently’.  My instructions were to disclose my Human/ Galactic Self personality as the New Prototype, as much as to disclose with the teachings/ sharings. So through this, you will also find how ‘normal’/new Human normal, it is to begin to become this New way of Being.

There is no simple answer to this Present Now, and the reactions to Cobra’s recent intel, without some more information that I would have reserved for later.  And so I Am pulling some parts  out of Future sharings/lessons to include here, as well as having to reveal more.  Be aware, that in answering your concerns honestly, that it may get a ‘bit uncomfortable’,  if you are still influenced somewhat by implants and the Old Matrix/programs. What I have to say, may not be what some may want to hear. However, even if you did accept Cobra’s intel well, without re-action, you will still en-joy this, and hear what you want to hear.

*From now on, the Old Program of a false Subconscious, affecting this current situation ,is referred to as O.P.I could use other labels but they wouldn’t be ‘polite’ or Loving. Although insidious Odorous Pest in your head has come for a label a few times.

And there is a lot it does not want you to admit to Self, this O.P.in order to find Authentic Divine Self and Self Love in Balance. This sharing then comes from an Observer and Wayshower of Multi Dimensional levels of Truth reality, given in Love to Ones of the One who seem confused and in some fear, as well as those that still support Cobra and thus the True Divine Plan. I always had a feeling that at some point I was going to have to ‘defend’ Cobra as if it was a part of the Mission, partly because his intel became one of the main guides to My what, when and why, and without its Metaphysical and Occult intel, I could not have fulfilled the Mission. So here we go..I Am surfacing as they say, or popping out of the rabbit hole, because yes, in a War on Truth ,it does need defending sometime -especially if the ‘battle’ is going to create even more delays..

First I need to talk about Truth as I have Wayshowed and integrated it. Fear exists according to the level of Truth reality this of One’s Self  is in, (and I Am not talking about that part of Ego/Subconscious that tells you not to step out in front of a bus-because you might ‘die’. ). It’s more about the programmed fear of the Unknown, because the next level to the one you are on, is unknown to You, and always will be until you are ‘there’, and as You are the One unfolding the next Moment towards the New Creation, then you can’t even Imagine it-although it will be a De-Light-Full surprise when it ‘arrives’ in the Flow of Divine Will . I have added something here from a prepared longer lesson, to illustrate and express Truth realities in regard to energy, and the real problem in the Matrix of Conscious Chaos ,the anomaly, and Anti Life codes ,needing Divine Intervention. So,’ Truth ‘rises’ with you. When Present on a level, it can be comprehended, yet the next can barely be Imagined, because there is a barrier known as the veil (very ‘thin’ now but still effective) – which limits Perception and also  creates a  fear of the Unknown, which is the next level of your Truth reality. And thus, until in the next level, (with previous ones accumulating and integrating into the Present experience,) it cannot be comprehended. I call it comprehension, and also the present understanding as explained to Self, so in a week I could have yet another level of Another level of comprehension, that the ones of yesterdays makes  way for, through Allowance of most possibles. Allowance is a difficult concept I had to Wayshow , that will make taught belief so ‘yesterday.’ These most possibles in Allowance, to a Human is still all that could be imagined ,yet not All (in the reset) that is possible outside of present Imagination, as that created the problem in the first place. It cannot be experienced in fear frequency , so You can be offered it by Divine Self, and Gaia, but choose not to accept. Usually though ,it is in an illusion of  Free Will because of O.P. O.P. throws Darkness, shadow and belief from Past, over the natural Divine Light spark of curiosity that learns from putting meaning into the Now. So, when able to rise through these levels, You can always look back, but you cannot look forward and know what you cannot yet Allow to exist as Truth for You.

This is very relevant to Cobra’s last post, the previous ones, and the shock, surprise factor that some felt, and therefore began to think he was ‘compromised’ in some way. This is why I introduce these concepts . It also, is a gift from Gaia ,as it is a way to show you how to think for yourself out of the influence of O.P. and begin to see the Light of Her new grid generated Light Self.

A rain of Living Light from Sol. Every one is a Conscious fractal of the One Light

The Truth reality levels of Free energy as understood and real-eyes-ed  through Cobra’s intels and My own Mission.

Read from bottom (lowest level) to top. From Anti Source- Chaos-Inorganic, to Pro Life -Love- Organic Energy.

And as you see, this includes the tough Truth about the disintegration of the Future Matrix (and All effects All quantum-ly -even the True One’s Continuum) from the Imbalance. This is the Guardian Forces of One’s perspective on it All as I have come to understand it. Stealing Your Soul, and the reins of Creation, would only have been the preliminary to total entropy if existential Darkness could not have been ended. So, as this was not going to be Allowed by the True One, (what Cobra called syntropic equation,) to my perspective is the Divine Intervention that had to happen. The healing of the Original that could no longer recognise itself in its reflected Imbalance and Now manifested as the merging of 2 Continuums and ‘the Final Solution’.

From the yellow line upwards in that diagram, you are starting to accumulate and integrate what previously was your comprehension of reality before. Above the second yellow line, is where the Replicators would begin to work. Not the ones that apparently the SSP has in Continuum 1 which can barely produce an Earl Grey-(a little Divine humour from an old past Trekkie).

Replicators? Yes, Divine sanctioned ones, would be run by these Little Darlings of Gaia I show you next. Which, you could say, are the same Matrix substance as the Pleroma, and therefore Her (Gaia’s)luminous Child of the Gnostic texts that would appear to defeat the Archons and Yaldabaoth just as ‘all seemed Lost’.

The True One teaches and Co-Creates by getting your Attention out of the Old plug in Matrix that made you focus on the foreground of reality with limited Conscious Awareness. So we begin by that example, by bringing the Elementals of the New Matrix to your Attention. The multi Dimensional and multi layered reality of the Living Light, is, in my estimation, going to drop the Scientific world of Intellect on its sometimes arrogant and certainly programmed, head. * Another big Conference and not getting any closer. https://www.quantamagazine.org/physicists-and-philosophers-debate-the-boundaries-of-science-20151216/.

Consciousness is going to meet Science/Physics sometime in the near Future, and they are going to have to deal with Physi-ness in which  others have their outside Co-created  proof of. That there is another reality, ( has become known as the 5th Dimension), yet it is un-testable, non empiric, and no’ theories ‘ will fit, unless individual non local Consciousness is included in the’ equation.’ That there is a Living Universe and Intelligence with extra Dimensions of Consciousness reality, that does not need the permission of theories and 3D proofs in order to Be. It will be a reality where there will be no distinction, no seperation between Science and Mind. Or, it has been called Spirit Science. I do not have anything against Scientists, but we all know what Intellect out of Balance with Divine Intelligence did. The unfolding of the Cali Yuba-the Rose, the Flowers viewed in Gehenna, is the Divine’s Trump card for Gaia, and nothing can stop it Now. So I offer by way of Introduction and guidance, what I have come to know from Divine Sense Logic and Intelligence in touch with My Self, who so far, has been very reliable. Yet I don’t say, for a Moment, despite having watched and “channelled’ the reality of the Living Light for years, that I know more than a very little. But, it is still a lot more than any other who is not a Companion for Gaia, and a Galactic ‘ Elemental Light Alchemy specialist’  coming out of amnesia.

Living, extra Dimensional Plasmatic Light of a Light Matrix, which Yaldaboath and his “Family’ of the Outer Mists, were the same substance of, yet of a Dark Matrix with smoke and mist (Outer Mists-Lower Astral/false Plasma planes) unable to Be ,except through Parasitic attachment to Matter.

(That is how quantum science describes the ability of a particle to travel between Dimensions-quantum tunnelling).

Do not ask me though, how an interface between a person and the pre Matter Matrix is created by a device, I just know that the Elementals will be involved and it is they, who will’ take the requests’. While it will require an Acknowledgement, if not a visual Co-Creation of them for it to happen. Do the R.M talk to the Elementals or play with them, as they ‘press the button’ on theirs?  Probably not, as it is my understanding it is the Galactics that are ‘in touch’ with Gaia ,the Divas, and Her Elementals. Yes, a real extra Dimensional cloudship is formed by Co-operation in Unity with the Elementals.

Yet the respect for life and Consciousness Awareness would still be there with those of the R.M. to have Divine sanctioned access to the Matrix . Of course, this will then for us, eventually go beyond even the need for an interface. Being Godlets ready to bring Heaven to Earth.

Now this respect I speak of is an Acknowledgement of the part of Your Co-Creation that is the Creator part, and the Forces of Pro Life Love in the Unified Field that we have given labels to, because that’s how we are. It has nothing to do with Worship or even praise, so any wanting to put a Religious spin on this  to prove the existence of their God’, will not be seeing the Light of Creation any time soon. In fact, (as is in the next part 2,)  because of how the old Program affects your Perception of reality, you cannot. It creates a paradox. To worship ( and give away Your Power) the Living Light and its Intelligence,  would be like worshipping Your foot-and You would look pretty silly doing that. It’s like an Old friend (or Lover when in Power mode) that You forgot . And all an Old friend needs is a cheery (cheerful) Good Morning, and a Thank You, (because of the Gratitude factor to the organic programming of the Divine new Matrix).

The reality of a Co Creation- Light happening


You no longer have to take a flight to get beyond the veil, and see the Living Light.

Gaia is ready to offer Her Invitations to those Willing.

You can just see where the Living Light is moving within her Self created Plasma Tunnel. (Yes, think about the implications of that) No one else on the Planet ,except Cobra, (and the Gnostic text’s version of 2000yrs ago) told us of the ‘problem’ with Yaldaboath and the existence of conscious Dark Plasma .

Conscious ,Living Light waves. You may call them Sprites, and indeed through her Eire Portal channel, Gaia did once, although I prefer to avoid that term as it is programmed into Consciousness of O.P. as no different to imps, or Astral pests/ parasites, and that is related to Djinn. So, for various reasons, I was told by Self from they first appeared , in 2013,that they were the Elementals; being those that work with Elements and are the 5th Element.


Filming with Right hand, interacting with Left-not so easy.

These are stills from videos for my own Heart based study and integration/ comprehension for Wayshowing and anchoring the reality.

There were Secrets for Gaia’s  sake, (Which by ‘default’ were for her Human Children, as no Planet -no Ascension). And there were Levels of Truth reality that Consciousness was not ready for .

This of the Elementals, was another secret from the True Plan that Cobra is involved with, that has been closely guarded ,which exists at a higher Truth Reality. And IS what IS at the top of the levels in the Free Energy diagram ,which can only exist for an Individual fractal of One, who has ‘Ascended’ in Heart Space of Now. (Which actually many Awakened Ones have, but are ‘shooting themselves in the foot’ with false beliefs and expectations). So, the Elementals are a Co-Creation in Consciousness, and not some new Life Form to  be studied in the 3rd density Awareness, in which they don’t exist. Anyone who has read Lisa Renee’s Guardian information  would  have seen her ‘talk of’ the re-encrypting of the Elementals, and (a Reset) of the Matrix. Well, that’s what these Tiny Ones  have been doing , from the quantum and atomic level upwards and are, the information carriers of the  Living Light and much more. Whenever Gaia has mentioned Element or Elementals in Her Eire portal, this is the Consciousness of Her Higher Self She is speaking of .They are the Multi Dimensional reality of what small orbs, ‘Roswell rods’ and more- are. So no longer are they ‘accidently’ and randomly  caught on film, they will be part of your Allowed Truth reality at another level. In Nova Gaia ,and that top level, you will be able to interact with them ,because then they are real . They will want to say ‘hello’ and will attach (when they feel like it, as Individual fractals and Personalities of the True One too) to stream from your finger in little joy wiggles of Living Light. And yet, unless a Companion is reading this, all here Now, walk through these strands of the Life Force Matrix every day, because      they do not yet exist for you out of Linear, so are Future to you in relation to your Linear personal Timestream.

Cobra spoke of the Parallel Continuum that we have been separated from by many devious means .

Beyond the Veil, universe is full of Love. Every atom, every molecule, every subatomic particle beyond the Veil is vibrating with that Love.

~ Cobra.

As a Light Player, I certainly aligned with/ resonated with that one ! And of course this means the Consciousness in the Living Light’s particles vibrate with that Love energy.

What better to way to show off in Joy/Love energy (while you effortlessly work play,) than to pass through solid Matter?

Arrows show both ends of the same Light Being ( verb and noun) ‘itself’.

In this form, the Living Light, Light Beings in my Co Created reality, come in; very small, small, Medium ,Large and extra Large . Although I have only seen one of those once ,whereas the others are in my everyday new normal reality. And that one was the size of a big cable. Very big!.

All arrows point to the Living Light Elementals of the new Matrix in one of their Multi Dimensional forms when they both read Light codes and are codes. This is why ‘things grow’, only to die in the entropic Anti Source- Anti Life Love codes. But also why, All has been reset into a Diamond of the merging of 2 Continuums brought into One and Balance.

Small and Tiny size

This next one, was as the Awareness of multiple Synchronistic no time works (becomes like superposition? ),because although this Light Being- Being Light certainly got my Attention, it wasn’t what wanted my Attention. This was just before everything for me went up to a whole new level, for the first but not last ‘time’, in 2014,with the very successful Pleiadean Portal and then the clearing of the Chimera began. Which ‘signalled’ the start of Plan B too. Gaia called it the Grand Severance Plan, and that’s how the Companions came to understand it, so I called it Operation Cook the Calamari-(being the Divine’s objective, and the point of no return in the restoring of the Balance),but what the RM called it, we don’t know. Although Cobra gave a big hint when it was beginning.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The only thing I can say about this operation is that it is related to removal of all remaining Archons from the planet and also related to removing the real cause that allowed darkness to spread across the Galaxy millions of years ago in the first place.

Extra Large. You can see the glow of a Living plasma Light Being,that was moving in his Tunnel. The same energy of Creation that became dark plasma ,Yaldaboath and the Tunnels of Set. For me, Cobra does not say Untruth. His exclusive intel meant I could do my Mission.

Large size

My Doorway is open, and the 3D base reality with a bird is in the foreground co-existently.

The same Now Moment. A member of the Collective walks by oblivious to what is around him because it does not exist for him. There is also 2 mini suns in a reflection,starting on a water tank and they will become surrounded by fields of Sol’s Living Light.

The flow through quantum REALITY of Light Being (noun) and Light Being (verb). The merging in Consciousness reality of Co-Creators with One. This happens so fast ,out of “time’ in nearly all quantum possibles, only the very useful tool of a camera can show it. And every Now Moment of a frame of 25 FPS would be different -should I be able to even follow, or ‘catch’ this happening . It is my understanding, that n their natural Future state,the real scout craft do this too, as they pass through the bridge of Inner space and Outer or Spirit -Matter with Living Plasma, just as Cobra was reported to have said at a Conference. It’s a reality over reality,that can barely be imagined. And as you see, the Divine had a Plan, that I Am apart of as much as You.

Only, my part of the Plan ,( although not the original Mission priority,)is to come as a Harbinger of Light for Gaia, (and Cobra),with ‘hands ,Heart and hard drive full’ when it was needed.

Well, I could go on with Show and Tell for a very long Linear Time on this subject, but this is really about why there are reactions, the levels of Truth reality in regard to Cobra’s credibility and Truths, so that those who are to hold the Light, can do so with confidence in Cobra and the True One.

So, if you are honest and wish to find your Authentic Self, of the first condition to stage 1 Ascension, can you not admit that a few Moments ago, you could not have possibly Imagined how this level of Truth was going to be shown to you? This needs to be applied to Cobra’s last 5 months of posts.

This reality of the Elementals, I first introduce, is  only created with a combined, non implanted, very open Heart and Mind with Your own quantum reality Co-Creation of another Continuum’s existence over the base one of Gaia’s Body. Could you have imagined , before you began to read this, how the actual reality of another Dimension ,a first look at a Light Being, and the New Atlantis grids (from where in Gaia’s quantum Mastery She causes it to arise from,) was going to be shown to you? No of course not, in the lower levels, I could not have 5yrs ago- pre Mission .  And it is both humbling and very empowering to reach the next level. And, I emphasise this, the next level from that you are on, cannot be created or Allowed in a fear frequency. It’s like asking a fish to breath air. Because Co -Creation cannot and will not now be Allowed to continue at the next level-so it doesn’t exist for you as reality.

In Cobra’s intel about A. N. Conversion, he reminded us that as we have used Human labels for the logical opposites of the Contingency anomaly, that Live spelled backwards is Evil. But there was always something in the way to prevent you from seeing it.

Very interesting what You can do with the Power in 4 Little letters…

Multiple levels of Truth realities existing in the same space according to the Present comprehension of Now.

                                          The Un-Light and the De- Light.


Before I end part 1, I want to give you something to think about.  Bringing Heaven to Earth is about taking some very difficult concepts that are only ideas contained in Light Rays and Light codes Within You and so far, spoken of as hopes and metaphors, (such as , All is Light- WE are One, You create your own reality ,there is no separation, and so forth). That have been taught by many channels and LightWorkers through their own Individual Divine Personality, and without which we could not have got this far. While the Light Warriors put out new Truths publicly -some Divine some not-but still with bravery and fortitude in good intent .However, in a Continuum and Collective Consciousness under Control, in a Time quarantine, in order to create the Future space for this to happen, much had to go on that was not of that LightWork. This included M.O.S.S and the R Ms /Cobra’s involvement, but also the Light Player’s/ Companions of Gaia’s  Wayshowing as we bring those ideas and metaphors into reality in Co-Creation. From where I Am in this Now, I see the necessity for the Event and freeing  of Minds ,because of the enormity of the paradigm shift to come in the One’s new Creation. The Galactics/Light Forces have not experienced it quite like this before, those former Ones of the “Dark Side’ have not  (Those that can return to their Higher Form -or such, and not be uncreated) ,Heaven/Spirit has not, and those in the quarantine on Gaia, certainly have not. Event is the word for when this cross over /Singularity to the new Creation can begin . And it begins with the Awakening  no longer being a metaphor for knowing Truths, but seeing and experiencing them with eyes wide open. This concept of  paradigm shift, has been around from before some of you reading this where born, but under the Old Programs we could not have possibly imagined what it would have been like-let alone that we had to also, sort of make it up as we went along, while informing the Matrix and the One. Paradigm is a pattern or basis and in terms of a Consciousness shift, this means that All that you based your thoughts on before, has to shift or move ‘sideways’. This is why Human teachers who have been though this, lived their lives within the Old program, are needed. Cobra has been the First, fitting it in somehow with all his other Galactic duties. I may be the 2nd for some. This, paradigm shift, on many levels, including the direction /Flow of Time and energy, will feel like some, to be Mental quicksand with nothing to push their Thoughts ‘safely’ against ,because it was previously unknown-and some of it did not even exist before! This is also, why the latest intels that included pre existing Truths of beyond the veil ,to test preparedness for this ,have created Old Program fear triggers in some. So in relationship to this, it doesn’t matter, how much Inner outer Body travelling, one has  done, how much you think you know about Conspiracy, how many visions you have had, how much channeling you have done, Dreaming states, Tripping, remote veiwing or anything else that is not experienced in this reality with a clear Mind on Gaia’s Body, you will still need some guidance to navigate the new grids and Matrix. Which I offer. All of those experiences inn Light Work/Shaman work and such, have contributed to be part of the Process and much valued. But the 5th Dimension as the One will know and enjoy  Self through Being  a New Human ,does not exist in any of those Altered states .But not only that, it is the actual miraculous Magic, Divine organic Living ‘technology’ of You, here and Now, not going anywhere, that will bring Heaven to Earth, and it begins with the Paradigm shift that has to come. So the frequency Perception of the Observer changes, and that has been contained in Cobra’s intel-especially regarding the tectonic shifts in sexual energy ‘thinking’ and for how a society views its Self . So, if You really want to help Dear Gaia ,and bring on the Event, this is the Way to go- bring the 5th Dimensional Doorway to You.

Bless You All who answered the Call .  And those who may reconsider to rejoin the Noble Cause.

                          Love in the One True Light from a Light Player.

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  1. The language should be much more simpler to make the message understood –

    The message is not adapted to the level of consciousness so it does not pass it cannot be understood – Make un effort on the way the message is conveyed !

    Did not understand what is the matter and why Cobra and why you have to take the defense …..is all confusion!!


  2. This article is amazing in many ways. I am so grateful that was able to read it thoroughly and to get discovered living light phenomenon that I had experienced before but was not aware of its existence. Thank you very much indeed.

  3. Unveiled Mysteries, by Godfré Ray King [1934] (Saint Germain)
    God’s Omnipresent Power:
    …When man will make the effort to prove this to himself—or within his own atomic flesh-body—he will then proceed to Master Himself. When he has done—that—all else in the Universe is his—willing co-worker—to accomplish whatsoever he wills—through Love…

    Amitié catherine


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