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  1. I am a believer, and have had some experiences myself, but with careful and open minded investigation into Corey Goode, I have come to the conclusion that he is, unfortunately, a fraud. Its sad, but not uncommon. He makes it harder for the real experiencers and credible whistleblowers to be found seriously. He has spun a crazy and intricate tail, with nothing to support any of his claims, and its too bad that people who really know the truth, such as William Tompkins (American Navy man who could back up his claims with real evidence and experience), had the misfortune of crossing paths with him, as he cast doubts on real experiencers who associate with the likes of him. What’s incredible to me is that people are so desperate to know the truths that they could put any merit to the tales this man spins. The truth is out there, but Corey Goode doesn’t know it; he’s better off to stick with his comic books than deceive those of us who actually want truth (His truths belong only in the silly comics he draws, and those aren’t even very good). There are a hundred things I could point out that could discredit him, but I am sure if you yourself do the work, watch all the videos, read all the material, can come to the same conclusion on your own. I just ask that you really look at the evidence yourself, and I am sure you will also realise the truth. Unfortunately there is no truth to what this man has to say, none of it. He has just spun a huge web of lies, and by telling people a few things they want to hear, within that lie, he has deceived a great many of good people. Any one who really knows the truth should distance themselves from this person. He is no good.

  2. If he is a scam, he is anyways better then all the scam from the mainstream media and so on.
    All the haters seems so desperat for some reson.
    Just be, help one out, share an apple and a smile. If they gonna reach out to majority they need resources. !Freetheuniverse!FightEvil!

  3. Do you really believe that David Wilcock is so stupid that he would ally himself with a nut? Goode is a former mind controlled SSP slave who risked his life to put the truth out there so give the guy a break.

  4. This guy Corey Goode is a scam artist and a fraud…. He is actually very bad at describing his own creations…his made up story of his days as a professional astronaut are weak, very weak on substance…. The man might not be evil, but he is not comfortable speaking about his supposed experiences and that leads me and many others to believe he has made them up…. Hey I understand everybody needs to make a buck…but be advised he has been outed by far more credible people than I as a charlatan, and this has not been stated on this website…. We should have healthy skepticism… Use your intuition…. I believe in Cobra…but not Corey, he is just trying to ride David Wilcock’s success…living for a greener pocket….It is what it is but be aware he is just using other peoples info and cashing in on it….

  5. We have the right to know the secret space programs of all countries! and the crimes of families and gangs of the east too not just the west.


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