The time of Ascension is in full glow, as we near the highest peak of energies we have been feeling and anticipating for years. For many of us, the grounding of full 5D energies is nearing completion and we are beginning life on a completely blank slate. At this point, we need to review our lives over the last decade or so and see how much we have learned to be self-reliant, using our intuition and our guidance to show us the way towards this new existence. The time of leaders, gurus and figures that we relied on to show us the path is finally over.

The purpose of the Ascension process has been to reconnect us with our infinity, our light, and to enable us to become creators, in an aware, and loving manner. We have been stripped of all the superfluous, the painful, the difficult, and the old, in order to reveal what we can easily call, the real US. Our real energy has been unveiled and we can finally connect with it and survey our entire history from the time our soul was created to today. We have become aware of the veils that have clouded our society for eons and the false priorities they have dealt us so that we would not take the time to ask questions and uncover the truths so adeptly hidden for so long. These were in place so that we would not discover our own power, as that would crumble the status quo. Finally, we connected with our spiritual guidance and were able to get messages from higher realms, to enable us to understand what the purpose of our journeys have been, collectively and individually, and what awaits us at the end of the path.

Most awakening light beings have sought out teachers and guides in the physical world in order to get the tools they needed to start creating. Often times, these were not energetically compatible with the seekers, but rather chosen via the mind for empirical reasons, or through karmic choices. This led many astray in the quest for information about how to awaken their own power and remember what they had decided to forget in this incarnation.

The ultimate purpose of a spiritual teacher is to pass on knowledge and elevate the people that seek their help. No knowledge can be appropriated or owned. No teacher that is legitimately trying to spread the light can function otherwise. Once that is done, the seeker can go on the own path and continue their journey to where their own etheric spiritual guidance wishes to take them. Many will eventually become teachers of the knowledge and pass their own experiences onward.

Having received many clients over the years, I have seen over and over people that had unconsciously chosen to end up with teachers that were motivated by elements of EGO, control, and often to create a status for themselves as prophets and indispensable awakening factors in their clients lives. This had defeated the entire purpose of the Ascension, of this new age of light we are entering. True teaching and mentoring is done purely out of love, there can be no dependency on the teacher and the guide should never allow for this framework to develop in such a way. One must always let their client leave in a more elevated, liberated state than they arrived in, and to have enabled them to understand, through proper communication with themselves, which way they should end up.

The concept of Guruism, of the prophet, and of the infallible teacher is void and over. The era of awakened beings being their own GODS, their own source of light, through their own connection with the Creator is now, and anything that disguises itself as teaching and enlightening but does not ELEVATE and RELEASE is simply not authentic and helpful in any way. If you recognize these traits in a teacher and feel like you are not able to move forward on your own for fear of being alone or having to release a dependency on that person, if you feel unsure of yourself but at peace when you are around these individuals, you really must explore why your empowerment is not in full glow and why you are not accepting YOURSELF AS THE ANSWER. A legitimately loving guide serves only one purpose: to act as a messenger for the light and help reconnect you to your soul and spiritual guidance so that you may be able to channel the light through your heart on your own accord and be all that you are. Anything less than this is misguided in motivation. We are all fragments of the same light and are here to reconnect to ourselves, as that is all that is real. The Source is here to guide us and we seek to be enlightened and EMPOWERED simultaneously.

We are all Creators and infinitely resourceful beings in our own light.

Let Gods and Leaders lie in the past.

Be Your Own.

Much Love,


by Indigo Light,
Guest writer,

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  1. Wonderful article!
    Time to stop believing the “not good enough” “I can’t” spin with which we were raised.
    Time to start believing in yourself!

  2. In part it is a guru attitude but also disciples have responsabilities .I think that to accept and express Divine perfection in oneself it is not so easy because it breaks many programmes and moreover gives you responsabilities,better to let this weight on other people shoulders and go on being the famous one fifth of brain in use.But still the hearth works,anyway,,, and this is nice .. In the spiritual path Hearth and mind are both important and teoretically we should align mind heart and will…Grow from childhood to an adult state it is not an easy task….and accept to be divine is a great step in this growth, but anyway once we accept it… then what to do with is ?We use it in a selfish way?We start a new cult?Some people do it ,some others, as the wise author will never do it.. The second point,once you overcome the programmed refusal of your godness and have your own connection with Divine so that you are mostly connected, it is to leave the Divine to express through you and become a clear conduit not only in meditation or channelling , doing reiki or art or similar things but to Be that Being spountaneously in your everyday life…! This overcomes really the ego point of view and changes the personality cleaning it of the programmes and false points of view.It is a real inner surrendering and feels nice but …at this point it is important to remember to be also in contact with the hearth so that the vertical stream can open in the horizontal.And then It flows.. Divine ,or the Self is our real essence our real being and expressing it and living it we flow in perfection…there is not free will but Freed OM and we have not choice between good or evil because the Way is there and we are that way.God is Oneness and acting in Godness it is acting automatically for the best result for everybody INCLUDING YOU but not better for you and the others does not matters as in ego trip…On this point who would like to go back to the famous one fifth of brain, working in a silly destructive dysfunctional way from universal perspective?Nobody and this is why they need to put so many implants chems electronics and futile temptamptions or attacks all around us to separate us from Source.Because at the end they know well that fundamentally we are the Source and we like the source Way…which is love respect wisdom and…freed…om

  3. This is quote from article is beautifully written and sums up our whole dilema “ We have become aware of the veils that have clouded our society for eons and the false priorities they have dealt us so that we would not take the time to ask questions and uncover the truths so adeptly hidden for so long. These were in place so that we would not discover our own power, as that would crumble the status quo.”

    I am grateful that I have learned that there is no “ authority “ over me. And the Universe is one of my best friends.

  4. good news yet there are still those among us and not among us who Know more than us who can facilitate the massive transition we will undergo


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