Graphic for the 18th October 2018 Interview with Benjamin Fulford

On October 18, 2018, Richard and Meg of continued 2018 interviews with Benjamin Fulford.

The transcript will be posted here, in a week or two,  below the links to the previous 2018 interviews.

Warning: There is some graphic information described in this interview. 

Benjamin talks in this interview about how the disappearance of the Khashoggi, the Washington Post columnist, is related to other unrest in the Middle East as well as even Japan,  that Crown Prince Bin Salman was taken out in April, and he discusses other recent worldwide evidence that the old order is not working any more.

Benjamin Fulford Continues to Work to Liberate the Planet

Benjamin Fulford continues to work to liberate the planet from the bad guys. He is literally fighting to bring freedom and new life to humanity.

This interview is about 50 minutes long and we hope you enjoy it.

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October 18, 2018 Interview
(B) = Benjamin
(M) = Meg
(R) = Richard

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(M)  Hello everyone from Prepare for
I am Meg, coming to you from the USA and here is my interview partner.

(R) Hi there! I’m Richard. I’m talking to you from the UK.

Who is Benjamin Fulford?

(M) Today at, we are interviewing Benjamin Fulford.

Benjamin’s website is
We would like to introduce Benjamin to our listening audience.

Benjamin is a reporter and investigative journalist. He has been a correspondent for several news organizations in Asia and notably he was the Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief for Forbes magazine. He left Forbes in 2005, in disgust over their editorial direction and censorship.

Benjamin’s weekly reports are based on information from a broad range of sources including, among others, the Japanese Yakuza crime family; The British intelligence service MI6; the Freemasons; the CIA, the KGB, and the Mossad. Benjamin is actively fighting to rid the earth of the psychopaths currently in charge.

Benjamin’s weekly geo-political news reports provide updates and summaries of the latest events in the on-going secret war for control of planet Earth.

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Okay, so let’s get started.

(M) : We’re gonna start out Benjamin by asking you if you had a meeting that you mentioned to us a while ago

(B): Yeah I met with somebody from the Japanese intelligence… last night in fact. There are a couple of things that I can talk about. The important thing is the situation in Saudi Arabia is actually very connected to the situation in Japan.

First of all, Mohammad Bin Salman was shot in April. Reports at the time of shooting in his palace and he has not been seen in public since. The Japanese intelligence guy called his lawyer who’s always with him and confirmed that he was shot twice in the head. He’s dead as of April.

And of course King Salman was dead a long time ago or so senile that he’s useless. I mean, they had a very senile and fragile King Salman in public and then when this big Saudi entourage in Asia, they had a young body double pretending to be the king. So basically there is no king and there is no crown prince.

(M) : This is shocking.

(B): So there is some kind of vacuum … the committee that’s ruling now is quite [ in fear about?] what to do next. But the problem I think is that it is headed by Benjamin Netanyahu who himself is under attack. His wife’s criminal trial started for fraud. He’s been questioned by the police twelve times. The last time he was questioned for five hours in October, and I think that he is going down.

But more important, you see that Saudi Arabia is the key to the whole petro dollar scam because it was Kissinger who set it up. Henry Kissinger who set up, during the Nixon shock when the US ran out of gold to back the US–dollar they switched to the oil-backed dollar. So that whole dollar system of control that is now up for grabs which brings me to the murder or staged psy ops of Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi embassy in Turkey. There are a couple of problems with this story.

First of all, if Jamal Khashoggi is… his nephew … sources tell me either nephew or cousins, probably both, of the arms dealer, of Iran-Contra fame.

(M): Right, right.

(B): He’s also apparently the cousin of Dodi Al Fayed, the person who impregnated Princess Diana who was going to marry her and have her convert to Islam before they were both assassinated. So this is not some clean guy with no [past?]… you know, shady …? The other thing is the timing. It happened at the time of the release of this so-called Pastor Andrew Brunson, who my sources tell me, is the head of CIA in Turkey. So clearly some sort of deal was cut with Turkey over Saudi Arabia and I think that there is a huge fight going on now under the surface over the control of the oil in the Middle East. And it is definitely … the British Royals are involved and so are the Dutch Royals, because British Petroleum is the British Royal interest and Shell is the Dutch Royal family interest.

(B): And with the death of David Rockefeller the… I guess it’s now Mel Rockefeller who runs that family and they’re interest in Saudi Arabia and of course the Clinton Bush with their Chevron interest. This also connects to former Vice President Joe Biden and the Ukraine too. It’s all very complicated but basically, if you think of it in terms of oil barons,
the whole war in Syria was about getting gas from Qatar and Saudi Arabia through Syria. And the gas is controlled by Chevron, which is like a Bush thing in Qatar and by Exxon-Mobil which is a Rockefeller thing in
Saudi Arabia.

(B): And then in the Ukraine the pipeline that is controlled, after the coup, by the son of Joe Biden.
All these Oligarchs. What we read in the newspapers is mostly BS or maybe five per cent of the story, you know?

(R) Yeah. So bring it back to the meeting you had last night.

(B): OK. So why does it connect to Japan? There is a company called Musashi Engineering, I believe, that makes the machines that count 80 per cent of the votes in Japan. It was founded by current prime minister Abe’s grand father, the war criminal Kishi Nobusuke or Nobusuke Kishi. And is was later controlled by a guy called Peter Briger of Fortress Asset Management and Briger is a member of the CFR, the Council on Foreign Relations which is a Rockefeller body.

(B): So, now who bought Fortress Asset Management ? It was Soft Bank and Masayoshi Son. He bought it. Someone was giving him like a hundred billion dollars by the Saudis to start this investment fund which is like pouring money into Silicon Valley and high tech companies. The deaths of MBS and the trouble in Saudi Arabia and the maneuver involving Khashoggi has led to a huge drop in the price of Soft Bank shares because suddenly their source for money and the thing that is keeping him from bankruptcy seems to have dried up, in fact I confirmed, yes, the money has been cut off.

(B): So this of course threatens the ability to steal the elections in Japan and keep the current regime in power here too. So it’s all connected and even more so, it can also bring North Korea into the equation, because North Korea is actually run by genuine Asian royals, whereas in Japan we have a fake emperor and now a fake crown prince, who aren’t of royal blood and who are controlled by the Rockefellers. The crown prince’s wife Masako Owada, her father is a long term Rockefeller crony. I think he is now a World Court judge too.

(B): So it’s all connected, so something at a very high level happening. It’s very important because it is going to affect Japan, it’s going to effect the Middle East, it’s going to effect Israel. It’s going to effect the Ukraine. It’s something very high level and still up in the air, as far as I can tell. That is why I wanted to wait. I wanted to get more intelligence on it because it’s very important and it’s also very hard to get a good grip on.

(M): Does seem like the death Bin Salman is sort of … it sounds like it sort of pulled the pin out of all of this to make it all start caving in on each other.

(B): Well I think the big thing … Turkey and the United States have been at loggerheads since the coup attempt against Erdogan failed and a big purge started there and then they arrested the head of the CIA, Mr. Branson and now they’ve come to a sort of a deal. I mean, my guess, we have this incident and suddenly they want to boycott this big business conference in Saudi Arabia because of the death of this journalist. But as someone pointed out, gee why didn’t they boycott them before, for stoning women to death or beheading people in public or bombing Yemen. You know what I mean? There are so many crimes they’ve been doing forever, why suddenly this one thing? My CIA sources are telling me all the Saudi funds have been seized.

(B): The thing about Saudi Arabia that’s very important. They have a death cross [see the visual on the youtube illustration] — this is the population and this is the oil revenue. And, what’s happened is … my father was the Canadian ambassador to Saudi Arabia in the 1980s. At the time the population was 17 million and they didn’t have to work. They just collected oil money and all the work was done by expats. Now the population is like 60 million and the oil revenue is dropping. So they’ve reached the structural point where they can’t afford to just live off oil money anymore, there are too many of them.

(B): That’s why they tried this new ‘invest in Saudi Arabia and build a new economy’ and a new system to try to get themselves out of this hole but unfortunately the Saudis have lost any work ethic they had, because of decades of living off of oil money. They would be on a pay roll but never show up for work except when they went to collect their pay-check. And suddenly they are going to actually have to work for a living and not just collect oil revenues.

(B) Saudi Arabia is one of the most alienating places I’ve ever been to. All the women are covered from head to toe in black cloth. Even their eyes are covered. You have these religious pleas with dyed beards and they are beating people in public. They have public beheadings. You know it’s just a very alien place for most of us to visit. Turkey, for all the problems it has, the women can wear normal clothing. You can order wine in a restaurant you know what I mean? And it is more or less secular. So putting Saudi Arabia under Turkish control, and undoing what Lawrence of Arabia did back in World War One (WW1) might be the best solution. You know and then of course Israel would become a Jewish autonomous zone under Turkish protection. That is the sort of gambit that is going on.

(B): Now the other thing and this is clearly the Nazis at work here too. Or lets say the Germans. Let’s not call them Nazis because that puts out the wrong associations but basically, Turkey, the Ottoman Empire was an ally of Germany during WW1, and because Germany and Turkey lost WW1, Turkey lost their assets, their control of Saudi Arabia and all that at the end of WW1.

(B): And after that, the Germans and the Turks… Remember that Hermann Hesse, was a member of a Turkish Secret Society. And he is the guy who dictated Mein Kampf, the Hitler [book]. So they set up the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1930s, to destablize French and British control of the Middle East. This is like saying they were aligning themselves with Islamist nationalists against the British and English colonialists. And Khashoggi, the guy who’s maybe killed and maybe not killed is Muslim Brotherhood. So the whole German nexus is at work trying trying to undo what happened at the end of World War I, so there’s that big historical aspect to it too. but leaving aside these historical [viroids] and associations with the Nazis prior to Nazism, personally I would rather have Turkey in control than the House of Saud, because they are nasty people and they’re crypto-muslims, they’re actually Jews and probably a Satan-worshipping variety of Jews and they’ve been financing fundamenalist terrorism, they run a country, that’s basically what Isis was doing.

(B) Actually, I call them Daesh, I don’t want to insult the Goddess. Turkey is a much more normal country by international standards. They have a relatively competent governnment and they should be in charge of the 60 million people who are going to have to start to work for a living now, and especially because the Americans are bankrupt and they need more of the oil money and that is why they’re seizing it. So it’s like US President Trump said recently, they wouldn’t last two weeks without us. Well now they’re saying give us more money and that’s gonna be less many for the Saudis so that’s also gonna destabilize the situation. So you can see its a very tense situation.

(M): It’s very tense and (for the slow ones….): What would be accomplished by the Saudis killing Khashoggi? I mean, on the surface, it appears he was a journalist critical of Saudi Arabia, so maybe the Saudis didn’t like him, but why do this?

(B): There are two possibilities. One is the whole incident was fake and designed as an operation to undermine the House of Saud and it didn’t happen. That’s possibility #1. The other possibility is that the Saudis have been kidnapping and killing dissident princes and etc. in places like Paris. So it was just for them business as usual, but unfortunately this time the reaction was not as usual and they decided to use this Saudi crime as a trigger for the move to overthrow the House of Saud. Both possibilities are there. One is it never happened and ther other is it happened and they decided to use it as an excuse.

(M) So Turkey is using this as an excuse to overrun the House of Saud, yes?

(B) That would be… also the US Military would have an interest in that because they need Turkish help to keep their interests in Middle Eastern oil viable and they’re looking for an alternative for the House of Saud and the most reasonable alternative out there is Turkey. The other thing of course is that there’s a large group that is worried about Iran and then they’re thinking well, I need Turkey, Turkish help against Iran and then they’re thinking well they need Turkish help against Iran and then the only way I’m going to do that is by offering them control of the Sunni oil. So like I say, the Middle East is a very complex thing.

(B) Now the other thing that’s going on and it’s connected, and I can’t confirm this. I was sent an e-mail of an article in Russian by a Russian source. I put it through Google Translate and it claimed that there’d been a coup attempt against Vladimir Putin around the 14th of October and that he was evauated from Moscow and that the defense minister [Shoigu or Shoygu] and another guy were going to set up a committee to take over.

(B) An then there was a huge increase in fighting in the Ukraine that coincided with this and the article said there was a landing by 5000 troops near the Eastern Ukranian and Russian border that was repelled and you could certainly see lots of articles, for example, a Ukrainian news site saying there were 26 different attacks against them by the Russians and you have Tass reporting a huge amunition dump being blown up in Ukraine and you have some sort of mysterious NATO military exercise taking place over the Ukraine even though Ukraine is not a NATO ally. My best guess was there was an attempt again by these fanatic Zionists to start their World War III scenario in the Ukraine and then it failed. That’s my best guess, but still I asked my Russian sources for more information and I’m not getting anything back from them. So I don’t know, I think this situation may still be quite volatile and tense and that’s why I’m not hearing anything….

(R) Mm-Hmm, sounds it. Wow, okay, so it sounds like the undercurrent is in any direction at the moment I mean these power plays are huge and it’s involving many geopolitical areas. It’s not just [one hotspot].

(B) Yeah, and the other thing is, Prime Minister Abe of Japan is going to visit China this month, I think, or soon anyway. What’s happened is they got American permission to announce a big fund: a Chinese and Japanese government fund and it will be for dealing with the aging population and environmental protection. So nothing that’s going to upset the military apple cart or anything else, that as long as it’s about the old people and the environment, the Americans said okay, go ahead and make love with China, it’s okay. So that’s going to be announced. That’s what the visit was about, okay? That’s what I heard from these people.

(R) All right, well it certainly will be an interesting state visit, won’t it? Speaking of China, there was a piece of information that I picked up very briefly, just before coming into this interview, actually, and it’s that a 144-year old trade agreement with the US Postal Service is now looking like it’s going to be under attack by Trump’s tariffs changes. And actually probably a good thing, because it allows the Chinese to send goods that [have been] knocked off a a quarter of the price to be shipped over for almost nothing. Whereas somebody in that country that crated it originally can’t even send it into the next state for anywhere near that price. So on the face of it, it looks like it’s going to be a big thing, but it’s very early days.

(B) I would say look, as far as the China-US trade thing, as long… I was a sort of frontline reporter during the heavy-duty Japan-US trade negotiations in the late 80s, when they thought the Japanese trade surplus would lead to Japan taking over the world. And the end result was the Japanese started building factories in the US and they did other things to make sure that there was more of a balance in the trade. I think that at the end of the day, the Chinese are just gonna have to start making more stuff inside the United States or [buoying] more stuff from the Americans.

(B) And that’s hopeful for the Chinese because instead of getting fancy paper from the Americans, they’ll get actually stuff that really exists, you know? And its good for the Amercans because then the Chinese will have less US money to use to expand their influence in places like Africa. So there’s going to be tough negotiations, but it’s not going to result in a war and they’re going to come to an agreement. But there’s going to be a lot of table-pounding and shouting between now and then. But I’m not too worried about that situation.

(R) I actually quite like what you put there with bringing in the Chinese factories into the US to manufacture goods directly, rather than shipping it out from China. That could be quite a good arrangement.

(B) That’s the sort of thing that’s going to be worked out, but [] says and Trump’s negotiating style is very abrasive. He shouts exaggerated things in public. The negotiations with Canada are a good example. He said all sorts of outrageous things. And the end of the day, the result was a minor tweaking of the existing arrangements, with a little bit more Canadians buying alittle more milk or something like that. That’s what it all boils down to at the end of the day. (laughter) But the rhetoric was so exaggerated that it created a bad mood, you know.

(M) Well, he is a showman, isn’t he? He he.

(B) Yeah it’s funny, I liked it at the recent NATO meetings, right, where for years the United States has been saying to the Europeans, ‘you gotta to spend at least 2% of your GDP on defense’ and they always like, ‘You know, Oh, yeah, kind of..’….

(B): And they’re always like, ‘Oh, and they kind of…..’ And suddenly, Trump shows up and says, ‘Hey, you guys have to spend 4%!’ And they said, ‘What? What? well…If I say 4% maybe I’ll actually get 2%.’ [Richard: 2%!]

(M) The Art of the Deal !
(B): Well, it’s sort of fun to watch. It’s not really dangerous.
(R): It is interesting though.
(B): Another interesting development, as far as Trump is concerned, is that he had an interview on 60 Minutes, where he said, that Defense Secretary Mattis is kind of a Democrat and he might resign. And then later, Mattis has a phone call with him. And he said, ‘No, no, he’s not going to resign.’

(R) Also, could it be a quesiton of Sessions. Trump was belittling Sessions. It pushed Sessions to the left and the Democrats started to support. … By setting Sessions up to be liked by the left when Sessions … does more.

(B) Mueller was a Trojan horse to get into the other side’s camp.. Clearly the incredible Supreme Court fight .. control of 84 new judges and 300 new prosecutors added into the system. But we are still not seeing the mass arrests. silence over this whole issues. Trying to get Mattis fired is part of it.

(R): We thought there would be a big drop. FISA was going to be released 6 weeks ago. Is this the calm before the storm. They managed to get what they needed with Kavanaugh. If
The FISA request, it would be seen as political?
Or if it is after the midterms, it wouldn’t be seen as political.

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  1. The corrupt Shieks put all oil revenues into 30 year CDs with Chase Bank, the Khazars sold them to holding companies which cleverly went bankrupt. Trillions gone just as all money has been robbed in the U.S. such that it is 100% deficit spending. Needless to say the Shieks did not return home to certain torture and death. The solution to the corrupt money system and its corrupt history is no more money system by popular vote worldwide. We are the only planet(70 ET civilizations here by treaty secretly) with a money system. What did Jesus do when they used sacred temples of worship of God as banks…?

  2. It is interesting that Ben does not subscribe to so much, like GESARA, Galactics, 5D Ascension, etc but yet has been its best, most active advocate of some aspects, including Jubilee, ending wars, bringing troops home, end Fed and IRS, rounding up the crooks, etc.


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