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  1. There are millions of Lightworkers on the Earth and this is a nice reminder and tribute to the Lightworkers, but were the Lightworkers to return Home now, it would serve the dark forces agendas to get rid of their opposition. It is the Lightworkers who receive and anchor the powerful Light entering the Earth through their bodies. Without Lightworkers the Light cannot enter the Earth because this is a free-will zone and we must request and accept the Light – “Ask and you shall receive”.

    Lightworkers are not special and anyone can become a Lightworkers if they are willing to clear the dark energies of the karmas of many lifetimes, which we have all had to do that allows us to see why we are here at this time.

    Without the Lightworkers, it would free the dark forces to take over the Earth where life of hatred, violence, war, rape and a continual blatant rejection of energies and consciousness of our Father-Mother God/dess within each of us would lead to a loss of free-will and enslavement.

    The dark forces know how to encourage people who sleep-walk to create a living hell of hopelessness for everyone in the name of their god (absolute control of others and denial of the female energies of love of self and others.) Each of us has an opportunity to end this, not become more involved in that agenda.

    This is just the tipping point of the ever increasing awaking of Humanity (a remembering of who we are). Any sense of having won the battle is but an illusion.

    Do not encourage the Lightworkers to leave now – naturally or suicide. (That is the impression I was getting, the encouragement of suicide.)
    If this video was given to you and not one you created yourself, please check it for ‘subliminals encouraging suicide.

    The dark forces are very cleaver in using the language of Light to trap the Lightworkers to serve their agendas. Fortunately, most can see beyond that. The perfect example of attempted entrapment is Kryon, whom I was shown to be a very dark control-freak monster, by my teacher Beloved St. Germain (son of Archangel Michael, Shakespere, Merlin and a powerful behind the scenes encouragement of those who created for us our Constitution and Bill of Rights.) Kryon’s books encourage the Lightworkers to accept one of his etheric implants so he could take control, to neutralize the ability to think clearly from the direct knowing of our own I Am Selves. Of course, this was not what the readers were told was the reason for his implants.)

    If I correctly understand the message I was given about Kryon’s leaving, he may not be a problem anymore, but may have been removed from the Earth, if not the entire Universe. His soul disolved, he would have then been sent to a separate planet, one like the Earth but without the technological advantages – to start over again to master himself where he would be forced to create an entirely new soul from experiences not contaminated by his desire for absolute control over others to support his single-energy male ego. If I am told differently, I will let you know, but that is my understanding of what has happened to him. There are may dark forces who will find themselves in the same ‘starting over again position’ as Kryon. They know they are losing control of the Earth because the Light that is entering the Earth, projected into the Earth by the Legions of Light and anchored by the Lightworkers is vibrationally not compatible with the dark forces’ energies and ambitions. Therefore, they are doing everything they can to stop the Lightworkers from doing what they were trained to do, something that has taken many, many, many lifetimes to learn, many of which came by very difficult lessons, but today we are wiser and more prepared. Do not betray us.

    It is my impression that President Trump is being used as a distraction – a scape-goat – that also serves the next presidential election agendas that are foremost in their political party minds.

  2. Sashwat pranam ,salaam, namastey,salute , thank you dear Edward, home for all that is love.
    Blessings of “MAA” in the Victory of the light. So be it. So it is. I AM. Much much Love.


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