Prepare for Change co-founder Rob Potter meets up with us again and has a very lengthy conversation with us. The conversation goes into an understanding of higher realms and the solar alignment as well as preparation for the Event. We talk about planetary liberation and Rob goes through a book that he is offering for free on his website:


The book is about the Nazi infiltration of America through Operation Paperclip at the time of the end of WWII. The infiltration was facilitated by the OSS that became the CIA with help from the Bush family, aka, the Scherf family. The book contains many images from former Hitler bodyguard, Otto Skorzeny. Find the book under the tab

Rob also gives us a little new information from Venusian Moon Base Clarion Commander, Lady Aura Rhanes.

We present this information as part of our mission to present truth and raise the planet’s consciousness. Keep on seeking the truth, rally your friends and family and expose as much disclosure as you can… every little bit helps add pressure on the powers that are no more.

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Disclaimer: We at Prepare for Change (PFC) bring you information that is not offered by the mainstream news, and therefore may seem controversial. The opinions, views, statements, and/or information we present are not necessarily promoted, endorsed, espoused, or agreed to by Prepare for Change, its leadership Council, members, those who work with PFC, or those who read its content. However, they are hopefully provocative. Please use discernment! Use logical thinking, your own intuition and your own connection with Source, Spirit and Natural Laws to help you determine what is true and what is not. By sharing information and seeding dialogue, it is our goal to raise consciousness and awareness of higher truths to free us from enslavement of the matrix in this material realm.


  1. The Venusian Commander Lady Aura Rhanes is the writer and actress Christine M Soltis. It’s very disappointing that Rob Potter and Dr Keller should tell such terrible lies to gain attention for themselves. They are a disgrace to the truther community!

  2. Oh my. With all these comments I now really want to read your book, Robert. I like to keep an open mind and see what you have to say. But the link you gave takes me to a book for $25. And you said it is a free book? To be honest, I really do not have any money like that. Would appreciate if you can link me to the free book? Thank you. Namaste

    • Veil of Invisibility. It’s the ebook (pdf) at the very bottom of this page:

    • The Germans found tenants of a civilization that existed prior in the then equator . The civilization you speak of is called Shamballa and still exists to this day. The Nazi were and are like many world governments of today filled with satanists and elitists. There day days are numbered here in earth the victory of the light Is assured but we have a lot of waking up and work to do.

    • The word PUSSY was a direct quote from Donald Trump on a microphone in a conversation he did not know was being recorded about the miss America pageant. This was recorded conversation between now disgraced tv talking Head billy bush . Trumps words not mine!

  3. The above comments are a good example of why this country is in the mess it is in. These people apparently have not historical background on what has taken place on this planet in the last 150 years, let alone any history that easily covers these facts. Sorry, but the beings on this planet deserve what is coming. Nikita Khrushchev warned John Foster Dulles, former Sec. of State that they, the communist, would take over our country from within without a shot being fired. Dulles responded something to the effect that this was nonsense and Khrushchev responded, “in your grandchildren’s lifetime”. Well, we are there. Welcome the New World Order

  4. wow, i knew this one would be controversial but so it so sad that the first two comments are by closeminded individuals. the good news that pretty darn soon all of this will be accepted and understood as true. The mind control of the media is complete in many individuals

    • I know you don’t need my comment here but, after reading others, I wanted to reply…
      The “Channeling subject” aside (because I’ve not personally done so channeling any messages, though I agree these races are telepathic in contact that much I’ve proven to myself by experience,, so I can’t really address positive or negatively, any information you or anyone else, has channeled) and not having read your book but, going by the interview and the little we either corresponded or spoke by phone (please forgive my memory does not recall which, or both) some years ago now but, having had a religious background, then developing later a more, let’s say ‘Spiritual Life’,; You know Rob, that I agree with much,, of what you say, and I believe your analysis of ‘putting Trump on the Hook’ is, spot on, from what I’ve seen (I don’t personally know him or,, if,, he has positive intent, or not, my opinion, because of his,, thus far, I feel strongly, all too many, let’s just call them here, ‘negative actions’ I’ve expounded enough, elsewhere in the PFC site pages), so I’ll just say I agree with your overall view, though outside the political spectrum we might differ in minor points, no doubt we could resolve as much as, likely terminology or personal viewpoint differences, as anything… So, I’ll forgo replying anything more to the video (other than saying hope I can check your book out some day) but, as to the rather dark commentary here, after the video, was rather disturbing, I’d say to you that;
      Some people are true, buried in MSM programming and worse, the groups that form the controlled resistance politically but, some, legitimately personally motivated or not, try to reply, to dissuade folks, from seeking further truths, because of their secular religious, or secular education (limited view) background, which has preprogrammed them to reply that way. I think overall, you did well in the interview covering a tremendous amount of dark expose’ information, every facet of which, is a deep dark rabbit hole of investigation, in itself… There are those whom for personal or other reasons, will attack you like this but, I think they (and undoubtedly we all) will have to answer for our words and actions one day. Wasn’t that,, a given, coming in…(-sorry, a bit of humor). We all create our own karma, you are creating good karma here. Keep up the fine work!!

      I can only reaffirm to the viewer/PFC Readers, that I’ve repeatedly heard many of these things about Project PaperClip, Hitler, as well, for years,, now, and though these are very different histories than that which we were taught in US Educational System, ie: “programmed with”, these truths are coming from sources I have trusted many years. People like Robert Potter here, whom have done the nitty gritty research (some of which I too have verified in my own, very broadly interconnected, research), put in the time and effort to bring these facts to light. I’d hope, that most, would realize these truths sooner, than later, that we have been living in a false matrix of our own creation based on the concepts and ideas we’ve been fed since babyhood, and it’s time to grow up, and put away these childish notions, research it ourselves if we will, to embrace the light of truth and stop believing the childhood fairy tales…
      Then as Rob said, to create a new system, one based in love, and empathy, that includes the best of the “ism’s”, Socialism, Communism, Capitalism, (because, my opinion all,, have been shown are a complete and utter failure, individually – I do not think’ even the most foolish person would say our current US System works, and considering the USA Inc., officially went bankrupt, what, two months ago, that anyone could believe, it worked before now, is not using common sense or logic). We need instead to build a new society based on service to others, rather than service to self, bottom line, and bringing the truth out about the failures of the current human systems which fail in every aspect, from politics, to finance, to religion, to science, to earth’s ecology, and even personally to each of us, is a failure medically, as well, as has been completely, demonstrated, in recent months, is critical. You cannot truly embrace the truth, the light, the love, until you unlearn, the lies, you were innocently programmed with, and that my friends, takes an open mind, clear thinking, and a little effort but, in the end “knowing” the truth, is well worth it, over belief in, and living, a lie.

    • Dear Mr. Potter, I mean no harm. I feel that the evidence is pointing down, into Antarctic Ice. Is that not where ‘Neuschwabenland’ Base 211 was? Is that so where Secretary of Defense James Forrestal brought 4,000 troops & 3 Navel task force called ‘Operation High Jump’ & was defeated by advance technology. Was it not the maps that belong to ‘The Third Reich’ of Passages Under The Antarctic Ice, used by German U-Boats to access mysterious underground Polar Caverns? What year did all these countries sign ‘Antarctic Treaty’? Wasn’t there considerable number of German U-Boats missing? & Still unaccounted for. It was Admiral Byrd who said “He had seen the truth, The Firmament.” You see I have an open mind, I just believe The Germans found a way to a ‘New Shangri-La” by going through Antarctic Ice Caverns. The German Naval Grand Admiral, Karl Donitz called it “Impregnable Fortress, in another part of the World.” So the problem I have with your video is the continued effort to demonize Hitler’s Germany. A photo of Eisenhower signing anything proves nothing. He would be more likely to be signing ‘The Morgenthau Plan,’ we know how he wanted to starve 2 million Germans & bomb 3 million more. Do I believe there is a Phenomenon going on, Yes. Perhaps the Germans are looking for there Volk. “Here I am.”

      • The Germans found tenants of a civilization that existed prior in the then equator . The civilization you speak of is called Shamballa and still exists to this day. The Nazi were and are like many world governments of today filled with satanists and elitists. There day days are numbered here in earth the victory of the light Is assured but we have a lot of waking up and work to do.

    • YOU are the mind control gate-keeper. One of them anyway. Maybe there will be an event, a galactic flash, an earth upgrade. But it most likely won’t happen how and when you describe. ANYONE who writes a book today and bases it on the old worn out big bad Nazis being to blame is false on it’s starting blocks.

      I’m a published wargame designer who’s designs are used by the US Army to train officers so my research is trusted and confirmed by people in a position to know the truth. The Nazis, a slur word to cover National Socialists who broke their economy away from the Jewish-Satanic debt based slavery banking system, had to be destroyed even if Hitler was a Catholic priest (no matter how good a man he was). Churchill said so openly. It is clear from the release of the British war archives released in 2015 after 70 years of secrecy (meaning…..we didn’t have this info in the 1960’s and 1970’s when a lot of books and movies were produced about WW2) that Hitler neither wanted the war, or started it. The fight with Polish Communist terrorists aided by the Polish Army (proven by the diplomatic records of our own USA people in Warsaw at the time-their reports) was a regional conflict which Britain and the USA used as an excuse to start a world war. Russian archives also confirm this. Putin recently admitted publicly that WW2 was NOT Germany’s fault. And why was there no outcry against Stalin when the USSR invaded the eastern half of Poland? Or when he invaded Finland in November 1939? And why did the USSR get to KEEP Poland after WW2 when the whole fake reason of the war was to “save Poland”? Why did we not save Poland from the Commies? Because the USA is a secret Communist controlled country on Stalin’s side since at least 1932 when we were the 1st major country to recognize the USSR as a real country and not just a land-ship controlled by land pirates. Criminals who stole Russia from it’s people. McCarthy KNEW this. Nixon KNEW this. The Kennedy’s KNEW this. General George Patton KNEW this. And in the end Eisenhower learned it before he left office and regretted the war. What do they all have in common? Kicked out of office, assassinated, or belittled into obscurity.

      All of you fake “truthers” scream that History and “the news” are lies and illusions but then when you endeavor to “enlighten us” with “what really happened” you start with: “History is a lie, Yes, except for that part about the Nazis, that part was true.” If History is a lie and current and past “news” lied, then ALL of it is untrue INCLUDING the part about the Nazis. You must really think we’re all stupid. Either that or YOU are. Bet you won’t let THIS one get posted. Ha-ha. I still enjoyed writing it and if you don’t allow it to post, I’ll still know that you had to read it and understand it before you censored it. GOT YA !!

    • Hi Victoria, We are very interested to consider your research in disproving Rob Potter’s information or any of the individuals we interview. The same applies to our articles. Thanks, Cindy

      • It seems the people who always argue these things that challenge their personal views on “reality” are almost always the ones who do 5 minutes of total research that lock in those convictions. While the ones trying to bring these truths to light spend hundreds and thousands of hours putting all the missing or concealed puzzle pieces together before their convictions firm up….then get labeled “conspiracy theorists”. From my own countless hours of research I also came to the completely separate but identical conclusions that Rob Potter discusses. Some souls just aren’t ready to move on to 4th density yet. The programming many of us have eventually broken free of still keeps the majority believing mainstream views and narratives. While I can’t blame people for that and for their inflexible reality paradigms…..don’t be a dick about it Victoria when you express your opinion. Use big girl words next time.

        • Matt, I have many hours & much money invested in books before “They” started censoring them, such as publishing Companies in Britain, namely ‘Black House Publishing,’ due to New “Race laws.” & Banning many books at Amazon. I was wise to the game years ago & knew it was gonna happen. The missing & Concealed is Truly WW2, but Not the way it is being portrayed here, as usual. So why do you proclaim you have broken from mainstream programming, when in fact you are just joining in on the next level of deception.

          • YES Victoria !!! Yes !! Go Victoria Go !! YOU get it and so do I. Oh yes, History and the “news” are lies and illusions. ALL of it…………….except for the Nazi part that part was true. We can believe the Nazi part was true…… That’s what these pathetic half-truthers are doing today. ALL of History and current fake news and older fake news are lies and illusions…….BUT….somehow…….they told us the truth from 1935-1946. Yes the news was true and honest just for 10 or 11 years but afterwards went back to lying to us. Yeah, sure, that’s right. I hate these half-truthers worse than the enemy, because the half-truthers make people feel “enlightened” with NEW information, but they hold back some of the most important parts. THEY DON’T WANT US TO UNDERSTAND THAT STAR TREK TECHNOLOGY AND LIFE FREE OF DISEASE INCLUDING AGING CAME FROM THE NAZIS !!! Someone ELSE wants to claim credit for that science and technology before it’s released to the public so THEY can be worshipped as “heros” instead of the criminals that they are for keeping it FROM us for generations. If Germany won WW2 we would’ve been living in PARADISE since then. The human suffering would have ended. I wonder which group who controls ALL media is trying to take over and take credit for the new quantum technology exposure and sharing……?????? Hmmmmm……who might that be?? What group owns the media? Hollywood?

        • Fuck YOU ! You’re a Dick ! She explained it well. We might be entering the 4th and 5th dimension and maybe life will get real good within the next 20 years but we COULDA had it if Germany WON WW2 since the 1940’s. All of that extra human suffering because it was kept hidden from us. The truth does not make room for egos and credit grabbers who want to be the “heroes” for telling the rest of the world about the wonders of the universe that we shoulda/coulda/woulda had if Germany WON the war. Victoria is awesome and the truth makes her powerful. I believe that these truth “Gurus” like David Wilcock are trying to control how we learn about all of this. And that is selfish.

      • Well you first need to look into Archives of the fact Adolf Hitler did not start the war nor did he want a war. London’s ‘Daily Mirror’ newspaper February 1936 headline ‘Hitler’s “Let’s Be Friends” Plea For Peace To The World. Archives September 1938 ‘The Munich Conference/Sudetenland is Reunited with Germany’ & United Kingdom Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain applauds the deal as “Peace in our time.” September 1939 Red Terrorist from Poland Rape, Torture & Massacre 3,000 German civilians in the town of Bromberg, Hitler complains to the ‘League of Nations.’ Archived. Danzig Corridor 95% German was isolated from German mainland by the ‘Versailles Treaty’ after WW1, now belonging to Poland. Headline ‘New York Times’ confirms that Hitler sought to avoid a war. The Headline carried the full text of the letter to French President Edouard Daladier, “Berlin Thinks Door is Open to a Peaceful Solution.” August 1939. This is just for starters on dismantling the Lies about Germany. Funny thing about Archives.

        • German people are innocent but like all people have been mislead and lied to by the their leaders in a direct and aggressive series of lies that follow an unholy agenda to destroy life .

          • Robert, You must be talking about Winston Churchill & Franklin Roosevelt & Joseph Stalin & Marshall Rydz Smigly. I wanted to mention Your confusing Hitler’s Germany with some other Nazi party, understandable considering people don’t realize Israelites are not Jews nor do they live in Israel. Jews are Canaanites from Edom, which are your missing Nazi’s that you speak of being Satanist.

      • Cindy, More to dismantle the Lies about Germany. Quote: “Poland wants war with Germany and Germany will not be able to avoid it even if she wants to.” Polish Marshall Rydz Smigly as reported in the ‘Daily Mail’ August 6th 1939. Winston Churchill quote: “The unforgivable sin of Hitler’s Germany was to develop a new economic system by which the international bankers were deprived of their profits. Germany is becoming to strong. We must neutralize her.” November 1936 to U.S. General Wood. Churchill admits “We entered the war of our own free will, without ourselves being assaulted. Guild Hall Speech July 1943. Lord Arnold “One of the most unwise decisions ever made by British government.”

      • There’s PLENTY of information now available PROVING that the NAZIS were NOT bad. They were the good guys. ANd they were lied about. But it took me YEARS to find the information and a lot of reading. I’m not going to sit here on Memorial Day and find it FOR you. Quit being lazy and research it yourself. The information is out there if you have the will to find it and sift through it.
        Thanks, Pat

  5. Why is it so important for mankind to believe in this kind of nonsense?? All of it. It’s like sitting in High School History class and Science class and listening to more Crap “They” just make up as they go along. We cannot land on the moon, proven in 1954 by U.S. & USSR when they also discovered The Dome/Firmament in the Bible is True. & Here we go with the 4th Reich B/S & ‘Operation Paperclip’ because U.S. & Britain & Poland & Russia-(USSR at the time) cannot take responsibility for the Nasty Earth they created & Adolf Hitler warned about.

    • Strawmen in a bunch. So what are moon dust/rock samples made of then? And for asteriods? Firmament and seven heavens are just the understanding of the ancients/classical scholars before advanced technology came into being.
      World War II was but another depopulation agenda gone wrong. The real perpetrators are those in control of the narrative. Der Führer tried to free his nation from their grasp by occult means, but he had to play along with them just to find the right time to strike. The Wehrmacht made the mistake of invading the Soviet Union at the wrong time. It’s like a big chessboard.
      Have you checked more on the German side of the war? Think there’s a documentary on the Internet Archive about this one…

      • Moon Rock, Moon Dust has already been proven to be from the Earth. Your right about WW2 being another depopulation all right, depopulation of the German People. 15 Million. & As far as gone wrong depends who you ask, it went according to Churchill, Roosevelt, Eisenhower & Stalin plan very well.

        • Yes. Flat earth debate not required to understand the Nazis were good, Allies bad. But I will say this about that…….if we do live in a dome that ordinary rocket-ships cannot get through…….Germany had the technology and flying saucer ships that COULD break through the dome into outer space and that is what Paperclip was about. NOT nuclear bombs and rockets, but advance technologies based on the new quantum physics that don’t obey older earth based physics. You can get through the earth’s ceiling with UFO’s and transport/portal technology that work on a different physics than seen here on earth.

      • Anna, To Correct the Fake History plagued on my People & my beautiful Country, Germany. Quote: “During war I realized the truth is so precious, it ought never to appear without a bodyguard of lies.” Volume 2, The Second World War, Winston Churchill. To First Lord of Admiralty: “It is evident we see eye to eye, where I to become Prime Minister of Britain, we could control the World.” “The American Declaration of War is what I dreamed of.” Winston Churchill February 15th 1942. Letter to Joseph Stalin: “We never thought of making a separate peace, even in the years we were all alone & could have easily made one without serious lost to the British empire & largely at your expense. Winston Churchill January 24th 1944. Anna, With all due respect, why is it people do not question why United States & Britain & Poland would ally itself with Communist USSR?? It was that important to take down a Rising Star, such as Germany. While Roosevelt was busy with his wasteful public works program, Adolf Hitler was employing not just Germans but neighboring countries building a National Highway System called ‘Autobahn’ that still can be driven on today.


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