Prepare for Change is proud to announce that all articles and videos in the Planned Chaos: Days of Disclosure series are now all available online. The 10 days dedicated to connecting dots with all the crazy events this year and who is behind them and for what purpose is a vital resource to understanding the madness of this year and emerging events yet to come.

We’re enlisting the help of Citizen Journalists and other truth seeking platforms, to share our Planned Chaos educational series as a resource for your friends and loved ones. The series was created by a dedicated and thoughtful group of Prepare for Change volunteers who provide well-researched findings on topics affecting us today such as: Media, Covid, Race Riots, the Election, Arson, Financial Wars, and Q.

The series is meant to inform people and to get them across that chasm that exists among the unaware masses who are just beginning to see the disturbing reality of their corrupt leaders. While we see events as triggered by the global deep state cabal, we use examples and refer to the foundations of chaos as set forth by the controllers: problem, reaction, solution.

Through the Hegalian Dialectic and critical thinking we see that both sides of the political divide are acting out as puppets for a more evil and greedy ruling class. It is through that lens that we adamantly assert that humanity need to first understand the tactics of control, the motivations, who the guilty parties are then apply that learning to political leaders and the intel movements that are gathering many followers.

The Planned Chaos series uses our intel, research, and work of many in the community to establish our thesis. We believe it’s time to connect the dots in a compassionate way for those who are in the process of awakening – and to try to reach others in differing camps.

With the election coming up, there’s not much time to get this info into as many hands as possible to help voters make an informed decision.


1. Media exposed video:


2. Covid exposed video:


3. Race exposed video:


4. Election exposed video:


7. Financial System exposed video:


Here are the links to every key article in the series:

1: Media: Tell A Vision & Predictive Programming

2: Covid-19: Plan, Scam & Resulting Order

3: Riots: Racial Divide = Civil War  

4: Election: No Ordinary Election 

5: Swamp Draining: Swamp Draining is Real & Global

6: Arson and Eco-terrorism:   

7: Financial War: Power, Corruption & Money 

8: Q: The Spiritual Connection

9: Darkness Drives the Madness

10: What Now? Improve Discernment


We hope that you enjoy our series and please distribute the videos and articles. We also want to humbly thank our volunteers without their contributions, this series would have not been possible.

And, please join us on Saturday, Oct. 31 at 9 am PST for a wrap up zoom call where you can meet some of the project participants and ask some questions about the project or information.

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Disclaimer: We at Prepare for Change (PFC) bring you information that is not offered by the mainstream news, and therefore may seem controversial. The opinions, views, statements, and/or information we present are not necessarily promoted, endorsed, espoused, or agreed to by Prepare for Change, its leadership Council, members, those who work with PFC, or those who read its content. However, they are hopefully provocative. Please use discernment! Use logical thinking, your own intuition and your own connection with Source, Spirit and Natural Laws to help you determine what is true and what is not. By sharing information and seeding dialogue, it is our goal to raise consciousness and awareness of higher truths to free us from enslavement of the matrix in this material realm.


  1. It wound be appreciated, if you post the videos in BitChute or other platform too. So it will be available to watch even though Youtube censored and deleted. Thank you for all your work.

    • Thank you. We do have a backup on Bitchute, although a volunteer hasn't finished adding all the meta info.

  2. when a lack of real truth does not exist why do we still use and buy? 2-3weeks of no credit card use these nice polite power hungry narcissist shall be powerless, when 3g started i knew all this lie was cranking up, i knew in 2001 about wuhan why is that, am not a tv sheep, i do not believe i was mmr jabbed as a child? for example beamforming assets the lamppost are powered by the foolish people who have sattelite dishes and solar panels, usually installed by said housing office of Your area, using private contractors who install orange sim card controlled devices into Your attic where the power generation and storage units are located these inturn power the cameras in led streetlights

  3. Thank you Joe and Bonnie. This new age crap is nothing but another control mechanism in place to distract, delay, and divide an otherwise pissed off the point of action. No normal person craves violence however, sometimes violence is necessary. The people we are fighting against literally have the worlds militaries launch codes, bio weapons and troops at their command. Chanting and meditation will do exactly nothing. Lead, follow or in this case, get the hell out of the way. Wish for the best be prepared for the worst. Inaction equals acceptance in the eyes of the ruling class. So, get off the estrogen therapy and get involved for be prepared to roll over and die a cowards death.

  4. Thank you- awesome! Am a school librarian. Have been looking for resources to share *once* awareness warrants it & DOE permits discussion! Preparing to guide others through their cognitive dissonance…

    fyi Looking for an Oahu group to join & couldn’t find in prior efforts.

    • Thank you, it is quite an honor to be considered for this. May you always be blessed and best of luck with your responsibility.

  5. the videos you reference appear to have already been taken down. please put a copy of them up on bitchute or rumble or somewhere that isn’t censored, and then refresh your page links so that we can watch them

    • media episode:
      covid episode:
      race riots episode:
      election episode:

  6. I Decree in Name of My Higher Self,
    my I Am Presence,my
    Triune Flame,my Soul,and
    my Free Will,that is my Will and
    Decision,to manifest the
    Massacre of the Elite of This Planet.
    Not Black,Nor Whites,nor Rich People.
    But The Top Elite,that Control the Planet,
    manipulating the Entire Earth,including Royalty,
    Freemasonry,Skull and Bones,Negative Military,
    Black Nobility Families.
    I Decree in Name of my Free Will,and Soul,that is
    my will that they will be killed and genocided,and
    not normal humanity,because is my decision to observe
    that in my reality.
    Any Higher Being Here Hear that,is my Decision.
    Hail Humanity.

    • Violence is never the answer, where self-empowerment and self-mastery is. The Elite are the fallen into patterns of single-energy male energies alone, rejecting the Goddess (Mother-God) and feeding their egos to believe themselves superior to others. Are you sure you want to fall into that category or learn from their mistakes and what it has created. I for one, do not want the karma – a price too high to pay.

      Without the female energies, the single-energy males and those women who copy that behavior cannot exist, but leach the energies of humanity. When we refuse to be manipulated, angered, programmed, they are destined to fall into powerlessness – what we are seeing today.

      • Who nominated you to talk in the name of the creator. This new-age crap is useless. Maybe the creator wants us to be violent. The Sex Pistols did more in the 70s to wake people up, than did all those clueless hippies. Stop bashing male energies.

      • If someone came to your home and attacked or tried to kill you, is violence warranted in order to protect yourself?
        Or would you allow them to assault and maybe even kill you?
        There is alot of violence in this country and people need to protect themselves and show them we wont tolerate it.
        That warrants some violence in itself because the ppl we are dealing with are more like animals with no morals or ethics.
        I have never acted out violently BUT if I needed to protect myself I can, I am trained to use a handgun and I will if have to.

      • I want to torture every fucking one of them TO DEATH… like they’ve done to countless innocent children! I want them to suffer and shake uncontrollably in complete darkness/silence for weeks with nothing but enough water to keep them breathing! I want them to choose between jumping off a cliff or fist fighting a goddamn male tiger…


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