Such a thing as the complete opposite of the absolute force of Light and divine Love was unthinkable, it had never been seen in the history of creation. But here it was, developing under the leadership of the fallen angels who had turned against Source and the spiritual order. The dark expanded their activities and sphere of influence and as a reaction the spirits of Light decided to contain the dark so that it wouldn’t spread further into the universe. As far as I understand the dark have directly affected 3 galaxies, the Milky Way, Andromeda and one other neighbouring galaxy. Out of more than 100 billion galaxies that exist this is a tiny portion, but nevertheless the impact on creation is huge as everything is connected and fully conscious spirits have unlimited perception. There are no quick and easy fixes for the error in creation that we know as evil, its inception was unexpected and Source itself was hence unprepared for it. That means Source and the spiritual order had to come up with ways to tackle the problem of evil, and the primary anomaly that is at the root of it. This is how the light forces came about and thus the battle between the Light and the dark commenced. It is the mother of all battles, all other conflicts are dwarfed by it.

By Xekleidoma,

Setting things straight.

I want to repeat that evil has no purpose, it was never meant to exist or be created. It is not a tool for spiritual growth and it is not meant to prove the splendor and magnificence of love and goodness. What use are the myriad qualities of true love if they cannot be experienced by everyone? That is why there is no task of greater importance than accomplishing the correction of primary anomaly which will end all evil. The power of the dark must be overcome, and all those who have chosen to serve the dark forces will have a choice to either repent, come clean with what they did and embrace the Light or have a soul reset. A soul reset means that the traits of the soul will be deleted along with its knowledge, memories and experiences and the soul will begin its spiritual development from scratch.

The weapons that the light forces use are totally different from the weapons the dark forces use. The dark uses fear, limitation and privilege, punishment and reward, lies and deceit, violence and destruction, repression and hunger, depression and isolation, turning the basic needs and motivations of people against them. The Light uses love, empowerment, inspiration, truth and revelations, harmony, freedom and nurturing, humor and expansion of consciousness, reinforcing the natural characteristics of people as divine spirits. The utmost that the dark can achieve is winning people over to the dark and destroying their contact with higher self, thus carrying on evil practices and maintaining its position. The Light is stronger than the dark as it is where we came from and what we are essentially made of. The reach of the Light is boundless and so is its purpose. The Light entails creativity, beauty, adventure, fulfillment, delight, euphoria and ecstasy but it is by no means limited to that.

The light forces have made much progress in liberating planets from dark rule and a great feat was accomplished with the galactic peace that was brought about by the treaty of Anchara in 1995. Since then the dark forces that didn’t agree with the peace treaty have retreated to a small number of holdouts. They are renegades as they rejected the decision of the Anchara alliance that they were part of and sought to keep their own little dark kingdom. In 1996 the Archons relocated from Rigel to Earth and Earth is now the last stronghold of the dark forces in the Milky Way and beyond. They have boobytrapped Earth with strangelet and toplet bombs, which are based on the opposite principle of nuclear bombs. Instead of splitting radioactive atoms up in a chain reaction and causing a devastating explosion they will squeeze subatomic particles together when activated creating a black hole. This is the main reason why the dark forces on planet Earth have not yet been defeated, they are using the residents of Earth as hostages. As the light forces care for humanity on Earth, they need to approach the situation with extreme caution. I would like to use the analogy of a mikado game, where sticks (toplet bombs and other interconnected control technologies) must be removed one at a time without disturbing the rest of the stack of sticks. This is one of the reasons why it takes considerable time to deconstruct the power structure of the dark forces on Earth. While many people may have the impression nothing much is changing for the better, a huge stealthy war between the dark forces and light forces is being fought over this great prize called the blue pearl by benevolent extraterrestrials, which is planet Earth. The initial triumphs of the light forces have mostly been taking place out of sight of the masses in the solar system, in higher dimensions and below the surface of our planet. Some people are a bit more aware but don’t understand what they can do effectively to reduce the grip that the dark forces have over planet Earth. This is all due to the deep programming that humanity on Earth has been subjected to.

The Resistance Movement.

One of the key groups of the light forces is the Resistance Movement. It actually originated on planet X, a planet with intelligent life located in the far reaches of the solar system beyond Pluto that used to be occupied by the dark forces and was liberated in 1999. Many freedom fighters from planet X then moved to Earth and joined freedom fighters from Earth in underground bases that were established since 1975. The main objective of the Resistance Movement (RM) is to overthrow the rule of the Cabal. The RM uses advanced technologies to monitor activities on the surface of the planet from within the underground bases. Before the reinforcements of the millions of freedom fighters from planet X joined, the freedom fighters from Earth were already in contact with Agartha, and they were heavily besieged by Cabal troops. Their situation was quite dire between 1996 and 1999, but the joining of millions of operatives from planet X turned the tide. Since then with the help of above ground intelligence officers and secret agents the RM has regained the terrain that was lost below the surface and destroyed many DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases) that were built by the Cabal with tax funded black operations budgets. The Cabal’s intention was to equip the DUMBs with all necessities for prolonged underground stay, move underground with hand picked assistants such as scientists, professors, doctors, nurses, military staff, architects, builders etc. and then unleash hell on Earth with a third world war that was planned to decimate the surface population with nuclear weapons, biological weapons and famines. After such destruction and pandemics, the world would need all the help it could get and would accept total and overt Cabal rule in return for the rebuilding and curing offered. That plan has been thwarted by the RM and all DUMBs have been either destroyed or taken over by them in cooperation with the so called white hats, officers and soldiers in the positive Military.

Benevolent extraterrestrials.

The RM is actively supported by benevolent extraterrestrial beings of various races and from many star systems, among which the PleiadiansSiriansArcturians and positive Andromedans are foremost. They are organized in the Galactic Confederation, which is a loose confederate union of positive civilizations lead by ascended masters. Then there is the Central Race, which is the oldest race of intelligent beings in the Milky Way galaxy; they live in the central part of the Milky Way as their name already suggests and they are the most highly developed of all races in our galaxy. The Central Race was in contact with the civilization of Atlantis on Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago. A special group is called the Ashtar Command, which is a section of the Galactic Confederation specifically dedicated to liberate planet Earth from the dark forces.

In general all planets and civilizations outside the solar system are of the Light, the ones that were once under dark rule have all accepted the Light of Source as their guidance and reference. They all seek to enrich and expand the creation in harmony and diversity with all other beings and civilizations as that is the natural way. Nobody suffers any lack in any way as they all take care of each other and all live in service of each other. Nobody needs to be superior or dominant over others as they all know and recognize that true power is within and we are all deeply connected. That is why their positions of leadership are filled by the most knowledgeable and wise individuals. Among the benevolent extraterrestrials are beings from higher dimensions as well as physical beings like ourselves. The beings from the higher dimensions (9th to 12th density) communicate to beings from middle dimensions (6th to 8th density) which in turn communicate to beings from the lower dimensions (3rd to 5th density). The basic distinction between higher and lower dimensions is that lower dimensions are more concrete, shaped and relative while higher dimensions are more abstract, moldable and absolute.

A special group of benevolent extraterrestrials are the star seeds, which are souls that lived in various dimensions in various star systems and have decided to come to the aid of humanity on Earth by incarnating here and living among us, giving us examples through their lives of spiritual love and wisdom, engaging in activities that change the lives of people and the course of history and teaching the higher principles of harmonious coexistence and mutual benefit. These star seeds are often manifesting as revolutionary artists, excellent scientists, freedom fighters, lightworkers and light warriors. We know the most recent generation of them as indigos or new age children. In many ways they are making a great sacrifice by leaving the perfect life they had on a peaceful and abundant planet and coming to the deeply troubled place which is our planet.

Archangels, angels and spirit guides.

Apart from the extraterrestrial intelligent beings who originate from star systems throughout the Milky Way and beyond, there are the angels and archangels who have never incarnated into physical form. They are servants of Source who’s function it is to steer the creation in line with the divine plan and be the metaphorical hands of God in the universe. The archangels are particularly powerful and they include Michael, Gabriel, Chamuel, Raphael, Uriel, Jophiel, Zadkiel, Adonael, Anthriel, Aquariel, Ariel, Azrael, Barachiel, Iaoth, Jehudiel, Jeremiel, Oriphiel, Raguel, Ratziel, Sabrael, Sealtiel, Tzaphqiel, Zachariel and Zerachiel. Each archangel has specific qualities and specializations and you can call upon them when you need help with something fundamental in your life. The angels and archangels (apart from the fallen angels) have never been subjected to duality, evil and suffering, so they are as pure as when they were created from Source. The archangels confront the Archons and try to persuade them to change their ways and return to the Light, and some Archons have indeed returned to serve the Light. Archangels when depicted show certain specific features, but I must remind people that these features are merely an expression of their energy and character in a visible form that we humans can easily relate to, and should not be taken as literal representation of who they are. They don’t have the limitations and weaknesses that humans usually have and their vibration is much, much higher than any human.

Spirit guides are often highly developed souls who are presently not incarnated that offer spiritual support and guidance from the higher dimensions to those who are incarnated in physical bodies, and also intervene in people’s lives in situations where it is necessary to make sure they can fulfill their mission in life. I know this for a fact as it happened to me once as a child when something told me authoritatively to stop when I was cycling; I did and just a few seconds later two cars smashed into each other right in front of me as one driver was recklessly hastily reversing his car out of a parking lot and another unsuspecting driver came driving up.

Healing, transformation and triangulation.

Many people who finally learn that the conspiracy theories are not just theories but have real substance, that there does exist a shadow government that greatly determines the conditions of our societies and our world at large and thereby also the quality of our lives, they get angry and vindictive. They feel betrayed and cheated. That however doesn’t help, as it doesn’t change anything for the better. I am not interested in getting even and taking revenge, not anymore. Ultimately it doesn’t matter who did what, who is guilty and corrupted, who bartered away our divine rights as spiritual beings and made our lives miserable in every conceivable way. The only thing that really matters is cleaning up the incredible mess that primary anomaly has caused, stopping the senseless killing, ending the unnecessary suffering and destruction and recreating peace, balance and the glory of Love on Earth.

Many adjustments need to be made in how the world is organized and ruled, the abundance of nature must be restored, the environment must be cleaned up, wealth needs to be redistributed from the opulent to the poor, more time should be spent on creative endeavours and less on mass production, procreation must be approached with much more responsibility, degrading and violent movies and images must be eliminated, true spirituality must be restored, ancient secrets and hidden technologies must be revealed, people need to reconnect directly with Source and undo their detrimental mind programming and emotional wounds must be healed. These are the tasks that are set before humanity and they will be initiated as soon as the rule of the Cabal is terminated and the light forces assume power. Humanity will get increasingly direct assistance from benevolent extraterrestrials after the liberation of planet Earth from Cabal rule.

There are many methods of healing work, as this too is a creative process. You can even devise your own methods following your intuition and inner guidance. Let me mention just one that I have used myself: activate the hand chakras by visualizing a brightly glowing light emanating from the palms of your hands and make it as strong as you can; then visualize the planet floating between your hands as you position them sideways below the planet and feel the planet absorbing the healing energy from your hands. Then slowly lift your hands upward making the planet move along between your hands and feel the world gradually dropping its heaviness from the dark practices. Remember that you are on your path to become a god, so don’t be shy to make a big impact.

Transformation is an inner process that essentially revolves around pinpointing the most basic and fundamental causes of problems and then eliminating them by simply making a new choice. It has been compared to peeling the layers of an onion until you get to the core of it; only by identifying the core of the problem can you successfully solve it. This can be done on an individual level as well as on the level of a group or society. In each case it requires a certain amount of maturity of character and above all absolute self honesty to pinpoint the root cause of the tribulations. Without the willingness to reflect on yourself as an individual or itself as a group or society problems will persist and are even likely to grow worse. To soften this sometimes painful and confronting process it can help to apply self forgiveness.

Triangulation is an utterly essential tool to consciously reconnect what seemed to be disconnected and reconcile what seemed incompatible. The application of this exact tool is what made the immensely important Treaty of Anchara possible. The principle of triangulation is to recognize that everyone seeks to make decisions and take actions based on his or her needs, desires and judgement of the situation that the person finds himself or herself in. If a person perceives it to be impossible to make the ideal choice, namely the choice that meets the best interests of all, then that person will choose what seems best in his or her small self (ego) definition of interest regardless whether and how it harms the interests of others. That is why the scope of interest and perspective needs to be expanded and more deeply understood to include all options, all interests and all solutions. Then a holistic blend can be attained that resolves disputes and feuds.


Holism: getting ourself whole again.

So much artificial division and separation has been created between human beings on this planet that it is mind boggling. At times my heart weeps when I consider how this world could have been without the dark forces messing it up; it could have been a paradise or close to it. If it wouldn’t have been for the protection offered by the light forces no human life would exist anymore on Earth; they have prevented the very worst scenarios from happening. Currently there is an agreement between the dark and light forces that neither side will directly interfere with the affairs of individual humans, both sides concentrate on influencing and determining the macro situation and general status of the planet. Without the help of the light forces humankind on Earth would either have destroyed itself in a nuclear holocaust or would have been eaten by reptilians. The light forces will intervene directly and decisively in planetary affairs as soon as the main retaliation mechanisms of the Chimera group (primarily the strangelet and toplet bombs) have been completely removed. Also when I look at my personal life things could have been much different and I’m sure many will share that sentiment; Archons tend to obstruct us from reaching our dearest goals and sprout ideas in people’s heads to rip to shreds what others have meticulously built. In this way people hinder each other to accomplish a more heavenly experience of life.

The egg of Columbus is to become whole again on all levels and in all aspects of our being. That requires a holistic or what would be better termed wholistic approach. It requires cooperation between people, dedication to the issues of real importance, diversity in talent and unity in purpose, determination to succeed, courage to stare danger in the face, embracing feminine energies and a burning passion to live. Understanding that the genuine interests and aspirations of others are our interests and aspirations and acting accordingly will make all the difference in the world. Entertaining such an attitude will provide lots of inspiration for your own life and many people will be happy to help and support you in your own endeavours. These traditions that are not wholistic (and there are quite a few around the world) should be challenged and questioned regarding their desirability and sustainability. It is also crucial that people see and admit their own faults first and do something about them before targeting the faults of others. It is very easy to find something negative about someone else and highlight that in great detail, but what does that accomplish? It is much preferrable to highlight the strenghts of others and stimulate these qualities, as that will create a more positive environment and supportive feedback loops. People who tend to overburden themselves with responsibilities and tasks should seek to delegate some of that burden to others who are not as active and who spend plenty of time on idle things. It’s important to be kind and gentle to people of good will and to be strict to people who avoid taking responsibility for their place of residence and who neglect their wider environment.

A warning and an encouragement.

I would like to summarize the pages so far by stating that the world called planet Earth is not normal by any standard, on the contrary: it is totally crazy and insane. We are used to living in the conditions that we’re all too familiar with, such as crime, hate, wars, pollution, overpopulation, famines, economic crises, poverty, abuse of power, corruption and so on, but these are all problems that can be solved if we all take responsibility for our own life and the entirety of us and if we halt anyone who behaves in destructive and disruptive manners early on. Some people are so sick and twisted that the only solution will be to remove them from the planet and that is what will be done by the light forces, some extremely nasty people have already been removed. The thus far for the better part invisible war between the light forces and the dark forces is one of life and death; once the dark forces lose the war, it will quite literally result in their undoing. There has been a serious danger that the Light would be extinguished on this planet, which would be even worse than the current state of suppression and contamination of the Light by the dark. That danger has mostly been dissipated, but as long as the dark remains in power it continues to cause damage which might not be reversible. So a final push must be made for the total victory of the light forces over the dark forces, and for that I would like to invite you to do your part in the best way you see fit.

Human beings were not meant to wither away in a mind numbing or even degrading job sitting in front of a computer screen in a dull office day in day out, at an assembly line making long days for a meager pay or in a quarry collecting the crumbs of value such as minerals or metals. Life should be much more exciting and interesting than this, not just the few hours in the weekend that you get to spend on your hobbies and favorite pursuits, but all of your life. If the technologies that have the potential to make people virtually independent from centralized distribution systems would have been allowed to be put into mass production and sold at reasonable prices then we wouldn’t need to work hard and would still have enough means to live comfortably. So the key question is: do you want to keep living as a wage and tax slave, being indebted to the banks from your adulthood until old age when you’ve finally paid off your mortgage and have no vitality left to do the things you always wanted to do if you would just have the time and money to do them? Or do you want to break free from this madness, this system of legalized theft that serves mostly the twisted worldview of the occultist clique that fooled us into this scheme from our early childhood? If you prefer the latter, then dare to take a stand and don’t be concerned about the moronic reactions you will surely get. In a world where people have unwittingly been made into slaves and have reluctantly accepted that role it is absolutely necessary to confront them with the facts, even if it upsets them. Don’t spit out the whole story for them in one go, it’s better to gradually expand their awareness. In the upcoming pages I will give inspiration, share ideas and offer alternatives that can be put into practice in service of the great undertaking of our final liberation from the dark forces.

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    • I have been opposed by the dark for 13yrs just by the mere introduction and shaking of hands of a demonic being, named Micheal owen howell, age 66 now. He continues his pursuit with others. Properties, monies, jobs and soulmate have all been blocked for such a long time. I have asked for this agreement to be honored between light and dark beings not bothering humans. And many other things. Yet this has not stopped this insane being from pursuing me. I give it to the god force. Blessings, Annette theodosion

  1. You wrote a great article that encompasses the big picture.
    Yes, I learned of the cabal in 1979-1980 and I’ve learned that dribbling small amounts of information is the only way to inform, (unless they are someone like me who wants ALL info NOW :). “They” did an excellent job in the brainwashing so to reset is like a computer crash and now it needs to be rebuilt, one piece at a time. I came in with learning of the fed reserve when I was a blackjack and roulette dealer at Harrahs.
    My friend learned as a pharmacist and all the history behind that. Whatever of the many parts of being human in this reality on our beautiful blue pearl has been hacked, so find out what they do for work or ask about other things they feel that something is not quite right. Start there and build. And I’m still drippping on 2 life long friends for 20 + years! They are my good friends but they are pretty stupid, too. 🙂 They are “getting it” a little at a time.

  2. I want to become more involved in this “Great Awakening” but am afraid I’m not spiritually mature enough. I know all about the cabal and it’s malevolent plan to destroy the planet by forcing a new world order. The United States under Trump’s leadership is fighting the “deep state” head on but there are still folks that have been brain-washed by the “fake media” and the dems. I have seen ” the light” but I wish I can contribute more to help my fellow humans see it too.


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