Why should you educate yourself – listen to Jordan Maxwell

“Known by close friends as simply Rusty, Jordan Maxwell (born Russell J. Pine) continues as a preeminent Scholar and Lecturer in the fields of Secret Societies, Occult Philosophies and UFO-ology since 1959. His work is not only fascinating to explore, but too important to ignore.” 

I would recommend listening to anything by Jordan Maxwell.  This video is on how our government(s) really work – ie:  California state or the State of California.  Attorney vs Lawyer.  United States vs. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.    This is VERY imortant information to know.

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Which President do you Serve? Leo Emil Wanta – Black Swan, White Hat

I liked listening to this interview because (he) Leo and Marilyn tell his story of governments, secret governments and good guys and back guys.  This “game” hasn’t changed for a very long time.  Who are the “good guys” and who are the “bad guys”.  It might depend on which side you are on.  He talks briefly on how things in politics and governments are going on today – so he brings his discussion around to some current information, not just the Reagan Presidency.  The Coast to Coast interview in 3 parts, a little over 1 1/2 hours total.

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PFC Daily/Weekly Update‏

Dear PFC,

I am going to try and provide some relevant information on a daily or weekly basis. I make no claim to the accurracy of these stories as these have all come from the public domain on the internet. I personally feel there is more truth in some these postings than you will find on MSM media, however you must come to your conclusions.

This information presented is not to incite fear or anger or revenge or any negative thinking in your minds. I intend these links to provoke awareness and critical thinking toward our planets problems at this time. This site does not endorse or promote any political agenda or viewpoint of any of these sources nor the articles themselves. We do  promote non violent postive changes in our world through self realization, community outreach education and service. We also hope to support the lawful arrest of criminals in the worlds banking and political infrastructure during the EVENT.

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Beloved Human Family, Greetings, Hello, and Good Day!

Beloved Human Family , Greetings, Hello and Good Day!

Our weekly message will reflect some current events , some human history and some inspiring knowledge/wisdom for your everyday living.

Prepare for Change gathering at Eduardo`s office on Easter Sunday was awesome. There were about 40 beautiful people of all ages.We were definitely like a true Family of Light – meditating together, sharing our thoughts, observing Max`s informative orgone demonstration, being healed by the use of the Tibetan Buddhist`s mantras, meditating again for the Portal opening , sharing food, hugging and just being together in joy .
True sense of belonging was all around the big room.There was magic in the air, some tears of gratitude and happiness in the circle of light beings.Wish you were all there.

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Media Group Newsletter #5

Greetings and Aloha Everyone from Judi and Irene of the Media Group



A Message of Love from St. Germain, Sananda/Jesus and Prime Creator

St. Germain:
Yes, Beloved Ones, the portal to Ascension is indeed in your heartminds. Your attention to the Harmonic Ascension Portal for all has focused your attention on your wish to be of service and your wish to ascend as soon as possible. This is a success.

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Good News – People standing for Justice


By Foster Gamble

Some good news about what’s happening in the Justice sector, I believe, is that we are not just waking up to the phenomenal abuse of power, but also to questioning the Government’s fundamental power to abuse.  Listen to the 7 minute talk by Foster Gamble.

 I do recommend this web-site www.thrivemovement.com in general.  Watch their movie.  Visit Often.

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for Live links of the below articles, go to http://www.thrivemovement.com/people-standing-justice.blog

Healing Our World: In an Age of Aggression

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Follow the money – It’s always . . . Follow the money train – This time, Bundy Cattle


I really liked this article as he’s done an excellent job of connecting the “dots” of how the game is being played – take from average “joe” and the wealthy politicians and their contributors get more wealthy all the while the corporate owned media tries to spin it their way.  I’m so glad we the people are seeing the trends, making it public, calling people, the media and corporations on the carpet and making a difference.

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Rob’s Blog and PFC Donation Button

Dear PFC

I wanted to encourage you all to please do donate to our PFC site we do have costs for this site. Every little bit helps and we are running a little bit short this month. This site is going to be very helpful for many people sometime soon if all goes according to plan. I want to thank you personally who have donated your money energy to keep this site running.

This site has already been a calming and stabilizing influence on many.We would like to thank all of you for your content contributions as well. We encourage you ESG Teams to continue your meetings and to share any updates on what you are doing with the submission page or with this author and I will see to it that we can post it here for others to be inspired. Feel free to include pictures. I will aslo offer for any team to contact me via Skype and I will be happy to personally talk to your ESG during a live meeting! I have done this with several groups and it was quite a fun time.

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Media Group Newsletter #4

March 27th, 2014

Greetings and Aloha Everyone from Judi and Irene of The Media Group,

We just filmed episode five of GROUND CREW NEWSFLASH and hope it will  assist people all over the globe in preparing for…THE EVENT…Click to watch it.

This massive fleet was mentioned in episode five ‘THE EVENT’

Click on this link to see it:



In the conclusion on the Episode on the Event, we mentioned 6 things that Cobra identified we would see in the media leading up to the event. One of them was an energy device that is for sale that can produce ‘free energy.’  Check out this presentation for yourself of a Brazilian firm that is going to market with a Free Energy Generator capable of powering 2 average sized houses…

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Gold is now the latest bank price fixing scandal


As if there weren’t enough reasons to cast a jaundiced eye on the banking system, Bloomberg reports that several international banks are now accused of manipulating a key benchmark, known as the gold fix, in the $20 trillion gold market. The charges of fixing gold prices in London are being leveled at Barclays, Deutsche Bank, ScotiaMocatta (the metals-trading division of Canada’s Scotiabank), Société Générale, and HSBC by New York resident Kevin Maher, who filed a lawsuit against the banks in a US federal court yesterday evening (Mar. 4). The lawsuit follows a draft research report published last week by  New York University Professor Rosa Abrantes-Metz and Moody’s Investors Service analyst Albert Metz, noting unusual patterns in the gold benchmarks.

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