Absorb Vortex Energy Wherever You Go!

Authored By Robin Morlock As spiritual seekers, Light workers, and healers, we have the added pleasure of tuning in for a few brief moments, wherever we are, and noticing the energy of a location. What vibrations do we feel? What new or otherworldly sound frequencies are we being treated to? How is the nature energy … Read more

The Different Benefits Of Laughter

Authored By The Depression Alliance Staff Any person who has giggled at a private joke with friends will understand the benefits of laughter.  It can reduce stress, release endorphins, improve a person’s overall mood, and even act as a coping mechanism for daily functioning – all of this by merely laughing. Mental Benefits Of Laughter … Read more


By Mike Walsh, Throughout Russia and indeed a further 25 countries in the developed world, Monsanto produced arable foodstuffs have been contaminated by Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) contamination. The American-based Institute for Responsible Technology has published online 10 very sound reasons for avoiding (if you can) food products contaminated by GMO. Typically: ‘The American Academy … Read more

The Average Person Will Watch Over 78,000 Hours Of Television “Programming” Over The Course Of A Lifetime

If you want to waste your life, a great way to do that is to spend tens of thousands of hours watching television.  Today, it is so difficult to get people to leave their homes and get active in their communities, because most of us are absolutely glued to one screen or another.  After a … Read more

Neonatal Nurse on Vaccines: We are Destroying an Entire Generation of Children

by Brian Shilhavy, Michelle Rowton is neonatal nurse practioner, specializing in the care of children ages 2 years old and younger. She has worked for over 17 years working in NICU, with pre-mature and sick babies. Michelle Rowton does not herself give vaccines to babies. She recently sat down and conducted an interview with Polly Tommey … Read more

Handful of Oligarchs Control Entire Collapsing US Health System. Worse Medical Care Than Cuba

By Jon Hellevig, The United States runs the by far biggest and most bloated healthcare sector in the world when measured as a share of the total economy. Its annual value was $3.7 trillion, amounting to 17.9% of GDP (2018). That is nearly double the average of developed Western countries (as a share of GDP). … Read more

Massacring Cancer with Oxygen and Bicarbonates

By Dr. Sircus, It has long been recognized that solid tumors contain poorly vascularized regions characterized by severe hypoxia (oxygen deprivation), acidosis and nutrient starvation.[1] Over the past decade, work from many laboratories has indicated that hypoxic micro-environments contribute to cancer progression by activating adaptive transcriptional programs that promote cell survival, motility and tumor angiogenesis.[2] Oxygen … Read more

Poison In Our Water

It’s a dystopian vision only the most imaginative villain could conceive. Company scientists discover the disease-causing dangers of an industrial chemical. But the multibillion-dollar corporation ignores the dangers, releases toxic sludge into the water supply, and covers up the evidence for years.  Then the animals start to get sick, and soon the people do too … Read more

How the Married Narcissist Plays His Victims

By Zari Ballard, The narcissist who is married is probably the most prolific of all the other narcissists because of the game he has ultimately chosen to play. Indeed, the married narcissist can live in suburbia with the wife and kids and, at the same time, carry on one or more relationships outside of the marriage … Read more