Planned Chaos All Assets Now Available

Prepare for Change is proud to announce that all articles and videos in the Planned Chaos: Days of Disclosure series are now all available online. The 10 days dedicated to connecting dots with all the crazy events this year and who is behind them and for what purpose is a vital resource to understanding the … Read more

Planned Chaos Video 2 – CV19: Plan, Scam & Resulting Order

This is the second of four videos created by the Prepare For Change Media Team in order to provide alternative information to the public.  This past year has offered a great opportunity for most of humanity to consider their world and what might be important to them.  Perhaps you or someone you know has been … Read more

Planned Chaos Part 9 – Darkness Drives the Madness

  Darkness Drives the Madness The information provided in this article is highly detailed, likely confusing, and certainly controversial.  This should not be surprising since the Truth and our origins have always been kept from humanity.  Take a step back and look at the thousands of spiritual belief systems and spin-offs that exist in our … Read more

Live Video Premiere Parts 3 and 4 of Planned Chaos – Saturday October 24

We are excited to share and release the last two videos in our Planned Chaos doc-series this weekend.  Please tune in to our live release of the third and fourth videos in our Planned Chaos Docu-series this Saturday, October 24. We will premiere our first video – “Racial Divide = Civil War” at 9 am … Read more

Medical doctors declare that the pandemic was planned

This is from an excellent site called  The article is much longer but we wanted to share a bit of it with you.  There is much more and this seems to be a good resource for a complete story on the plandemic   A rapidly growing group of over 700+ medical doctors in Germany … Read more

Planned Chaos Part 7 – Financial War: Power, Corruption

  Thus far in our Planned Chaos series, we’ve revealed the means or events that have been put in motion to justify the ends, that being control by the rulers over the slaves. In this episode, we’ll explore what one of the primary end goals actually is. This goal is obvious to anyone who’s ever … Read more

Planned Chaos Part 6 – Arson & Eco Terrorism

It is mind-boggling arson would be at the root of many of the fires recently ignited in the western United States, but fires are absolutely being weaponized. As we undertook to create this series, the fires hadn’t started yet, but they have occurred with a vengeance, so we need to include them and consider how … Read more

Planned Chaos Part 3 – Racial Divide = Civil War

  Amongst the “informed” and “awakened” community, who realize what has been going on behind the scenes, the so-called pandemic, also referred to as the Scamdemic, and the Covid-19 “cover” story, began to wear thin towards the end of May 2020.  Truth tellers were coming forward in large numbers, such as the movement to film your hospitals by local residents,   the banning of Hydroxychloroquine, the denigrating of bleach as a … Read more