Dear PFC,

It seems we are doing something very right as we have been deluged with an extraordinary number or posts and that are trying to say that we are a NWO order ploy to prepare people for enslavement.???? This is quite amusing but I have tired of stopping some hate filled messages or comments with swear words or just plain links to sites filled with negativity. Many fundamentalist Christians are claiming we are the anti-christ and doing the work of satan. They have actually shown our words of hope and peace and then typed in their own interpretation as we are declaring war on truth and are denying god and even claiming we are channelers.

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Academy Awards on Sunday

Dear PFC, My dear friend and hero Len Horowitz sent me this e-mail and I want to share this with you Rob, I just got this video up, and have not shared it with our community yet, but thought you should see it. Please send the link on to your friends and networkers. Aloha, Len

Hi, Revolution Television!

Your video, Dallas Buyers Club Movie Review by The HOROKANE (Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane), is ready to watch. Share it with friends, family, computer-savvy pets, and total strangers.

Dallas Buyers Club Movie Review by The HOROKANE (Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane) Dallas Buyers Club Movie Review by The HOROKANE (Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane)

“Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane–“The HOROKANE”– present the “HOLLYWOOD SPIN” series of film reviews, here praising the Academy Award nominee for “Best Actor” (Matthew McConaughey), and his starring role in the Dallas Buyer’s Club.

This review provides the most controversial truths about HIV/AIDS that the film addresses, but audiences and critics generally miss or conceal, including: 1) the truth about the man-made laboratory creation and pharmaceutical industry racketeering origin of the hepatitis-b-vaccine-triggered pandemic; and 2) the “homophobia” surrounding the disease that was purposely generated by false claims about the pandemic’s spread from gay men.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz, the world’s most prolific drug-industry whistleblower, award-winning author and filmmaker of “In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism” and “PHARMAWHORES: The SHOWTIME Sting of Penn & Teller,” authored the best-selling book, “Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Inentional?” In that book he reprinted and reviewed U.S. Govt. contracts under which numerous AIDS-like and Ebola-like viruses were genetically engineered during the late 1960s and early 1970s. In those days of sloppy “bench-work virology” using monkeys and chimpanzees to grow viruses for cancer research and vaccine developments, Litton Bionetics (a medical subsidiary of the mega-military weapons contractor–Litton Industries–supplied all the monkeys, chimps, viruses, cell lines and cancer virus culture media needed by the world’s leading researchers and drug developers, including the Merck Drug Co. and the U.S. National Cancer Institute. Chimpanzees shipped from Litton to Dr. Maurice Hilleman at Merck in New York were contaminated by the HIV/AIDS retroviruses, according to massive amounts of concealed scientific evidence compiled by Dr. Horowitz, including Dr. Hilleman’s own recorded admissions.

But instead of jeopardizing the drug market and the “revolving door” between the drug industry and the FDA, and addressing the evidence tampering behind the concealed laboratory creation of AIDS, government officials and the CIA-directed media, “spun” the source of the infection to gay men to generate massive homophobia to protect and expand their market.

This HOROKANE movie review addresses these highly controversial, albeit critically-neglected, facts that surrounded the Dallas Buyer’s Club pioneer, Ron Woodruff’s (McConaughey’s) decision to confront the FDA and federal law enforcers who were, and are, the “real drug pushers” and murderous profiteers.

This Academy Award class motion picture receives highest praise from The HOROKANE.


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A Priest From Prepare for Change Los Angeles group responds

Dear PFC,
I must first thank my co-chair Eduardo Hernandez who has the largest PFC event support group in LA who has recieved a letter from a member of his group, This is from a christian minister who has travelled the world serving as a christian missionary His name is Casimir Milosh

Here is his letter to PFC :

From Milosh
A response to recent claims that this site is a NWO dis info site.

1. In recent decades literally hundreds of serious Bible believing, Jesus Christ following credible Scholars and everyday students of Scripture, now realize ALL End-Time BIBLE PROPHECY was “FULFILLED” at A.D.70 Jerusalem!
(For example, the Antichrist was Nero).
A most credible representative source is John Noe, PhD.
of Prophecy Reformation Institute- www.prophecyrefi.org .

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New Video From Judy Beebe On Water!

Dear PFC I received the latest From Judy Beebe in an e-mail this morning its hot of the presses! Victory rob

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More From The wonderful Judy Beebe

Dear PFC, I have decided to continue to share all of Judy Beebe’s great work on an ongoing basis. Her many lifelong  spiritual contacts with the multi- dimensionals is only the tip of the iceberg with this wondrful soul.  She is now on her own and is openly manifesting connecting with the divine mind and she is sharing the practical and powerful insights into many hidden in plain sight mysteries of scriptures, crop circles and even scientific revelations. Please see her website and All of her videos.


Talk For Food 235 — Will the Real ‘God Particle’ Please Stand Up? – Part I

The Significance of the Hydrogen Atom by Judy Beebe

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8LYg_vlIOM – Vid (59:29)

Talk For Food 236 — Will the Real ‘God Particle’ Please Stand Up? – Part II

The Significance of the Hydrogen Atom by Judy Beebe (Emerald Tablets of Thoth)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyDwQiuVQKU – Vid (59:29)

Talk For Food 237 — Will the Real God Particle, Please Stand Up? – Part III

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IMPORTANT: Two Letters To The World Written In 2012

A Submission from Vanaja Ananda PFC Member Thank you for your submission: Vanaja, we appreciate it and it is here for the world to see thank you for your thoughtful words.

Please read these two letters because your prayers will help millions if not billions of people. All I am asking is for you to pray for a letter to get to a specific person. Thank you so much for reading these letters and helping mankind. The book was published in August 2012 so it is not about publishing the book. Once you read both letters, you will understand. God bless you all!

Letter 1
February 24, 2012
To All the Beautiful Souls on this Planet,
I finished the book “Dreams are Reality.” I have attached passages for your perusal. This manuscript needs to be in the hands of Louise Hay at Hay Publishing on February 29, 2012. Louise Hay is a renowned global author and her publishing company was chosen for two reasons. First, she speaks about the power of thoughts and positive affirmations in all of her books. In fact, her reference guide explains how negative mental patterns create disease and that is the premise of my book. I have learned techniques to help people release negative mental patterns so they could self-heal quickly. All is revealed in the book. Second, Louise Hay is spiritual so she understands that everyone is Divine.

The gravity of the earth is decreasing and as a result people will have fewer thoughts; it has already started. Those who are achieving inner peace through meditation and yoga will be happy with this transition. However, the majority of the population will be distraught, depressed and suicidal. “Dreams Are Reality” will help these people move to higher consciousness rapidly.

I started this book on January 19th and my intuition says the manuscript will be at Hay House on February 29th. This may sound ludicrous, but I have seen miracles occur before when the impossible became real. In 2000, I and a few other individuals were instrumental in creating enough media and political noise to get a bill fast tracked through the legislation. This bill enabled organizations renting from churches in New Jersey the ability to continue their businesses. Archives in newspapers and network news broadcasts will validate this statement. Moreover, this happened in one month.

I also wrote a 180 page proposal for a potential elementary charter school in less than 3 months. The New Jersey Board of Education liked the curriculum and we passed all interviews until the final interview; at that point True Potential was denied funding.

I know the strength of thoughts especially when many people have the same intensity. A friend reminded me about the book “Six Degrees of Separation” by John Guare. The idea behind this book is that we are approximately six steps away from any person on earth. He says networking is the key because it provides a chain to connect two people in six steps or less.

I am asking you to read the excerpts. If you believe what is written in those pages are true, please send this letter and the attachment to your friends and colleagues. Right now, I am solo, but with the help of all of you, we could help create a planet of love, peace, grace, compassion, bliss and healing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. In 1776, Dickinson wrote “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.” These seven words became the motto for America. Please help Dreams Are Reality become the motto for the entire world.

Vanaja Ananda.

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The Begining With No End!

Dear PFC, Another wonderful video from the clear mind and spirit of Judy Beebe. http://youtu.be/_BrHXBwv1rI  I hope you will enjoy! Be sure to look for her on my radio show in the coming month. Victory of The Light Radio Show Victory To The light Rob Potter

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The Sequence of Events Leading to the Event and Who Will Be Contacted?

Dear PFC,       The following question has been asked to Cobra. I have decided to answer this from my perspective. I am not answering for Cobra however I felt my response would be of interest to our readership! Rob Potter PFC Leadership Group This question is from a friend of mine who is a great light and known on Cobras Portal site as IAM LOVE! Cobra, Could you please provide some clarification for the Planetary Leadership & Council group about the sequence of events leading up to and during the Event ? Will the Resistance be contacting members prior to the Event and how will this also reconcile with the internet possibly not functioning in the moments after the Event. Thank you Victory Now ! Dear PFC,

        The sequence of event leading to the EVENT are happening every day and unfolding before your eyes. It is clear that no exact intelligence about this process will be revealed to the general public or PFC except through the various true disseminators of this information. We here feel cobra is one such source of information. There are many others and discernment is an important tool to use when trying to fathom the changes we are now going through as a planet and as a society. Cobra and his body of work to date answers the first question as far as he is able to share at this time.

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Geopolitics & Your Rights?

Coast to Coast Feb 19th with George Noory & Craig Hulet.  World Geopolitics, world corporations.  60% of our military is foreign recruits?  80% of McDonalds is overseas?  Africa is the new “Wild West”.  Who is the Regime – taking our sovereignty?

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The Significance of the Hydrogen Atom by Judy Beebe


The wonderful Jusdy Beebe shares her profound insight once again. This is an interview type exchange but it very positive about our future. This is some amazing info from Judy about the significance of the Hydrogen Atom:


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