What the Health – Preventing and reversing chronic diseases [A MUST SEE]

What the Health critically examines the relationship between the food systems supervised by the government and corporations. It exposes the corruption and collusion that causes large segments of the population to remain unhealthy and costs trillions of dollars in healthcare. Kip Anderson reveals the key to preventing and reversing the chronic diseases that many people grapple … Read more

15 Signs That The Middle Class In The United States Is Being Systematically Destroyed

If your family is really struggling right now, you are far from alone.  I have been publishing The Economic Collapse Blog for more than eight years, and all throughout that time I have seen the middle class in America get smaller and smaller and smaller.  It is almost as if we are all playing a really bizarre … Read more

Bayer to Drop Monsanto Name After $63 Billion Takeover

Bayer plans to complete its $63 billion acquisition of Monsanto on Thursday after receiving all required approvals from regulatory authorities. The German pharmaceutical company will also retire the St. Louis-based corporation’s 117-year-old name. “Bayer will remain the company name. Monsanto will no longer be a company name. The acquired products will retain their brand names and become part … Read more

101 Black Seed Oil Benefits & Uses for Better Health and Wellness for Life

The black seed has been around for ages, yet people are only now starting to learn about it. What makes this alure more powerful when first hearing about this seed is the fact that black seed oils benefits are critically examined and fully studied all around the world. It’s surprising to know how few are aware of … Read more

Farmers Switched to Organic After Pesticides Made Them or Their Families Sick

Some farmers transition to organic production to earn premium prices paid for organic crops. Others switch to make their farms more sustainable. But for some farmers transitioning to organic is a necessity to save their health—and even their lives. Blaine Schmaltz, who farms in Rugby, North Dakota, is a good example. One day in September 1993, Schmaltz … Read more

The Lowdown on Canola Oil

Here’s the lowdown. Think your cooking oil is safe and healthy? Canola oil producers claim that it’s the healthiest oil you can use, but science begs to differ. Unless significant weight gain and diminished memory are your idea of good health! This article was slightly adapted from an original article written by Sayer Ji of … Read more

Wipe Out Cancer for Under 100 Bucks? Wilder Claims Are Made.

I pulled the general ideas in this article from an anonymous commenter on an unrelated website.  The idea, Wipe Out Cancer, got me thinking. Why not research a few of these remedies for cancer, if you have a spare 30 minutes? See what YOU think.  Use discernment (your own wisdom plus your higher self). Wipe … Read more