Does The Pain Of Awakening Ever End?

By Lia Love, ‘You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing start.’ ~ Friedrich Nietzsche Many of us seem to be zooming in our evolutionary trajectory, and yet we are still experiencing emotional issues and feelings of fear, inadequacy and gut-level confusion. In this process of awakening, we arrive at certain … Read moreDoes The Pain Of Awakening Ever End?

Cobra Situation Update 05/15/2019

Situation Update At the moment of the last Archon invasion in January 1996, the dark forces have created three main dark wormhole entry points to collapse the planetary Light grid. These three dark wormhole entry points were: Bukavu, Lake Kivu,Congo Ljubljana, Slovenia Santa Monica, California , USA Ljubljana and Santa Monica were two Ascension vortexes … Read moreCobra Situation Update 05/15/2019

“Pulsating Anomalies In The Schumann Resonance And Sun”

By Gregg Prescott, M.S.   An interesting development has arisen in regard to the Schumann Resonance chart and our sun. While it is still unclear if the two are related, they both have similar attributes. Schumann Resonance The Schumann Resonance charts started showing an unusual pattern after the 2-3 hour blackout earlier in the month … Read more“Pulsating Anomalies In The Schumann Resonance And Sun”

Khazarian Jews Who Run US Foreign Policy ARE the Swamp

By Walter DuBlanica, Trump spoke of draining the swamp. It is no secret that many Ashkenazi Jews (AJ) live and work in the swamp. AJ’s have nothing to do with, nor are they genetically related to Biblical Sephardic Jews from the middle east and north Africa. In the early decade of the 1900’s 80% of … Read moreKhazarian Jews Who Run US Foreign Policy ARE the Swamp

“The Event… The Rapture… The Golden Age of Mankind”

“The Event… the Rapture… the Golden Age of mankind… whatever you want to call the massive energetic transformation that is physically shifting our solar system right now… it is not something happening to us. We are actively creating it by giving the light many more places to anchor into.” ~Eric Raines   Many religious and … Read more“The Event… The Rapture… The Golden Age of Mankind”

How Empires Fall: Moral Decay

By Charles Hugh Smith, There is a name for this institutionalized, commoditized fraud: moral decay.   Moral decay is an interesting phenomenon: we spot it easily in our partisan-politics opponents and BAU (business as usual) government/private-sector dealings (are those $3,000 Pentagon hammers now $5,000 each or $10,000 each? It’s hard to keep current…), and we’re suitably indignant when … Read moreHow Empires Fall: Moral Decay

Hero-Savior or Messiah Complex

By Lisa Rene, Controller Programs is a term used to describe multiple layers of Victimizer Mind Control that is used psychologically and emotionally to program humanity to think in polarizing thoughts of division, violence and hatred in order to believe in the fear based control systems that shape the death culture. The death culture is … Read moreHero-Savior or Messiah Complex

The Cancer Of The World – The Jesuit Order

The Jesuits never do anything out in the open where they can be exposed. If they are recognized as the culprits, they will be blamed and suffer the consequences, but if they can use someone else as the cause of the worlds problems, especially an enemy they can destroy in the process, then they have … Read moreThe Cancer Of The World – The Jesuit Order

Cobra Update: The High Priestess

By Cobra, On April 14th, 2019, full mysteries of the Goddess were finally anchored on the surface of this planet in a certain group, after centuries of suppression and after the last mysteries of Isis were completely discontinued at the Isis temple of Philae in the year 457 of the current era:… On April,14th, exactly … Read moreCobra Update: The High Priestess

Ayni, or Sacred Reciprocity: 5 Ways to Manifest True Abundance in Your Life

By Mateo Sol, Ayni is responsibility and respect. Ayni is love and compassion. Ayni is everything. And it is us. Reciprocity. – J. Wilcox Throughout the ages, shamanic tribes and traditions have all agreed on one thing which science confirms: life is one big pulsating field of energy. You and I are both part of … Read moreAyni, or Sacred Reciprocity: 5 Ways to Manifest True Abundance in Your Life