Why Do People Still Believe in Trump (Or Anyone in Government)? Will America Wake up in Time to Realize Government is Our Enemy, NOT Our Friend?

By Gary D. Barnett,   I think it is clear to most that the perception is that this country is split right down the middle. Every four years, an ‘election’ process is produced and directed by the U.S. Political Policy Cinema Studio to see which puppet will be selected to be the head puppet in … Read more

Government’s Own Jobs Report for October 2020 Says About 32% of Americans Are Unemployed

by Aegidius25 The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released its report on the unemloyment situation for October recently. I’ve long had a problem with the numbers this government agency puts out. Over the years they have been brazenly manipulated and much of the data it purports to show isn’t much more than a glorified guess. The report … Read more

Benjamin Fulford 11/9/20 Report: Biden and Fortune 500 Families Fall Into Trap

The ongoing U.S. presidential election coup is turning out to be a giant trap for the families that own the Fortune 500 companies, multiple sources agree.  It is only a matter of time before Joe Biden and his fellow criminals will be charged and tried for treason, Pentagon sources say. At the same time Western … Read more

Radu Cinamar and the Bucegi Mountains of Romania: Hall of Records from the Ancient Builder Race?

Suggested reading from one of our subscribers, from discerningvibes.wordpress.com: While perusing some books on Amazon, a book entitled Transylvanian Sunrise by Radu Cinamar and Peter Moon caught my eye. I flew through the pages and have since read the sequels, Transylvanian Moonrise and Mystery of Egypt: The First Tunnel. The next book in the series which I’m currently … Read more

COVID-19 Roadmap: 12 Step Plan To Create A Totalitarian “New World Order” – We’re On Number 8, Headed Towards Number 9!

By Tim Brown, One can step back from all the MK Ultra mind control through the propaganda of the mainstream media and lying politicians and clearly see that the CON-vid hysteria is the invisible enemy tyrants are using to push forward both the United Nations’ Agenda 21 and advance toward Agenda 2030. Below is ann … Read more

Democrats: ‘We Have a List, and You Will NEVER Work Again if You Helped Trump’

By Laura Steinberg, Democrats are creating a list of Donald Trump supporters and are vowing to destroy their lives. They believe Republicans must be punished for their sins of patriotism and conservative values. Is your name on the list? Democrats vow to punish Trump supporters The Democrats despise President Trump and his legion of loyal … Read more

In Unprecedented Move CDC Stops Tracking Influenza for 2020-21 Flu Season

by Brian Shilhavy, I have been covering the fraud that happens every year with how the CDC tracks incidents and deaths due to the annual influenza for almost a decade now. The numbers used each year to scare the public into getting the flu vaccine are based not on actual data, but estimates of number of … Read more