Melodysheep – learn science and spirituality in their music

The Youtube does not always work on this site.  If you go to youtube directly and put a search in for “Melodysheep” you can pull up some of their awesome music and re-mixes.  They are the best.  Enjoy

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I do not know if you realise the implications of this? We have been trying to reach mainstream media about so many different things and free energy is a very very big one and can have huge implications – HUGE! Here is Hopegirl’s message;


News of QEG Goes Main Stream!
Today April 22, 2015 a major news blast regarding free energy, the story of the QEG, Nikola Tesla and Fix the World has made its way onto main stream media websites. Perhaps for the first time, millions of average people will be learning about a grassroots movement where people are building their own energy efficient generators in hopes of taking their power back from the controlling power companies.
Breaking through main stream media blackout tactics is extremely difficult. Fix the World is proud that our hard work in this regard has finally paid off, and an average reader of main stream will finally have some truth to read. This has all been made possible by FTW/QEG supporters and donors and the many people who are building QEG’s in over 30 countries.
Our QEG story has been published on 224 main stream websites! Below are some screen shots. Thank you to all of our dedicated supporters who are making Fix the World and our projects effective, so we can all start to see some real change on this planet.

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Self Heal Emotional and Physical Ailments and Recognize Your True Potential

Join up with Vanaja Ananda and many magnificent soul sisters and brothers for a FREE distance healing meditation done globally twice per week in the comfort of your home- “I love myself unconditionally, and forgive myself completely.” Stay tuned on this Facebook page, and watch the following link to find out more!


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Akashic Records Report – Major Events Are About To Unfold


In a recent interview,  a woman with access to the Akashic Records stated there will be some major impending changes on our planet, including a change in power and a new currency in the near future.

When a person dies, they have a life review in which they see and experience their affect on others, which helps their spirit achieve mastery, she said. According to the information she received from “source” (i.e. the Akashic records), Earth was originally a paradise planet, but experienced a fall and moved into denser and denser vibrations. Many of the early spirit beings came here a mission to get the planet back on track, and a lot of them are reincarnated now in this lifetime, she reported. Our old world is dying as a new energy is in the process of manifesting on Earth, but we have to go through a kind of birth canal to get there, which causes a lot of unresolved issues to surface, she pointed out.

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Notes from Cobra and Isis Conference in Konstanz, 21st-22nd March 2015 – Part 4

This is the fourth part, written by Antares, translation by Inana. This was originally posted in German on

Click here for part 1
Click here for part 2
Click here for part 3

These are written as if Cobra and Isis were speaking, although these are not what they said word by word, but paraphrasing what they said. Cobra has read these notes and confirmed them.


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A Challenge from Little Grandmother

Everyone I imagine knows this beautiful lady? She is one of 12 Wisdom Keepers who have taken important roles upon themselves in our liberation process. This lady was an integral part of my re-awakening in 2010. Studying her work led me onto studying other mentors among them David Wilcock so that I had laid the ground so to speak regarding information about the Shift of the Ages when Cobra arrived on the scene. I then knew enough to understand that “this man knows what he’s taking about – this is someone who has information not available anywhere else – this is someone who can teach me more”.

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Cathar Music – Visions of Paradise on Earth

Here is a Cathar song in 432hz, performed by Consolament Ensemble, that holds codes of Light for the listener.

I and all the people i’ve shared it with have had such powerful experiences with it, creating visions of paradise on Earth, opening up the feeling that the shift is finally here, assisting in downloading soul codes, in connecting with our higher self, that i have decided to make a special post for it.

The Cathars started in the middle ages in south France, in the region where Magdalene landed, thanks to information that was passed down from her through generations. In the middle of so much obscurantism, they were reviving truth : women and men were equal priests and priestesses, sexuality was not repressed but considered sacred, etc. They prophetized the shift coming around this time, and have worked to prepare for it and make it happen.

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Evolve by Matthew Silver

Matthew Silver is a clown with a very positive and loving message with the potential to change the world. He’s already started :

See more here :

and here :

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Hello world – let’s dance

Healing with Balance

As explained previously, any problem, any disharmony, can be traced back to imbalance at its root, and therefore healed by bringing balance back.

The two polarities are masculine which is the active, individuality principle, and feminine which is the receptive, unity principle. Everything is unique and everything is one.

If you are afraid of the masculine, afraid of initiatives in such a way you do not differentiate between healthy and unhealthy ones, afraid of people reaching out to others, afraid of people expressing their fire and their truth even when it is done in a healthy constructive way, then you are not being receptive either, which means you are not being feminine either. Clearly, one polarity can not be suppressed without the other being suppressed also, and one polarity can not exist without the other.

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