A Veteran Tells the Truth about War


4 min to watch this – Thank you for telling the truth.  I feel there is such a higher percentage of PSTD in our veterans because what they are told to do in these “war for profit” wars – does not make sence to their soul – and they “split” from their heart.

and if you really want to understand the dilema – listen to Mark Passio

www.whatonearthishappening.com/       any podcasts on order-followers

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International Translators Request From PFC

doc of star trek
Bones…. “This dang unversal translator button wont work! Dammit Jim I’m a doctor not a Translator”

Dear PFC Family,

We here at PFC have been wanting to share our mission and information throughout the world and have available in as many languages as possible. This has been a goal of our since our inception and unfortunately there is not an easy way to do this. We have sought out tranlation software that can interface with our WordPress website that will automatically make every page translate automatically into a multiple of languages.Our beloved Nova Biscotti needs us to get it done so its time to ask you all to be a part of this effort if you are so called.

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Solar road Opens in the Netherlands


Solar road opens in the Netherlands

  • The world’s first road to convert sunlight into energy opens in the Netherlands
  • It’s a small patch of a bike path made of modules that include solar cells
  • The developer will use it as a test route for three years
  • Energy created by the road can power traffic and street lights or households, officials say

(CNN) — The world’s first road capable of turning sunlight into energy officially opened for traffic Wednesday in the Netherlands.

Turning highways … into power plants?

It’s actually a 230-foot-long bike path in the town of Krommenie.

The road is a test route developed by the company SolaRoad.

“SolaRoad is a world first that will put the Netherlands on the map as a leader in sustainable innovation,” said Henk Kamp, the Dutch minister of economic affairs, at the opening.

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The Prepare For Change Newsletter is Here! November 10, 2014 – Hawaii Updates


Getting the “Community Leaders Brief” Website Ready For The EVENT

After a lot of brainstorming, writing, and myriad discussions, we’ve finally arrived at a plan to build the “Community Leaders Brief” website – www.prepare4change.com – into a key reference resource for the time of the EVENT.  It will not be the only website, obviously, but what we’re aiming to do is to create downloadable materials and reference websites in various languages.  This is due in part to the foreknowledge that extremely high traffic at that time may cause one or more of the various websites to go down temporarily.

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Cobra Interview 5th November 2014


Thanks again to Cobra for taking the time, and providing great inspiring answers. Enjoy.


Interview Transcript

Untwine : You’ve explained that Ashtar is the twin flame of Ishtar

Cobra : Of Astara, Ashtar and Astara.

U : Is Ishtar a different one ?

C : It’s the same name but there are different variations of the same name in various cultures.

U : So Ishtar, Aphrodite, Venus, Isis, this is all the same being ?

C : Basically it’s the same being that had lived in late Atlantean times, and various cultures had different approach to that being and different ways of connecting.

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Ashtar Command and Sananda message to the ‘Prepare For Change’ Group


Greetings. I am your brother, Ashtar. I have not sat with this group in some time because there have been so many others who have been eager to sit with you in this manner. You are so fond to me and I am happy to be with you again. There is so much excitement in all planes right at this moment and yes, we called forth to Susan last night that she might turn her ear and her eye to us and allow us to fill her with the joyous messages that we bring today.

Ashtar3 with hand star

I am in the service of Lord Sananda and the Galactic mission that has been taking place. And yes, we seeded the conversation today so that you might explore many different aspects of what the messages would bring in this part of the afternoon. And it was important for me to share with Susan the difference in perspective that we hope to seed the planet with today. And yes, that is indeed a word that we used this morning for these are not only messages that would be delivered in this wonderful home and environment but we have seen this audience build exponentially through the sources that have picked the messages up and taken them worldwide. But in addition, it is a part of that mass consciousness and the shifting of the consciousness that has been brought upon this planet; not only from this group but from so many groups that have been bringing similar messages.

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The Prepare For Change Newsletter is Here! November 3, 2014



Are We There Yet?  (Just A Little Further!)

I do not think I am alone in having similar sentiments.  I personally had hoped the EVENT would happen by now, but based upon Cobra’s latest interview with Rob Potter and also the most recent Planetary Situation Update it appears that the last steps toward liberation are difficult and dangerous.

I had intended for the extra time to be used regarding additional EVENT preparations, but the month of October has not gone as planned.  This has been one of the most difficult energetic months I’ve experienced in my entire life.  Given that I have endured nearly two decades of severe depression earlier in my life, I believe that is a pretty strong and sobering statement.  Nonetheless, it has been forcing me into a period of introspection which has been necessary but painful.

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Floating Seawer Skyscraper Rids The World’s Oceans Of Plastic While Generating Clean Energy

Floating Seawer Skyscraper Rids The World’s Oceans Of Plastic While Generating Clean Energy


Seawer is a self-supported hydroelectric power station that can generate electricity using seawater at the same time that it cleans up plastic waste. The huge structure separates plastic particles and fluids, recycles seawater and releases it back into the ocean.

The structure receives energy from the sun, ocean and plastics and moves slowly from one polluted area to the next. The project received an honorable mention in the 2014 eVolo Skyscraper Competition.

Millions of tons of trash enter the ocean each year and cluster in particular areas of the world’s oceans. One of the most infamous plastic debris patches is located in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre, commonly referred to as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP).

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The Secret life of Government paid Trolls – 15 rules for trolls


Secret Playbook of Internet Trolls – 15 rules of web disruption

1.  Start a partisan divide and conquer fight

2.  Pretend it’s hopeless because we’ll all  be squashed if we try

3.  Demand fool-proof solutions and guaranteed solutions to the problems being discussed

4.  Suggest extreme over the top, counter productive solutions that will hurt more than help

5.  Pretend alternative media are untrustworthy and motivated solely by money

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Why Iceland Should Be In The News, But Is Not


Why Iceland Should Be In The News, But Is Not

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