Archons, Mount Shasta Movie – info here

In the first half, author and filmmaker Jay Weidner talked about the entities known as archons, as well as his research into the mysteries, and mythic back stories of Mount Shasta (featured in his latest movie “Shasta“). Archons were described in the ancient Nag Hammadi texts as parasitic off-world beings who came to Earth and invaded the minds of certain humans, and over the years, many of these invaded humans have risen to positions of power throughout society, Weidner stated. The Archons try to create situations with as much bloodshed, agony, and chaos as possible, as they feed off human fear, he explained. “The Gnostics would tell us this was not going on before the Archon invasion of about 3,500 to 6,000 years ago…and this is the cause of all of our strife,” he added.

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PFC Daily/Weekly Update‏

Dear PFC,

I am going to try and provide some relevant information on a daily or weekly basis. I make no claim to the accurracy of these stories as these have all come from the public domain on the internet. I personally feel there is more truth in some these postings than you will find on MSM media, however you must come to your conclusions.

This information presented is not to incite fear or anger or revenge or any negative thinking in your minds. I intend these links to provoke awareness and critical thinking toward our planets problems at this time. This site does not endorse or promote any political agenda or viewpoint of any of these sources nor the articles themselves. We do  promote non violent postive changes in our world through self realization, community outreach education and service. We also hope to support the lawful arrest of criminals in the worlds banking and political infrastructure during the EVENT.

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Beloved Human Family, Greetings, Hello, and Good Day!

Beloved Human Family , Greetings, Hello and Good Day!

Our weekly message will reflect some current events , some human history and some inspiring knowledge/wisdom for your everyday living.

Prepare for Change gathering at Eduardo`s office on Easter Sunday was awesome. There were about 40 beautiful people of all ages.We were definitely like a true Family of Light – meditating together, sharing our thoughts, observing Max`s informative orgone demonstration, being healed by the use of the Tibetan Buddhist`s mantras, meditating again for the Portal opening , sharing food, hugging and just being together in joy .
True sense of belonging was all around the big room.There was magic in the air, some tears of gratitude and happiness in the circle of light beings.Wish you were all there.

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Greetings from Renaissance Group Co-chairs Raissa and Dov

world treeNewsCrop We heard that the energies were going to be intense with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and it seems like that was the case. And this is just the first of the four Blood Moons… Interesting times ahead…all to activate change through this year and the next. Hopefully this will open doors to advancement in society from bottom to top regarding our technologies, our compassion, our abilities to live in harmony on Earth. Both Raissa and myself were at the very first Laguna Cobra Conference I personally had a profound experience on top of the hill where we all gathered to meditate and prepare for the opening of the conference. Cobra led us in a walking portal activation on the grassy park and and then we all gathered in a circle, and spoke aloud our intentions for planetary transformation.  After, that we were meditating with our eyes closed, and I happened to open my eyes, and noticed that Isis was directly across from me and at the same moment saw a streak of light that arched and swept across the sky directly overhead. After I mentioned what I saw and Isis said she saw it too, which Cobra remarked, yes, our Galactic Brothers and sisters are in the skies above us and connecting with us as we were doing the activation. Since that time, there have been many other portal activations at various sacred places around the world. Raissa and I are just beginning to head up the Renaissance Group and we are delighted each week to share with you some of the inspiring art and music that are the visuals and soundtracks for this new Renaissance. To get the ball rolling, we would like to share with you something that I recently put together, a music video called ‘Power of the Sun’. This song from my upcoming CD ‘Dream with the Earth’ celebrates our magnificent Sun, and the opportunity it brings to energize our power grid as we transition away from ‘fossil fuel’ into sustainable energies such as solar energy, free energy and wind, waves and beyond.   The second link is a rendition of battle hymn of the republic, galactic style, which address the grand reunion with our galactic brothers and sisters. And this link is to connect us with the energy of Mermaids in Dov’s song, Mermaid Caverns. We invite you to use this video and peaceful music to feel your connection to the underwater worlds, and to visualize  healing energies, to sweep like currents and restore the pristine qualities that existed for millennia. We invite you to sit quietly and as you listen, picture connecting with all the elementals and nature energies in the oceans, forests, and across the world so we can begin greater dialogue and connection, nurturing our planet. We invite you to submit ideas for future newsletters to share with everyone, and do your part in raising your own vibration awakening the new Renaissance. Make each day Brilliant! Raissa and Dov

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Media Group Newsletter #5

Greetings and Aloha Everyone from Judi and Irene of the Media Group



A Message of Love from St. Germain, Sananda/Jesus and Prime Creator

St. Germain:
Yes, Beloved Ones, the portal to Ascension is indeed in your heartminds. Your attention to the Harmonic Ascension Portal for all has focused your attention on your wish to be of service and your wish to ascend as soon as possible. This is a success.

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The Global Happiness Project

On March 21st, 2014 this invitation was sent to numerous grass-roots leaders around the world…

Open Invitation to All Elders and Guides of
The Global Social Change Movement

Dear Guide for Social Change,

On behalf of The Global Happiness Project, and with deep respect and gratitude for your inspirational work, we, the peace-loving people of Earth, humbly come to you as a vast, diverse and unifying collective with a singular invitation. Yes, we are many.

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The Foundation For The Prepare For Change Healing Group

Lao-Tze“If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.”
– Lao Tzu

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A Work of Art

Have you ever been to an art exhibit, looked at a painting and thought, “I can do that!” or “A five year old child can do that!” I’m sure we’ve all had at least one moment of frustration while looking at art and not being able to figure out what the heck it is. But have you ever proclaimed, “That is so easy, even a mammal can do that!” Yes an animal can paint.

Don’t believe? Well you have to check out this video of a 4 year old elephant painting a self portrait. Truly amazing.

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What’s up with The Event and Stuffs?

There’s been recent talk about the coming “event” such as what is it? What will happen? Who is behind it? And more importantly when will it happen? Various sources have said it will happen very soon, some actually claim a date in 2014 but we (those who are awake and aware) have all heard this information before as early as the 1950’s.

The truth is no one on this planet knows when the event will happen period. All we should be doing is preparing ourselves but the sad fact is that a lot of people are simply waiting. They are waiting for things to happen, waiting to be told what to do, waiting for someone to save them. We have a beautiful thing called freewill but unfortunately it can also destroy us. If all we are doing is waiting, we will wait for eternity. If we do nothing for ourselves how can we expect someone else to do it all for us? How can we expect outside help to be the only way out of this matrix?

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This topic is one of the hardest to discuss. So much that right now I’m thinking of not saying a word and go on with my daily life. Yet how can I go on when there are so many things I see, hear and experience that are bothering me? They make it difficult for me to keep my inner peace.

I know, I must talk now, so that I will not say to myself: “You coward! You could at least give it a try. What if there are many who think like you, who feel like you yet they are waiting for somebody ELSE to be the first one? Do your duty. Do your “bad” service to others, and be ready to be attacked. Be the Way Shower.” So. Here I Go.

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