Wealth Inequality (And why you should care)

      In the first half, Peter Phillips, sociology professor and recent past director of Project Censored, joined John B. Wells to discuss wealth inequality, the power elite, threats to the democratic process and independent journalism. “The richest 85 people control the same amount of wealth as the bottom 3.5 billion people,” Phillips reported, noting … Read moreWealth Inequality (And why you should care)

Website Help for Prepare Leaders

Dear Prepare  Team Members, This website now has all of the Languages up and running. We expect much more traffic and our interaction with the worlds light workers will also increase. We are looking for some volunteers to help our team leaders with some simple and basic tasks on wordpress. These are the skils we … Read moreWebsite Help for Prepare Leaders

Daily News From PFC Leadership

Dear Readers, I am going to try and provide some relevant information on a daily or weekly basis. I make no claim to the accurracy of these stories as these have all come from the public domain on the internet. I personally feel there is more truth in some these postings than you will find … Read moreDaily News From PFC Leadership

Los Angeles Group Announces Regular Sunday Meetings

Prepare for Change Los Angeles Eduardo Hernandez and Ed Spina have announced that they are hosting a regular meeting of the Prepare for Change Network every Sunday on Los Angeles city. The first meeting will be on this Sunday, September 29 at 11h AM. After this first meeting, the group will organize weekly meetings on … Read moreLos Angeles Group Announces Regular Sunday Meetings