What Science Is Telling Us About The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence

This article What Science is Telling Us About the Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence goes into detail about a subject long known by poets and mystics. The heart responds to the others around us to harmonize our entire beings and increase our sense of security and well-being. The Youtube video below is very informative.


From Collective-Evolution.com

The wonderful and brilliant scientists over at the Institute of HeartMath have done some amazing work in shedding light on some very significant findings regarding the science of the heart.

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The Power of Group Meditation

On Chopra.com, Deepak Chopra M.D.  explains the Power of Group Meditation, something practiced weekly by the members of Prepare for Change Network. While our group focus is toward global peace and the evolution of consciousness this article presents its many benefits for its practitioners. If ay one needs to know the reasons why we meditate every week this article will give them a good education.


By Deepak Chopra

Meditation has so many advantages that it’s become more popular than ever. Health, well-being, and mental processes improve with meditation and, over time, the benefits increase steadily. If meditation works so well for an individual, perhaps that power is amplified in a group. It could accelerate and expand everything. Let’s go into the possibilities.

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❤ The Prepare For Change Newsletter is Here! June 5, 2015


Judi’s Snapshots from Contact in the Desert 2015

My good friend Dave Norwoods raved about the Contact in the Desert Conference in Joshua Tree last year. He said, “Judi, you have to go to it next year!” So when my friend Paul, who was one of the producers, asked me if I would join the MC team to introduce the speakers at the conference I said “Sure, why not!”

Since all of the accommodations had already been booked at the beautiful Joshua Tree Retreat Center, I had to bring my tent and Paul asked me to bring my bike as well as he said the speaking rooms were scattered quite some distance all over the Joshua tree Retreat Center Campus.

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An Important Call to All Lightworkers + Sisterhood of the Rose Groups

An Important Call to All Lightworkers + Sisterhood of the Rose Groups

The one thing that we are going to need at the time of the Event is CALMNESS + PEACEFUL LOVING HARMONIOUS ENERGY. Because of this the Light Resistance Movement has requested that at the time of the Event all Sisterhood of the Rose groups meet, meditate for a peaceful transition and invoke Goddess energies of Love and harmony. Cobra has explained to us that these groups are working in alignment with the feminine aspect of The Event just as the Event Support groups work with the masculine aspect. It is important to understand the absolute necessity of both of these groups work so that balance will be achieved in our transition period at the time. However most of the Event Support groups gather to meditate and so the Event Support Groups incorporate both the feminine and masculine aspects of the work.

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The Prepare For Change Newsletter is Here! May 8, 2015 ❤


PFC Renaissance Group Transmission

Greeting from Dov and Raissa of the Renaissance Group.

I personally have gone to some amazing shows…from Opera to Orchestra to Opera Rock..

Here in LA… The opera was about Hercules performed by the LA Opera, a new score redone to the movie Hercules and the Haunted World, by Mario Bava, who broke a lot of ground in filmmaking as he was a cinematographer and his visuals are stunning, and the new score by Patrick Morganelli, which was played live by the Opera Orchestra and sung live by the opera cast brought this film back from the dead, which was the same challenge Hercules faced in the storyline. The opera’s words matched the talking of the films actors, which included Christopher Lee, and it was humorous and also very dramatic.

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Participate in PFC – Activate your mission !

We are in a process of bringing more life into our site ! PFC is not centered on any location or any individual, it is an open-source movement even though it has very clear objectives.

If you resonate, and would like to contribute your talent in your domain of expertise, please write an article and send it to us !

Please specify what the article is about :

And send it to us at the following email address:  participate@prepareforchange.net

Or use our Article Submissions form.

Thank you !


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Notes from Cobra and Isis Conference in Konstanz, 21st-22nd March 2015 – Part 4

This is the fourth part, written by Antares, translation by Inana. This was originally posted in German on Transinformation.net

Click here for part 1
Click here for part 2
Click here for part 3

These are written as if Cobra and Isis were speaking, although these are not what they said word by word, but paraphrasing what they said. Cobra has read these notes and confirmed them.


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Cathar Music – Visions of Paradise on Earth

Here is a Cathar song in 432hz, performed by Consolament Ensemble, that holds codes of Light for the listener.

I and all the people i’ve shared it with have had such powerful experiences with it, creating visions of paradise on Earth, opening up the feeling that the shift is finally here, assisting in downloading soul codes, in connecting with our higher self, that i have decided to make a special post for it.

The Cathars started in the middle ages in south France, in the region where Magdalene landed, thanks to information that was passed down from her through generations. In the middle of so much obscurantism, they were reviving truth : women and men were equal priests and priestesses, sexuality was not repressed but considered sacred, etc. They prophetized the shift coming around this time, and have worked to prepare for it and make it happen.

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