Community Leaders Brief: FAQ 7 Planetary Geophysical Changes

Category 8:  Planetary Geophysical Changes

Community Leaders Brief: Frequently Asked Questions

Directory to the 10 Planetary Leaders Group General Categories with Positive and Negative Aspects for:

  1. Consciousness Shift & Changes:  Video titled Secrets inPlain Sight and others
  2. Environmental Effects:  Chemicals, Chemtrails, Deforestation/Clear Cutting, EMFs, HAARP, Hormone Disruption (Phthalates), Nuclear, Pacific Ocean, Petroleum, etc.
  3. Financial:  NESARA, St. Germain Trust, Bkgd on Rothchilds, Financial Tyranny,
  4. Health Effects: Vaccines, GMOs, Excitotoxins, HEAVY METALS: Fluoride, Chlorine, Mercury
  5. History – Hidden:   True, but hidden history, throughout the planet, that we never learned.
  6. New Technologies & Science:  Electric Universe, Kesha Foundation, Nanotech, etc.
  7. Political:  New Scientist article, Agenda 21, 911, USA Inc., Catholic Church,
  8. Planetary –  Geo Changes:  Pole Shift, Solar System in Center of Milky Way Galaxy,
  9. Miscellaneous: Videos and websites emphasizing solutions to outstanding problems.
  10. Information on ETs: Citizen Hearings, Documentaries, Sirius, etc.

 Category 8:  Planetary Geophysical Changes

Magnetic Pole Shift
“Earth’s Magnetic Field Wobbles to the East”:

and a good Directory with many articles:’s_Magnetic_Pole_Shift

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Community Leaders Brief: FAQ 8 Citizen Solutions for the Planet

Event  Brief 9 : Citizen Solutions for the Planet

“How to Fix the World” Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

“Thrive” movie:

“Hollow Earth” Documentary:

These news websites regularly post information about Citizen Solutions for the Planet

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Who are “WHITE HATS?”

Who are “WHITE HATS?”

The “White Hats” is an allegorical reference to the “good guys” taken from American movie tradition, in which the good cowboys always wore white hats and the bad guys (bandits, rustlers, land baron thugs) wore black hats.

It has been used to refer to the secret group of government and agency personnel working on behalf of the people in regard to the cabal since the late nineties. It originated in the letters written by a person then known as “the Dove” who began to make public the secret law known as NESARA, she referred  to her sources as “white hats”. NESARA was a real law created as a result of a law suit lost by the US Government and the banks in 1993, and NESARA was to resolve this legal issue. A special team of US Naval personnel were tasked with implementing it and their efforts eventually were to culminate in its announcement in September of 2001. George Bush Sr. pulled strings to set them up to be murdered and the implementation stopped.

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Leap for Love

Leap for Love: Why We Need to Seek the Truth

The story we are revealing here may be completely made up. Or not. That is up to you alone to decide. After many months of research and study we discovered what we are writing here. But it is solely our perception. Nobody forces you to believe it. For us it is just a way to provide you with a guide to do your own research for what is hidden for most people behind the veil of normality.

We are in the center of a massive leap in evolution

Soon we will be able to experience many new stunning technologies, dramatically increase our personal abilities and our health, clean the surface and the atmosphere of our dear mother Earth, travel through (deep) space, see the birth of a new fair economical system and replace poverty and famine by wellbeing, abundance and freedom for every human on the planet. Sound pretty much like paradise, doesn’t it. Or even better like Utopia. Something that maybe will evolve over a very long period of time. You may even think you will not live to see this happen in your lifetime because history shows these things take time, a lot of time….

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Portland Oregon Event Support Group forming

Greetings from Portland, Oregon!

Exciting times are upon us! We are blessed to be able to participate in one of the greatest Shifts of the Ages. Many gathering here have been consciously preparing for this time for decades, whereas others have been more recently called to awakening. Wherever each individual lies within the spectrum of Light, each is a precious part of the whole: a unique expression of Divine Essence. It is through this that we are weaving a magnificent tapestry of Oneness, to enable humanity and our beautiful planet Earth, to transition together into the Golden Age of Peace.

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ESG Leader in Loutraki, Korinthia, Greece

Vicky Drosou is a Leader in Loutraki, Korinthia Greece
Vicky Drosou is a Leader in Loutraki, Korinthia Greece

Vicky Drosou from the City of Loutraki, in Korinthia, Greece

I have always wanted a different world. One day I found this site, created by people working to liberate the world from what we perceive to be evil, led  by a man whose codename is Cobra. Their vision, creating a new and fair financial system, with all debts canceled, prosperity funds for humanitarian projects released, advanced technologies introduced, ecosystem healed, and working with people whose life purpose is the good of humanity and the planet Earth, is also mine.

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America’s Secret History: 5 Important Facts You Were Never Taught In School

By Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri, Guest Writer for Wake Up World.

“We are either going to have a future where women lead the way to make peace with the Earth, or we are not going to have a human future at all.” ~ Dr. Vandana Shiva

History, as the saying goes, “belongs to the victor.” Oftentimes, this unfortunately, results in biased and totally distorted history. In my own American archival research, I have discovered that the American history we continue to learn in both public and private schools and universities has been drastically manipulated.

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America’s Invisible Crises – Connecting the Dots

Originally published on GeoEngineering Watch, on July 2, 2013.


©Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri,
June 14, 2013

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Part 1:

Part 2:

This is the first time in human history that we face a constant, deliberate, and multi-pronged assault on our health. There are 100,000 chemicals on the market today. Most have never been tested for human and/or animal safety. So, we continue to be un-informed guinea pigs for military and governmental hidden agendas. Added to these are chemical-based hormone disruptors, brain excitotoxins, and the now chronic exposure to the EMF spectrum and aerosol Chemtrails. These are ALL implicated in and destroying our ability to be healthy, to think clearly, and to function well. There is no place on our beleaguered planet that is safe.

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Brain Damage: Vaccines, Heavy Metals, & GMOs

Originally published on Conscious Life News, on June 7, 2013.

©Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri,
All photos ©John Graf
June 7, 2013

Three years ago, I wrote an article linking early signs of brain dysfunction/damage with the toxic ingredients in Chemtrails.


This is one of the most dangerous, covert, and global operations to which we have ever been exposed. It is a major contributing factor to our diminished cognitive functions. However, it is not the only source of harm. When we begin to connect the dots to the thousands of unsafe and often highly toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and hormone disruptors to which we are exposed daily, we then can collectively see that this is not just a one-issue health crisis we face. Rather, with corporations allowed free reign to poison us with impunity [the new Monsanto protection bill is the latest crime against us], we do not have any way to have any redress of decades of grievances. The ramifications of this are enormous.

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Do You Want To Be RFID Chipped? Obama’s “Health Care”

Originally published on, on June 2, 2013.

©Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri,
May 29, 2013

America’s Invisibile Crises – Connecting the Dots.

Modern technology is growing by leaps and bounds. The corporate-controlled media extolls its virtues, but does not cover the known harm of its dark side. Most of this technology goes unchecked for human safety. The following is a short synopsis of the hazards of several invisible technologies that are already an unreported and grave danger to all of us.


For example, nano-technology, including nano-biotechnology, brought in $2.13 billion to corporations in 2012; but consumers are never told of the many dangers they pose. It is estimated by next year (2014), this unregulated industry may be worth $24 billion.

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