Inspiring Woman Growing a Huge Amount of Food in a Tiny Backyard in the City

The Plummery is a suburban home where a tiny urban permaculture garden measuring only 100sq/m (1076 sq feet) produces over 400kg/900 pounds of food year-round. Kat Lavers describes her approach to gardening, including vertical and biointensive growing, and how important it is – and possible! – for city dwellers to be food resilient in the … Read more

Plant Based Diet Benefits

PLANT BASED DIET BENEFITS: Get 11 Amazing ~~HEALTH Benefits~~ in our plant-based beginner’s article guide! *SEE NOW* Get started eating a whole-food plant-based diet and get amazing health and nutrition plant based diet benefits! Plant based diet foods can be healthy for heart, prostate, cancer, disease, etc. Get started eating plant-based and enjoy plant based diet … Read more

10 Meditation Tips to Wipe Out Negativity

By Guest Writer Samuel Alfie, A lot of psychologists and experts in different fields always tell us some key interesting facts about meditation. It has been found that roughly 200 to 500 million people in the world meditate. Negativity is one area that is constantly pitched in different meditation questions and answers. Negative thoughts and … Read more

China Announces New Rules That Classify Dogs as Pets, Not Food, Citing “Progress of Civilization”

The draft guidelines cited “the progress of human civilization and the public’s concern and preference for animal protection” as reason for the change. By Elias Marat, China is taking steps toward officially banning the trade of dog meat, potentially saving millions of dogs from being slaughtered every year. A new draft being considered by the … Read more

Cabal CV War Intel with Laura Eisenhower, John DeSouza, Mike Bara and Dr. Michael Salla

In these uncertain times knowledge is power. Information is vital to understanding. Becoming conscious requires asking questions. In this discussion with some of the alternative media’s highest regarded investigators and seekers Dr. Michael Salla, John DeSouza, Laura Eisenhower and Mike Bara they go around the world with insight from intelligence sources and uncover items miles … Read more


By John Vibes, In most of the world, the cities and their architecture were not designed with the environmental impact in mind. Until quite recently, humans were unaware of the effect that they had on the environment, but now that our capabilities to cause damage have become so great, the fact has become impossible to … Read more

Love is Letting Go of the Fear! Mastering the matrix-like mutation, collective consciousness virus.

It has been 20 years, a Mayan Katun cycle, since the last collective fear virus has engulfed your world and tried to attack your spiritual growth. This was the Y2K event that was feared would stop your world in an instant.  Some panicked and filled their bunkers with supplies to sustain life.  Others could see … Read more

Mexican president vows to bail out the poor, not big companies, in coronavirus response

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Monday he would focus his response to the coronavirus outbreak on helping the poor rather than major companies as the virus spreads in Mexico, and that he would unveil more details on Tuesday. Officials counted 367 cases on Monday, up from 316 the … Read more