Tips For Using Writing For Self-Healing

By Guest Writer Chloe M. Bennet, Just like the old suggestion that, if you are ever feeling angry about a situation, you write a letter and then throw it away, writing can be an incredibly therapeutic tool. Expressing yourself on paper has a range of benefits, including allowing you to organize your thoughts on a … Read more

Cobra Update: The High Priestess

By Cobra, On April 14th, 2019, full mysteries of the Goddess were finally anchored on the surface of this planet in a certain group, after centuries of suppression and after the last mysteries of Isis were completely discontinued at the Isis temple of Philae in the year 457 of the current era:… On April,14th, exactly … Read more

The Hidden Secrets of Notre Dame and the Parisii of Isis

By Moe, Around 250 BC, the Celts settled on the site which was to become the ancient city of Lutetia (Lutetia Parisiorum, “Lutetia of the Parisii”),’ and today is known as the city of Paris. It was named after a tribe of Celts known as the Parisii during the Roman era of the 1st to the 4th … Read more

Personal Notes of Soul Family Cobra Conference, Budapest

By peterpansblog, Disclaimer: These notes are my own interpretation of what I heard Cobra present at the Soul Family Conference in Budapest, on March 16th and 17th. Some info may be missing due to slow hand writing and some info may not be totally accurate due to the tiredness of my mind. Both of the above … Read more

Two Weeks in Palestine: Miko Peled Travels a Land as Oppressed as it is Beautiful

Miko Peled recounts his travels through occupied Palestine. From Tarshiha to Hebron, Peled highlights the stark juxtaposition between the beauty of the land, and the ugliness of its occupation. by Miko Peled,   CCUPIED PALESTINE  — The beauty of Palestine in late February and particularly after a few spots of rain is unmatched. Lush green and almond … Read more

The Elohim – Mastering your Mastery via Adele Arini – 27 February 2019

Channeled by: Adele Arini.,   Greetings our beloved light-workers, It is time that we play a bigger part of your life from this moment onward. We are the Elohim. Our name is synonymous with God, Supreme Creator & Source of ALL. In this vast Kingdom of God, we are the Beings who get sent out … Read more

The Truth Of Our Purpose – Astro Theology

Manly Palmer Hall was a Canadian-born author and mystic. He is most famous for his work, The Secret Teachings of All Ages: An Encyclopaedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy, which is widely regarded as his magnum opus, and which he published at the age of 27.

Coming Out Of The Consciousness Closet! What To Do When You’re The Only One Awake!

By Nanice Ellis, When everyone you know and love is asleep and you’re the only one awake, the world can sure seem lonely and even unfriendly at times. While the concept of awakening can have many definitions, in a nutshell, awakening can be summarized as the rising of consciousness, and this means that regardless of … Read more

Little Thoughts about Big Energy: The Goddess

I recently did a search on Cobra’s blog using the simple word: goddess. The rise of goddess energy is going to help women, but it will help men just as much. The goddess energy that is rising on the planet is not simply empowering women.   The goddess is exposing hypocrisy and stamping out oppression.  … Read more

Light Workers Prepare Yourself For These Changes As We Experience Quantum Upgrades

The 444 synchronicity activation is in the process of getting triggered. Lightworkers, earth warriors, volunteers, prepare yourself to integrate these upgrades in your life. No more facades or masks, it is the time to be your true self. 1. Being able to connect to very high frequencies of lighter energies. 2. Very clear and lucid … Read more