Sananda ~ The Great Event is Coming

Caveat: As this is a channelled message I am advised to ask for reader discretion. By Adele Arini My dearest friends, It is with great delight, joy and immense love that I bring you the biggest update in recent times. The time is NOW for ALL (who are ready) to return to LOVE. You, my beloved … Read moreSananda ~ The Great Event is Coming


Those that are choosing to participate in ascension on Gaia, are going into a “heightened awareness” of Unity Consciousness. And this means that as we remember our inherent, Unity Consciousness, we return to perceiving the reality in a vastly expanded way. This is why the “knowledge” gained during this transition is exponential, compared to the … Read moreTHE BEAUTY OF UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS


This is a very broad topic, but can basically be summed up under two headings: possessions and atheism. The lust for material possessions has been aided and abetted by the rich life style of the last century having and living, at least for countries in the West. However, the so-called “have-not” (third world?) lands, there … Read moreMATERIALISM: POSSESSIONS AND ATHEISM 

Needing to Be in a Space of Forgiving at All Times.

It’s easier that way. Instead of wasting time being upset by something someone says or does, and then later coming to the insight that we will need to forgive them why not decide right now to BE always in that forgiving mode. Forgive everyone everything. Now if you react in disagreeing with me here believe … Read moreNeeding to Be in a Space of Forgiving at All Times.