Victory of The Light

The Lightworkers / Lightwarriors are the Key to the Shift of the Ages / The Event We were informed by Cobra in March of 2016 that the focused work by the Light Forces of the removal of strangelet and toplet bombs created a very strong reaction from the Chimera group who ordered the Archons to … Read more Victory of The Light

New Babylon

Read if you have eyes, see if you have the mind to know. This is part of the secret projects, in fact, everything she outlined was all related to (un)acknowledged special access programs, as is EVERYTHING THAT I POST. The hammer was found, and was used. The deal was placed, and was lost. The vaults … Read more New Babylon

Clear Away Injury and Pain – Saint Germaine

TZ here; Because this post is channelled material I am advised to ask for reader discretion. January 7, 2017 On our January 7th bi-monthly Saturday call, St. Germaine re-gifted us with the torch of his Violet Flame so that we can clear away the injury and pain caused by the energies of war, the energies of … Read more Clear Away Injury and Pain – Saint Germaine

This is what you will do to save Earth. To Save Earth, Visualize

Visualization also works through harmonics. Visualization is harmonics. Link from David Hopkins You will visualize the successive transmission of energy from the base of your being into the highest most refined layer. The visualization of color frequency tone, will occur alone or with conscious generation of sound frequency tone. When these combine and erect … Read more This is what you will do to save Earth. To Save Earth, Visualize

“Tough Love” – Republic Update – November 14, 2016

“Tough Love” Republic Update Monday November 14, 2016 ———- “Tough love and brutal truth from strangers are far more valuable than Band-Aids and half-truths from invested friends, who don’t want to see you suffer any more than you have.” — Shannon L. Alder ———- Aloha Currency Holders, This post will be very difficult for many.  … Read more “Tough Love” – Republic Update – November 14, 2016

We See ~ Perceive ~ but We Do Not Take Part in the Chaos

We recently received some very good advice from Saint Germain to help us to navigate these times of turmoil. Recently Cobra mentioned how things would start to speed up as we approach the time of transition. No doubt when this happens the level of stress for people in general will increase. If we are to … Read more We See ~ Perceive ~ but We Do Not Take Part in the Chaos

Anchoring Goddess Energies on Gaia

A final clearing of the old 3D energies is now taking place on Gaia. Any remnants of the old outworn negative 3D energies that might then still remain will be wiped away in one go by the Event Flash / Galactic Love Wave energies on the day of The Event. We just learned from Cobra … Read more Anchoring Goddess Energies on Gaia

St. Germaine: Celebrate Freedom!!!

July 3, 2016 by Steve Beckow St. Germaine, July 1, 2016, Saturday Conference Call, Council of Love Greetings, I am St. Germaine, Keeper of the I AM, Keeper of the Violet Flame, and yes, dearest Joe, keeper of the tequila although I do not recall ever having that substance during the time I walked the … Read more St. Germaine: Celebrate Freedom!!!