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ancientetsAncient ETs & Spiritual Evolution

Host:George Noory
Guests:David WilcockJames Sanders

Filmmaker, author and researcher, David Wilcock, discussed a variety of topics including ancient civilizations and ETs, the secret space program, Genesis & End Times, as well as spiritual information about soul growth, ascension, and the evolution of consciousness. According to his “insider” contacts, the secret space program has conducted missions not known by the public, including a visit to the rings of Saturn, which are a kind of ruins. What they found there were the remains of gigantic rooms made out of glass-like material that were designed for people 70-100 ft. tall, he revealed.

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OK I just have to say that the first PFC Community interview is fantastic and you should absolutely read / listen to it. I’ve been involved in this community for quite a while now but although I already knew the answer to many of the questions I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Actually I have not been able to listen to it and could not access the sound version but I’m sure it will be available?

Congratulations all round to Judi, Angel eyes, Raissa and Dov and anyone else involved for a great job. Some things do need to be repeated as there are new readers arriving on the site continually and I think that this interview covers many of the basic questions along with some new info.

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UFO – caught on tape

Terra Papers – Hidden History of Planet Earth –

by Robert Morning Sky 1996

This is an actual video of Robert Morning Sky presenting the Terra Papers to an audience during his yearlong world tour

Below is from Scribd Website


We are not alone. The astronomers are wrong. The scientists are wrong. They are here, but we cannot see them because they hide. They hide…in plain sight. We are their servants, we are their slaves, we are their property….we are theirs. ROBERT MORNING SKY

In time, the Star Being would come to trust the six.

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“Are you concerned about your vaccine rights? The government is pushing hard for ‘mandatory policies’ – here’s what you need to know”

pfclogoillusLet’s start with the undeniable (scientific) truth about vaccines – they fail to prevent disease and are NOT the reason that small pox, polio plus other infectious disease rates have declined. If fact, it is quite clear that vaccinations – filled with toxic ingredients like mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde – actually cause sickness and premature death.

  • Medical doctors warn the public about the dangers of vaccines –

“My suspicion, which is shared by others in my profession, is that the nearly 10,000 SIDS deaths that occur in the United States each year are related to one or more of the vaccines that are routinely given children. The pertussis vaccine is the most likely villain, but it could also be one or more of the others.” – Robert Mendelsohn, M.D.

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This Is My Family – My Community and We Are So Strong And We Have the Highest of Ideals

Hi there this is Therese Zumi speaking. I have been working with Cobra and this community since the autumn of 2012. I have been invited to be an author here on Prepare for Change. Isn’t that amazingly fantastic good news we have just received from Cobra informing us that all of the physical bombs are now deactivated? Things are really speeding up! As you will all be aware we are now in what we call the Breakthrough phase. You will also have heard that the codename for Cobra comes from the expression Compression Breakthrough which is another term for The Event. Right now we are in the middle of a so called ‘window of opportunity’ which lasts until March 17th. In a recent interview Cobra mentioned that the Event could happen at any time and does not necessarily have to occur within a ‘window’ but simply put we would have a smoother Event process during a window timeframe.
Our goal now is adapting to our situation until the Breakthrough liberates us forever from thousands of years of imprisonment here. We must proceed correctly, with awareness and even caution. Our standards and goals are the highest and we must be careful of allowing ourselves to be influenced by those with ulterior motives especially now as this Breakthrough phase is the final battle phase between Light and darkness. We must be awake and aware and keep an open mind to all incoming information. Our enemies will do all that they can to attempt to create disputes and cause separation between Lightworkers. You can be sure that they will be active right up until the last minute, until they no longer have any choice. There are many different people bringing their gifts and talents and creativity to this website at this time and though we should strive to work independently we can also lean on and be inspired by one another. I have decided to start this author role by re-posting here two recent articles from my blog. One will show the importance of having a community to rely on and the second is a reminder of Cobra’s recent suggestion that we should focus upon where we are going. I hope that you will enjoy these two posts, Therese Zumi
This Is My Family – My Community and We Are So Strong
And We Have the Highest of Ideals
First Posted 20/01/2015 at 1355 PM
This past weekend was a difficult time for me emotionally and my energy was at an all-time low – lowest in about 4 years. I became doubtful of our success in this liberation process and the plans that I had made last week to write about this great community that I belong to had to be put aside I was so tired and low. Then suddenly on the same day three of my closest ‘family’ members namely Untwine, Rob and Cobra each came out with very hopeful thoughtful articles that I found to be inspiring – I know you felt that too – and I had evidence to the wording on the picture I used with Rob’s text namely that “I am here to change the world, and I am not alone.”

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Earth Sheriff™ UPDATE: Chimera Group built a scalar ElectroMagnetic Fence around Earth

Jan 4, 2015

Intel on the Chimera Group
– Notes by COBRA

Notice: INTEL uses many platforms to communicate globally and feed their AI systems with 10,000+ PUBLIC messages. For this reason much of the info in this message is CODED and can “ONLY be understood by PRO’s” in INTEL. For Example, the statement about Nano tech is not accurate, this is still a very large threat to all of mankind. A simple way to understand why this is true , is because of the EXTREME LARGE amount of DISINFO about it being a HOAX. This PROVES this was a “Very Large Scale INTEL DISINFO Effort”, as many leaks come out from insiders, about “Mass Kill UN Agenda 21 Technology”. Learn more from George Hunt, RIP, George Hunt gave his life to help EXPOSE these issues. His website has all his videos. Learn more at:  http://www.thebigbadbank.com/

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My dear readers,
Thank you so much for your patience in the recent past. Our website has been undergoing some major changes. We have much in the way of improvements planned for this new year of 2015! I feel that you will be excited when you begin to see the new developments!

My plan for the next few weeks is to bring you articles that will inspire you to treat yourself better, be healthier, be optimistic for our unfolding future and form new and exciting pictures within yourselves that will take you to feeling like the successful person that you are.

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Cobra Interview and Transcript Finally Up

Dear PFC family,

Lots of technical struggles beyond our control have delayed this interview and posting. Internet connectivity postponed interview date, Software failures, web host crashes, etc etc. what else is new. Testing of my crazy factor level 9. But here it is we expect the youtube from Smally sometime soon it will be added to this page soon. We had server crashes in the last few days so the transcript is a way to get the info without having the site disrupt sound file.
Rob Potter

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2014 – Dec – 23 – Cobra and Rob Potter Interview (Transcript Now Included)


Update January 1, 2015:  The interview transcript has been posted below.  Smaly7’s YouTube video is still not up as yet.

Please provide feedback as to the text formatting and line spacing.  I am quite particular in how I like to see interview transcripts formatted, and have done so below.  This includes some edits in situations where I am quite certain other information was intended instead of what was stated.  However, doing these extra steps does take 20-30 minutes to do.  Hence feedback stating that it is worthwhile would be appreciated – then I will continue to do so for future Cobra interviews.

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