Red Algae Extract Fights Ebola, HIV, SARS and HCV

Okay, this is an article for the doctors, scientists and microbiologists out there. For everyone else just know that this is just another element in the fight against Ebola, HIV, SARS and HCV. As previously discussed there are many and probably will be many more therapies to counteract the Ebola virus. All is not lost.

While the drug companies are testing out ways to drain the wallet of John Q. Public; Mother Nature is showing other scientists where to find the natural cures. It’s time to turn off the nightly scare tactic news with all their drug sponsored commercials! Think of all the useful things you could do instead….go wash the car, teach the dog a new trick, play hide and go seek with the kids, or even share some quality time with your mate. You will feel much better after these activities than after watching the news! Give it some thought.

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Top scientist resigns from post – admits Global Warming is a scam


Hal Lewis, Professor Emeritus UCSB
(born October 1, 1923, in New York City; died May 26, 2011)
As reported by the Gateway Pundit: Top US scientist Hal Lewis resigned this week from his post at the University of California at Santa Barbara. He admitted global warming climate change was nothing but a scam in his resignation letter.

From the Telegraph (because for some reason the Liberal Media here in the U.S don’t like this stuff getting out).

The following is a letter to the American Physical Society released to the public by Professor Emeritus of physics Hal Lewis of the University of California at Santa Barbara.
Sent: Friday, 08 October 2010 17:19 Hal Lewis
From: Hal Lewis, University of California, Santa Barbara
To: Curtis G. Callan, Jr., Princeton University, President of the American Physical Society
6 October 2010

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The Prepare For Change Newsletter is Here! October 13, 2014



Event Preparation – It’s “Gut-Check” Time

Hello PFC readers! Unless you’ve been living under a rock – or only following the mainstream media for news – you realize things are getting near a breaking point. The Cabal and their Archon/Chimera masters are desperate – nothing is too ‘dirty’ or ruthless for them to attempt. It’s getting harder and harder for them to convince the peoples of the world to go to war – but here they are trying, trying, trying.

In addition to being prepared regarding supplies and tools needed to stay safe and fed, I am explicitly asking people to begin to make final touches to any ‘waking up the masses’ plans. Many of us have been laughed at, brushed off, or worse trying to communicate this information to people. It’s not easy when people are convinced that you’re crazy (but they aren’t).

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4 Surrender Strategies to Communicate with Difficult People

  4 Surrender Strategies to Communicate with Difficult People

Link to original article below, thanks to Jean Haines for posting this!

Many of us spend an inordinate amount of time and energy contending with difficult people or “emotional vampires” at work and at home. It’s a reflex to emotionally contract around them feeling powerless, irritated, hurt, or miserable, reactions that just wear you out. But, they can’t steal your happiness unless you let them.

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Anonymous: Mass Arrests are Soon to Begin

NB – In case the video below does not display, here is the URL to the YouTube video:

Hello citizens of the world.

We are Anonymous. We bring you this message in peace, and we hope it finds you well. Currently, as we are sure you have heard at this point, there is something terribly wrong with the way life has been on a global scale.

Mass Arrests of 10,000 global cabal members are nearing its time of passing.

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The Middle East Transmissions

This is one inoculation that I approve – a vaccination against hate!
Please go to this website and register for the meditation that will be at 8 PM (your local time zone) on Sunday, October 12th.
Instructions: Free Registration
Enter name and email address, then choose one of the four transmitter roles (see map):
1. Country Sponsor – land & people
2. Water Purifier – liquid matter
3. Matrix Stabilizer – air & ether
4. Matrix Stabilizer – Earth interior

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U.S. and UK to test big bank collapse in joint model run

WASHINGTON Fri Oct 10, 2014 6:00pm EDT

Oct 10 (Reuters) – Regulators from the United States and the United Kingdom will get together in a war room next week to see if they can cope with any possible fall-out when the next big bank topples over, the two countries said on Friday.

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, on Monday will run a joint exercise simulating how they would prop up a large bank with operations in both countries that has landed in trouble.

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Hover Car, the flying two-seater

Volkswagen People’s car project, Hover Car, the flying two-seater

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Million American Jobs Project – pass it on

The Ebola fear: “transmission of the virus”

Fall colors-images

I’m adding more words from Jon Rappoport. He says what needs to be said.

As I have said 2 months ago…….NO FEAR…….
False Expectations Appearing Real

It is up to us to treat our body with respect by giving it enough rest, feeding it the best non-GMO foods that we can find, taking supplements that nourish our body, drinking clean non-fluoridated water, getting exercise, meditating to keep our spirit connection strong and getting out into nature to connect with Mother Gaia (Earthing) regularly. These are the things that will keep our immune system strong and working for us!

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