Community Leaders Brief: FAQ 3 Financial

Category 3: Financial  Community Leaders Brief: Frequently Asked Questions Directory to the 10 Planetary Leaders Group General Categories with Positive and Negative Aspects for: Consciousness Shift & Changes:  Video titled Secrets inPlain Sight and others Environmental Effects:  Chemicals, Chemtrails, Deforestation/Clear Cutting, EMFs, HAARP, Hormone Disruption (Phthalates), Nuclear, Pacific Ocean, Petroleum, etc. Financial:  NESARA, St. Germain Trust, Bkgd on Rothchilds, … Read moreCommunity Leaders Brief: FAQ 3 Financial

Cobra on The Event

On Saturday, April 28, 2012 Cobra posted on his blog: New Financial System Most of this intel comes from sources deep within occult economy and it pertains to the restructuring of the financial system worldwide. Reset This will happen at the time of the Event and is actually part of the operation. Day 1 When … Read moreCobra on The Event