E-Cigs Have A Million Times More Cancer-Causing Chemicals Than Polluted Air – Hong Kong Study


According to a new study out of Hong Kong, China, the chemicals most commonly included in e-cigarettes contain more cancer-causing substances than polluted air. The researchers also discovered that a type of flame retardant used in the devices themselves can affect the body’s reproductive system, which could also lead to cancer.

The study analyzed thirteen different electronic cigarettes that were sold on the Chinese market, and found that the level of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which is a by-product of burning petroleum, ranged from 2.9 to 504.5 nanograms per milliliter.

According to Dr. Chung Shan-shan, an assistant professor in the Baptist University’s Biology Department:

“[Level of PAHs] in e-cigarettes is at least one million times more than roadside air in Hong Kong. . . . Even though we don’t know the exact number of e-cigarettes one should take, not to mention that many of the carcinogenic effects are cumulative, I don’t think there is a safe margin. (source)

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Psychotronic Firewalls against Public Truth

by Preston James from Veterans Today on March 8, 2016
by Preston James from Veterans Today on March 8, 2016

A secret electronic war is now being waged against We The People. This article reveals an internal document, the Comm 12 Briefing Report is important, which discloses the secret war between the USAF and the USN and various mind-kontrol technologies being used against the American masses. The briefing document was provided to Comm 12 (USN) trainees to inform them and to warn them about mind-kontrol technologies they could run into in their work. Comm 12 personnel were psyops experts who were trained in the latest psyops and counter-psychotronic technologies.

By Preston James

There’s a buzz in the air and it ends up residing inside your head. How often lately have you noticed a ringing in your ears that just won’t seem to go away?

In a recent Veterans Today article, Gordon Duff disclosed:

“Our discussion of field generated ‘mind control’ is going to be short. Suffice it to say that a highly respected defense electronics firm, not from the US, secretly has demonstrated the ability to “broadcast” feelings, ideas and images directly into the minds of a sector of the population over a wide geographical area. Let me stop right here.”

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US To Disclose Drone Strike Deaths

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“White House To Include Both Enemy And Civilian Casualties Since 2009 “

After a long policy of secrecy the Obama Administration is suddenly saying they will be transparent, and even sharing the complete record from the present back to 2009. Nice, but REALLY? This has all the signs of being a forced release in order to get in front of much more damaging exposure. At this point we can only guess what it may be, but based on the promised scope of the Administrations release we need to expect that the “complete” list will not be that at all.  If they don’t leave the egregious murders off the list and then launder the rest to seem justifiable, then they will have changed from lions into pussycats. Before rushing to judgement that they have told everything, we should look around to see what else has happened that they are reacting to.

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NESARA The National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act

NESARA 1st Page

Prepare for Change Members, I have no way to verify that this is the genuine NESARA Bill, but it seems to have everything I heard about over the years. I first heard about it from some retired NSA people who had been very close to the Admiral before he died. After he was gone all of the people he was close to felt threatened by the new regime and began to lie very low. I met them through a White Gold forum in 2003, and after a whispered conversation they told me about it and confirmed that it was real. Although I had heard stories, this was the first confirmation with a detailed explanation.  So this matches up pretty well.  I thought about posting the entire bill, but at 84 pages with scrambled formatting I decided to offer the information as a download and show the first page as an image. Enjoy!

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Forging Reality: The New Manhattan Chemtrail Project Information War


Because the people responsible for today’s New Manhattan Project are mass murdering and wrecking the environment, they feel a need to cover it up. They go about trying to firstly make the public believe that this is not happening and secondly, if it was, that it would be justified. Over the years, in order to maintain their façades, they have produced and maintained an incredibly huge and well oiled disinformation apparatus. The group most probably responsible for this apparatus is the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

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How to Naturally Detox from Mandatory Vaccine Injections

Soldiers for the Global Elite's Depopulation Agenda, these men are thugs without any compassion or reason hired to destroy society by forcing poisonous injections upon people who do not want them.
Soldiers for the Global Elite’s Depopulation Agenda, these men are thugs without any compassion or reason hired to destroy society by forcing poisonous injections upon people who do not want them.

If you’re being forced to take a vaccine against your will (by a totalitarian medical regime like California), are there things you can do to protect yourself from vaccine toxins?

You bet there are!

Sunday, March 06, 2016 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Vaccines contain mercury, aluminum, MSG, formaldehyde and other adjuvants such as squalene. These are all neurotoxic substances that can cause permanent brain damage, autism, seizures, comas and even death. This is precisely why vaccines cause autism and Asperger’s in some children as was openly admitted by a top CDC scientist named Dr. William Thompson.

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David Wilcock update – Just Say No to Partial Disclosure!

High-level briefings have now revealed the Powers that Were are attempting to push for a “partial disclosure” timeline with a 100-year roll-out period.

Thanks to the efforts of the Alliance, they are being forced to let go of a great deal of their power — but this is definitely not the future we want.

The knowledge of this predicament, and of how it depends on us, has had profound implications on the personal level as well.

That is the main focus of this article before we get back to reporting on the greater planetary and celestial aspects of the battle for disclosure.

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VT Science: Free Energy, Scams Cults and the New World Order

We had imagined that we had seen it all, we are talking about the sewer of the internet, scams and cons of all kinds but with our investigation of the death of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia, we have moved into a new “red zone.”

We are going to be talking about the “free energy community,” and how it more than simply preys on the decent and hopeful.  With the arrest of radio host and self appointed community leader Sterling David Allen on numerous first degree felonies tied to child sex abuse, the chain that led us to Scalia, heads back down as well, not to the corrupt and powerful but to something incredibly sick.

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Former Bush Official Exposes The Much Needed Truth About US Politics – ‘The Ship Is Sinking’


Watch the video below to hear Abby Martin interview retired U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, (above) former national security advisor to the Reagan administration, who spent years as an assistant to Secretary of State Colin Powell during both Bush administrations. Today, he is honest about the unfixable corruption inside the establishment and the corporate interests driving foreign policy.

Listen to a rare insider’s view of what interests are behind U.S. wars, the manipulation of intelligence, the intertwining of the military and corporate world, and why the U.S. Empire is doomed.

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Myth, Reptilians & Underground Bases

Underground City

Deep in north central New Mexico is the sleepy little town of Dulce. Dulce is located on the Archuleta Mesa on the Colorado – New Mexico Border. It is home to about 3000 residents and is the capitol of the Jicarilla Apache Nation. For as small and as insignificant as this remote location may sound, it became the center of controversy in the early 1980’s. Physicist and inventor, Paul Bennewitz claimed he had discovered an underground base occupied by reptilian extraterrestrials near Dulce.

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