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Fugitive hacker Christopher Doyon, or Commander X, tells why Anonymous ‘might well be the most powerful organization on Earth’ | National Post

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Fugitive hacker Christopher Doyon, or Commander X, tells why Anonymous ‘might well be the most powerful organization on Earth’ | National Post.

A photo on the Greek ministry of justice website after it was hacked by Anonymous in February 2012. Anonymous came in first place in Time Magazine’s 2012 online poll on the most influential

Christopher Doyon, a.k.a. Commander X, sits atop a hillside in an undisclosed location in Canada, watching a reporter and photographer make their way along a narrow path to join him, away from the prying eyes of law enforcement.

It’s been a few weeks of encrypted emails back and forth, working out the security protocol to follow for interviewing Doyon, one of the brains behind Anonymous, now a fugitive from the FBI.

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Is NASA hiding something?


I must emphatically state that my ruminations on this video are my own and after talking with Cobra about this video I will edit this article and say that it may be part of a disinformation campaign by NASA to cause fear panick and confusion.

NASA has blacked out the public access to close up views of ISON however IT IS ALLEGED THAT the Chinese and Russian space agencies have released these images of two large cigar shaped ships which are obviously man made. The man made aspect of this video my be entirely photoshopped??? Cobra was very clear that this is his view. He also stated that the Chineese do not have the capabilities to have this type of picture with their sattelite imaging system.

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Important Update

Dear Prepare for Change Members

This site you follow and subscribe to is not a one person site or Cobra’s site, but a site run and supervised by a true democratic Round Table Council Of Light. This is a site created to serve as a channel of truth and a tool that will be turned into a template for many leaders of your communities to learn from, follow, and then run to duplicate in your own communities and around the world. Therefore this site must be handled with the utmost responsibility and care, the Prepare For Change site (or PFC as we call it) and Council is extra careful about what we post on it; there is much disinformation being spread by the dark ones on a daily basis throughout the Internet. Our personal blogs or FB pages are ours to do what we please, but not the site. All information is carefully analyzed, approved, and controlled by our Round Table Council of Light and we use the group decision-making body as a filter to keep the integrity of the sensitive data we are transmitting to the masses.

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Special Announcement

We have now added social media buttons. We are now able to network live all over the world. This is a very important new aspect of the site for several different reasons. First of all you can sign up to one of these social media links and get notifications of new blog posts. Secondly you can now share any page on this site with your family and friends through these same social media links. Most importantly however is our ability to act as the Resistance communications network / intelligence hub at the time of the actual “EVENT”.

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Planetary Situation Update Part 1

From: Portal 2012

As predicted, massive operations of the Light forces have begun as September started.

The Eastern Alliance sprang into action. The Eastern Alliance is a loose group of BRICS (razil, Russia, India, China and outh Africa) government officials, Interpol personnel, members of Chinese and Russian military forces, White Dragons Society and Positive Templars who work under indirect guidance of the Resistance Movement to liberate this planet.

BRICS group has announced the creation of a new global bank that will become one of the building blocks of the new financial system: BRICS agree to capitalize development bank at $100bn.

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Galactic Synchronization Ray

Galactic Synchronization Ray

This video is made with excerpts from the movie: SOLAR (R)EVOLUTION by renowned German biophysicist, Dieter Broers.

Well explained in this movie is that the current Rising Planetary Consciousness corresponds to a super-massive Galactic Synchronization Plasma Ray originating from Sagittarius A, which is reaching us through our Sun. Its ongoing influence on us will be ending by mid-2013. Humanity, the planet Earth and the entire solar system are being upgraded at this very moment!

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Changes in Context: Local and Cosmic Events and Evolving Trends

This video talks about agenda 21, and the most recent climatological trends both on Earth and in the rest of the solar system.

To highlight some of the more important points, some of you may know that despite being at a solar maxima the sun has been almost quiet in terms of flaring. Its these puffs of plasma that help prop up the atmosphere on Earth. Factoring in the now much weaker terrestrial and solar magnetics, more energy from outside is being permitted into these systems, as evidenced in the anomalous weather and changing rotational speed evident in other planets in the solar system. The trend in our solar system is to CLIMATE EXTREMES and not just heating or cooling.

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Last Peace Portal Activation Update – Cobra

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