Here is the video ‘THE PLEIADIAN MESSAGE’ – a wake up call for the family of Light. Enjoy.

NB: The link leads to my website page – Galactic Family 1 – to reach video roll down to the bottom of the page:

A reader has reminded me of this video and I just took a look at it now for the first time in 2 years: If you have not seen this it is ~

Highly Recommended: !!


Therese Zumi

My Website: http://www.veritasgalacticsweden.net/

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2016 ~ Numerology with Untwine


The number 2016 is special and sacred because it is part of a sequence found all over the cosmos. This sequence is a series of doubles : 27, 54, 108, 216, 432, 864, etc. For all these numbers, adding their digits equals 9 : 2+7 = 5+4 = 1+0+8 = 9, etc Here are a few examples of how these numbers show up everywhere : Saturn polar diameter : 108,000 km Saturn orbital period : 10,800 day Venus orbital distance : 108 million km Earth orbital velocity : 108,000 km/hourSun’s diameter is approximately 108 times the Earth diameter Earth distance from the Sun : 108 solar diameters Moon distance from the Earth : 108 lunar diameters

Moon diameter : 2160 miles
Earth meridian circumference : 21,600 nautical miles

25920 years of the galactic cyle/procession of the equinox : 432 x 60, 60 being at the basis of how we measure time
Speed of Light : 432 x 432 miles per second
Solar system speed inside the galaxy : 43200 miles per hour
Jupiter orbital period : 4,320 days
Mars diameter : 4,320 miles

Sun diameter : 864,000 miles
Jupiter diameter : 86,400 miles
Earth day : 86,400 second

Many of these numbers were found in www.secretsinplainsight.com

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Abundance Deprogramming

Lakshmi, Goddess archetype of Abundance. Art by Ananda Vdovic

Abundance is not only physical. Everything in creation first appears at the highest planes of existence (the highest densities of matter), and then trickles down the planes, until it reaches the mental, astral (emotional), etheric, and physical realms.

Here is a key point: true Abundance is Unconditional.

It is a natural, granted expression of Source. All forms of lack are anomalies, artificially created, and unnecessary to our evolution and experience. Lack is actually synonymous to pain and suffering.

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MEDITATION FOR New and Experienced meditators

If you live in a community like me, you are probably the only one awake to what is happening in our world. Because I want to awaken people but not scare my neighbors into fear of extraterrestrial’s existence or the whole government fraud and the domination of our world by the cabal; I have created the following generic meditation that I feel that most people would agree with and in so doing consent to a meditation that will be unthreatening to their current way of thinking. We have reached those who are awake and with the program, now is the time to enlist the unawakened. Remember, at the time of The Event these will be the people around us and look to us for guidance. They will learn soon enough that there really are ET and beings of light that will intervene on our behalf because we are asking for their help. They will learn after The Event about all the world corruption and injustice that has been occurring for thousands of years. Let’s just get them to meditate with us for now. ~**~

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Boiling Water In Seconds & Melting Floating Aluminum With An Inductive Coil – Cold To The Touch

Boiling Water In Seconds With An Inductive Pancake Coil

This Levitating Induction Heater Is Some Sort Of Magic

Induction Forging – How to Melt an Iron Block

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Scientific Proof that Humans can Contact Other Beings Directly in Real Time Anywhere in the Universe

Scientific Proof that Humans can Contact Other Beings Directly in Real Time Anywhere in the Universe

Combining science and spirituality big time!
Drunvalo Melchizidek attended a scientific meeting in Albuquerque with about 40 other scientists and physicists in April of 2014 to discuss the above mentioned topic. I found this interview here to be fascinating listening when I heard it about 6-9 months ago. I recently recalled it and looked it up to share with you here. The bonus now was that I discovered that Milou had also done an extra video call with about 7 minutes for an important question that she forgot to take up in this first 50 minute part. The information that Drunvalo is discussing here gels with me strongly as being the truth. What he is saying basically is that we can have direct communication in real time with any part of the universe immediately – a single human being can have contact with the entire universe and any beings therein simultaneously.
The ‘oh’ so important question on the second part video is about the importance of the heart on our path of soul development.

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A Message from Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein: The Patterning of the Universe

Linda Dillon | October 3, 2015

“All of the Universe  is patterned on the Mother, the Father, and the One.” An incredible channel by Linda of Albert Einstein on the patterning of the universe. Seminal ground-breaking work.

Albert-Einstein-genius-159x159Greetings, I am Albert, I am Albert Einstein, and I thank you for letting this old professor to have some of your time in such an auspicious gathering. You know I continue to do my work, as each of you do, and part of this has been the exploration and trying to assist you and all of humanity to understand the meaning of dimensional reality. Dearest Joanne, this is the Cliff Notes for physicists.  And I will attempt to make this as clear as my teacher, Sanat Kumara, has made the Universal Laws clear because it is essential for you to understand, particularly during this time of change, the nature of how things work.

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Keisha Discusses our Galactic Family + Sightings

Keisha Discusses our Galactic Family + Sightings

She tells us of her knowledge of places within earth where star beings live, about worldwide sightings, crop circles and what her mentor from Sirius A has taught her.

In February of 2012 Keisha – Little Grandmother was most likely the first person to publicly speak about the fact that up to 80% of the ET ships sighted here were ships coming from Inner Earth and the bases there. Some of these ships emanating from the Inner Earth are connected to Agartha and many of them are simply inner earth bases for our friends from the Pleiades, Andromeda, Sirius etc.

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A Small Quartz Deletes Radiation etc. We Totally Underestimate the Power of Crystals.

A Small Quartz Deletes Radiation etc. The truth about Fukushima radiation not to shock/frighten but to educate so we regain control. We totally underestimate the power of crystals.

I truly urge those of you who have not seen this message from Keisha to listen carefully to her profound words here. You will not regret the 30 minutes spent on listening to this I guarantee you that. If you do not fully understand just how powerful YOU are then these words here will make that clear to you.

IMPORTANT message to all Earth people, 2015 – Keisha Crowther/Little Grandmother

Highly recommended ! Therese Zumi

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