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HE Patrick Rata
New Zealand Ambassador to Italy
New Zealand Embassy
Via Clitunno 44
Rome 00198

By email

Tena koe Pat

My name is Will Wilson. I note you recently attended the Keshe Foundation presentation to Ambassadors in Rome on 16 October. I am sure that you will have by now considered the impactful potential of this technology.

I would like to introduce you to our organisation, Prepare For Change New Zealand.

Prepare for Change New Zealand is part of an organisation operating within the Prepare For Change world-wide network. It is a grass roots collaboration of ordinary people who are very “aware” of the massive changes that our planet is undergoing right now. These changes are imminent and will have significant impact on people’s lives. We are not just talking of this technology but also other significant changes within the financial sector and overall governance.

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Light Work Bulletin October, 2015

Light Work for October, 2015

There are three Clearing and Healing lists on this page with an emphasis on locations, with important meetings and some individuals also.

Everyone of us is our own best judge of what is in need of clearing and energy. This list is meant to be a global list of places in need of clearing of the dark energies that can foment hatred and violence, create misunderstanding and intolerance and lead to poor judgement. Keep in mind as you view this list that a personal attachment to one of these places gives you additional power to connect and heal that place. For you, that is a priority above others.

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Anchor the Peace in Syria Eternally – PFC.COEO event

One of the main womb chakras of Terra is in Syria. That is why the Cabal maintains a war state in this country on top of this positive chakra of Gaia.

This is the least we can all do in unity to Anchor the Peace Eternally in Syria and to prevent so much suffering of so many refugees. There is something anybody can do. A global Event was created on
Click to see the Event on PFC.COEO


1. When this Event starts relax and enter into a calmness and stillness state. Envision how everybody on PFC.COEO are doing the same, each one at their time.

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Where can I officially declare my Terran Citizenship?

This is a question that arose in my head a few weeks ago. No, it didn’t just come up suddenly or just like that. As a matter of fact, since young (1980 or even before), I was feeling like this and I was also telling people that were asking me “where are you from?” that I am from Terra and I was doing this in a very natural way in many circumstances. I remember my parents were looking at me very weird, at that time, for doing this. I hope that at least now they understand why someone could say this.

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Prisons vs Universities


Just sayin’.  If we looked into other states it would be the same.

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Some Beautiful Russian Inspiration

Some Beautiful Russian Inspiration

New Earth Destiny – An Anastasia Inspired Documentary Film

Therese Zumi

Website: {Back on line again }

12/10/2015 at 1901 PM CEST

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Billions in Change (How refreshing)

The Lie we Live

The Shift within a Shift

The Shift within a Shift

sacred union 44The shift in consciousness that the peak energies of Sept. 27-28 facilitate will see, I think, many changes occur on the planet. I can certainly see the changes that are happening in me.

I sincerely hope that they’ll facilitate what I regard as the most important change for this planet: the balancing of the female and male energies or the balancing within and without of the divine feminine and divine masculine.

The bedrock, the sine qua non or indispensable part of this shift within a shift is the ending of all forms of gender inequality and gender persecution on the planet.

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The Only Goal Worth Accomplishing

The Only Goal Worth Accomplishing

D ~ E ~ E ~ P breath into the heart

Focus in the core of your heart

Feel your connection there to Source

Know that you are One with the Divine

Then go forward to do, be, create

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Therese Zumi

29/09/2015 at 1059  AM CEST

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