Cobra Urgent Request

Isis Astara is in hospital in critical condition. Please pray for her in your heart and send her love, light and support. Beginning at 3:30 AM GMT. Meditation Below is the meditation which is being done every four hours globally.  The next meditation time is at 3:30 AM Greenwich Mean Time, and every four hours thereafter during these critical … Read more

The White Nobility Families

TZ here; This post from Cobra might be of interest too. Ordo Bucintoro There is a certain positive secret society that had a dramatic impact on destiny of this planet as it has created an energy current that is directly responsible for the exploration of space which will inevitably result in the First Contact. It … Read more

Raising Awake Children in a Broken School System

By Nanice Ellis, Why don’t we tell our children the truth about ‘the System’ as soon as they are old enough to understand? Regrettably, I was not awake enough to tell my young children about the game that we are all playing, and that their participation is optional. Fortunately, my kids woke up and … Read more


On the GoldFish Report No. 181- ‘Uniting the Light’ Disclosure RoundTable with COBRA, James Gilliland, Kauilapele, and Winston Shrout. This exclusive RoundTable focuses on Extra-Terrestrial Disclosure, the status of disclosure, the players and obstacles in disclosure, and plans for First Contact. Videos of craft and other ET related material are shared and discussed. For more … Read more

The Feminist Threat To Women And Men

The Feminist Threat To Women And Men Paul Craig Roberts Recently I read in CounterPunch two feminist rants against men. Not all men, just white heterosexual men. It is not always easy for a male of my generation to understand what feminists are saying, but I try. One seems to be saying that women live … Read more

New Year’s Advice from Divine Mother/Universal Mother Mary ~ She Suggests a Focus on What We Hold Dear to Our Hearts

Caveat: as this article is based upon channeled material I am advised to ask for reader discretion. TZ here; I must begin by saying that many people will question the fact that the Divine Mother of the duo Mother/Father One can really be channeled by someone? According to Archangel Michael there is no hierarchy in … Read more

9 Methods for Dealing with Psychic Energy Attack in Your Field

There’s a high degree of psychic energy attack going on in the field right now. My strong sense is that it’s coming from (what I call) the ‘raptor consciousness’. It is a dense vibration, a controlling energy, that’s like a consumptive virus. It’s prevalent across the planet, has been so for millions of years, and acts … Read more


By Ishtar Antares, It will begin suddenly, without warning. Many scandals that will disclose true background about how the System works will shake human masses. Disclosures about how international energetic megacompanies earn billions selling oil, preventing at the same time inventions of free energy to come to public. Disclosures about pharmaceutical trusts that earn money … Read more

Multidimensional Portal Meditation -MAKE THIS VIRAL!

Plasma Worm Attacking Us All – Now’s Our Chance to Fight Back! We have a CRITICAL WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY to dissolve this plasmoid wormlike entity forever… … and the entity knows this … which is why the attacks on Lightworkers are so fierce right now. By the Unknown Lightwarrior December 16, 2017: Drastic Isidic/Systems security … Read more