Event Support Groups are forming all over the world

We are busy creating infrastructure to make them effective, which is a major part of the Prepare for Change Network’s responsibilities. Our vision of this includes a web page for regions and a post for each local group (posts have comments). The posts will be attached to the Regional Web Page. Going forward the Prepare … Read moreEvent Support Groups are forming all over the world

Mission Statement – original post

MISSION STATEMENTwritten by Rob Potter The Prepare For Change Network’s mission is to inspire and to uplift all who visit this site towards participating in a network creating a NEW SOCIETY. More importantly we hope prepareforchange.net will act as a stabilizing force during and after the “Event” to insure a positive, peaceful and non-violent change … Read moreMission Statement – original post

Background of the Event

BACKGROUND TO THE EVENT or History of THE EVENT Earth and the inhabitants have been in a type of imprisonment and planetary quarantine since the times of Atlantis. At that time the planet was secretly invaded as a hostile force manipulated the planet into an advanced forms of warfare that almost destroyed the planet. The … Read moreBackground of the Event