AG announces Netanyahu to stand trial for bribery, fraud and breach of trust

Mandelblit’s decision is legal bombshell, marks first time in Israel’s history that serving PM faces criminal charges; Netanyahu says he won’t quit, will keep leading Israel By RAOUL WOOTLIFF, In a decision that drastically shakes up Israeli politics amid already ongoing chaos, Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit announced Thursday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be charged … Read more

U.S. Relations With China Were Just Destroyed, And Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again

By Michael Snyder, Our relationship with China just went from bad to worse, and most Americans don’t even realize that we just witnessed one of the most critical foreign policy decisions of this century. The U.S. Senate just unanimously passed the “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019”, and the Chinese are absolutely seething … Read more

Adrenochrome and the Universal Law of Karma

Adrenochrome and the Universal Law of Karma: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you Article provided by Guest writer C. Harrison-Smith: The horrific reality surrounding the production of Adrenochrome is directly related to the Universal Karmic law of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Universal laws … Read more

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Sinister Plot to Hold On To Power

By Marc Steiner, What follows is a conversation between author Jeff Halper and Marc Steiner of The Real News Network. Read a transcript of their conversation below or watch the video at the bottom of the post. MARC STEINER: Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m Marc Steiner. Great to have you all with us once … Read more

How Jews expelled from Spain forged a diaspora with ties to 25% of Latin America

Film ‘Children of the Inquisition’ examines forced conversion of Sephardim from the Iberian Peninsula 500 years ago and why their descendants still feel ripple effects By Rich Tenorio, Recently, history came full circle when over 100,000 descendants of Sephardim around the world applied for Spanish citizenship under legislation aimed at repatriating a population expelled over … Read more

Bolivia’s New Self-Declared “Interim President” Believes Indians Are “Satanic”, Shouldn’t Be Allowed in Cities

By Marko Marjanovic, Good to see the Empire bringing progress and enlightenment to Bolivia: "I dream of a #Bolivia free of Indigenous satanic rites, the city is not for 'Indians,' they better go to the highlands or El Chaco," Senator @JeanineAnez said on her Twitter account about her country where more than 65% of the … Read more

Battle of Amazon Indigenous Communities To Preserve Their Way Of Life Continues

Waorani community members participate in an assembly in Pastaza. Authored by Mitch Anderson In July, a court in Ecuador issued a ruling with profound implications for the urgent fight to save the imperiled Amazon rainforest. The decision effectively blocked a planned government oil auction that threatened half-a-million acres of some of the world’s most biodiverse primary rainforest. … Read more

Debt-Maggeddon: $6.2 Million Per U.S. Birth In 2019

by Econimica Since 2007, US federal debt has risen 150% while annual US births (legal and otherwise) have fallen almost 14%.  Said otherwise, over the dozen years since 2007, federal debt has increased by $13.8 trillion while 5.2 million fewer births have occurred over the same period than the Census projected.  This is probably worth a … Read more